AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: What’s The Difference Anyway?

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve probably heard of the AeroPress – and if you haven’t, where have you been?! The AeroPress is a unique and iconic coffee maker that has gained popularity in recent years for its simple design and efficient brewing process. But recently, Aeropress released a new model called the “AeroPress Go”. The AeroPress and AeroPress Go are both coffee makers that use a plunger to create coffee. They are both similar in many ways, but there are some important differences between them. So what are the differences between these two devices? And which one is right for you? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at both the AeroPress vs AeroPress Go and help you decide which one is best suited for your needs.​

AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress is a new type of coffee maker, invented by Aerobie president Alan Adler. The Aeropress was released in 2005 and quickly gained popularity among coffee aficionados because it does not require paper filters and makes rich and smooth brews. The AeroPress can be used as an immersion brewer or as a press pot just like French Press Coffee Maker. Although the AeroPress does resemble other similar brewers such as the vacuum coffee maker , there are some differences including how it’s brewed and what kind of filtration is used.

The AeroPress has no moving parts, requires no electricity or battery power, and will work anywhere on earth where you can find fresh air. It works more like an espresso machine than any other coffee brewing device, in the sense that water is forced through ground coffee under pressure. The AeroPress uses total immersion of the grounds in the hot water for an optimal length of time, then rapidly presses the brewed coffee back out using air pressure.

The AeroPress brews one to four cups of American-style coffee at a time directly into your cup or travel mug by extracting both soluble materials and oils from the beans for exceptionally rich flavor without bitterness or sediment. Because no paper filters are required, unlike French Press Coffee Maker , clean up is quick and easy so it’s ready when you are. Using gravity instead of pressure makes it simple to use even with coarsely ground fresh whole bean coffee. are also two reusable filters included that can be fitted inside the AeroPress so you can brew undiluted concentrated coffee.

The AeroPress is made entirely of polypropylene parts that are able to withstand temperatures up to 266°F (130°C) without deteriorating or leaching chemicals into the brewed coffee. The handle, filter basket, cover, and chamber are all one integral piece so they will not break apart with normal use. The rubber base provides insulation for the glass cylinder during brewing and doubles as a splash guard when used as a travel mug. The whole AeroPress unit fits easily in most standard car cup holders .

This is an ideal brewer for making iced coffee because iced water passes through the grounds more slowly than hot water does, giving it plenty of time to extract flavor from the coffee. You can also do a secondary extraction with hot water if you prefer a milder brew. The two separate filters included with the AeroPress will work for either method so you don’t have to worry about switching up your routine every time you decide to make iced coffee instead of hot, or vice versa.

The AeroPress is very easy to use and requires no special training or experience in order to get great results quickly and easily, in just one minute in most cases! It makes rich flavorful brews consistently which compare favorably in smoothness and richness with any other method of brewing including French Press Coffee Maker . Plus, it’s simple enough that anyone from a first-time user to an expert brewer can make delicious espresso-style coffee without bitterness or sediment.

The AeroPress is ideal for traveling, camping, backpacking, boating, and for use where no electrical power is available because it requires only hot water to operate. No batteries, no electricity! Even the paper filters are 100% biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about leaving a big environmental footprint every time you brew a cup of coffee . Clean up is easy, too. Since you never need to buy paper filters again there’s nothing else to discard so clean up doesn’t take long at all since your used grounds stay in the chamber until brewing is complete after which they can be disposed of easily.

The Pros Of AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress coffee maker is a portable device which produces rich cups of coffee in less than a minute’s time. It was designed by Alan Adler, who made use of his engineering background to create something that can easily fit into briefcase or backpack, making it perfect for travel and camping, as well as at-home use.

It has also been heralded by many because it doesn’t only function as a simple filter, but also creates delicious tasting foam similar to latte or cappuccinos. You can make both hot and cold beverages with the press. If you feel like having a cold coffee drink, just pour over ice cubes and you’re good to go.

The Pros

The device has some unique features that make it different from the rest of the coffee makers available in the market today. Here are some of them:

– It is very easy to clean up after each use. All you need is hot water and soap. The filter can be removed too so you can easily reach areas on both sides of the press once wetted with sudsy water, making it really effortless to wipe down your gadget properly without exerting lots of effort or struggling with hard-to-reach areas which usually pose as problem during cleaning procedures.

– It doesn’t cost too much compared to other high-end coffee machines.

– The AeroPress doesn’t just deliver exceptional flavor, but it is also easy to use and requires less effort than other coffee makers. It only needs fine or medium ground beans, hot water, and paper filters which you can find for cheap. You no longer need to buy expensive coffee supplies that often come in pricey packages with limited number of servings inside. Just a few scoops of your preferred brand will do the trick.

– Plus, if you’re a frugal shopper who loves availing great deals from online retail shops, then going for this product is a must! Despite its low price tag, the quality results are definitely unbeatable as compared to those made by other high-end brewers. Using the AeroPress is simple. Just put in the amount of water you want to use, press down the plunger and pump it for one or two minutes depending on whether or not you will be adding milk or other ingredients.

– Cleanup time doesn’t take long because all you need to do is use hot water and soap for wetting while cleaning up your gadget. It’s that easy! You can also rinse using cold water after removing the filter which only helps speed up the process. No more hard-to-reach places inside part of your coffee machine due to its design which promotes user convenience. Within a few seconds, your machine will already be spotless like new again!

– Since this product has been designed by an engineer who understands the importance of keeping things simple, you don’t need to worry about how complicated all the buttons and levers make your life. The AeroPress makes use of a “plunger” which forces water through ground coffee by pressing it downward at high speeds to produce desirable results every time. It’s like using a French press, but without any mess and fuss.

– Unlike other types of coffee machines out there that generate massive amounts of waste materials because they utilize prepackaged pods or capsules which are thrown away after each brew, the AeroPress only uses paper filters to remove grounds from hot water. This means fewer garbage left behind for you to clean up after enjoying a cup of joe in the morning! You can recycle used paper filters or even compost them if you want.

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: Which Coffee Maker Is Better? Keep reading…

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker is a portable, handheld coffee maker that people on the go can use to make an ultra-concentrated single serving of coffee. The advantage of this machine is its ability to conserve water and still produce high quality coffee. It also makes one serving at a time so there’s no need to clean it between uses or refill it with more water. This product is perfect for travellers, hikers, campers and even office workers who want fresh made coffee without using up their limited time away from work.


  • Airtight design seals in freshness of ground espresso while limiting exposure to air for maximum shelf life
  • Flat bottom fits onto most cup holders for easy toting
  • Dishwasher safe parts make clean up quick and simple
  • Ultra-fine stainless steel filter requires less pressure for smoother, tastier coffee
  • Manufactured in the USA

Pour Over Coffee Maker or French Press?

The AeroPress has gained popularity over the years because it’s an affordable device that people can use at home. But it also offers a fast brew time (less than two minutes) and delivers delicious results by forcing hot water through tightly packed coffee grounds. As with any other coffee maker, there are pros and cons associated with this product. Those who prefer pour over methods might find it too complicated because of its multiple steps while those looking for just one cup may feel that other products offer better value for their money.

The AeroPress Go Coffee Maker offers the best of both worlds. It makes a quick cup of coffee using full immersion brewing, just like traditional French Press machines do. The difference is that it doesn’t have to be constantly cleaned between pots and you don’t have to fill it with additional water when more servings are required. Just grind your coffee beans, add them to the chamber, measure out your water, press your coffee grounds for about 30 seconds and pour yourself a delicious hot beverage.

The Pros Of AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

Consumers worldwide aren’t the only ones that know that AeroPress is a fast and easy way to make coffee: businesses also see that it’s an economical and practical choice. That’s why various companies have begun using this method for their office coffee, leading to more delicious brews in places like Google and Amazon. We’ll talk about some of the pros of having AeroPress go coffee makers in your establishment.

The Pros

– Quick Brew Time & Amount

One major advantage of having an AeroPress system in your office is how quick you can make it work; all you need to do is add water at a temperature under 90⁰C (194⁰F) and add the coffee. AeroPress recommends about 7-9 grams of ground beans per each cup, so you’ll have delicious java in under a minute. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes.

– And You Can Make It As Strong Or As Weak As You Want

With the other coffee makers, it’s difficult to control how strong the brew is because the water automatically mixes with the grounds to make coffee that everyone will drink; that leaves no choice for anyone who wants to make it weak or add more water because their mug’s already filled up. With an AeroPress system, though, employees can adjust both how much they use and whether they want it weak or strong before letting the brew pass through the filter.

– Coffee Isn’t Too Hot

With other coffee makers, employees can ask for their drink to be “extra hot,” and that still leaves the problem of how much time it will take before they can enjoy their drink. With an AeroPress system, though, you don’t need to heat up water at all; it’s essentially brewed with cold water. Employees can get a steaming cup in minutes without worrying about burning themselves.

– The Quality Is Still Excellent (And Can Be Even Better)

Finally, even if one employee wanted to make brew like she saw on her favorite TV show—where the barista has his own personal pot of bubbling water stove-side to practice his craft—she could do so with an AeroPress system because there are different methods employees can use. In fact, the World AeroPress Championship actually encourages creative ways to make coffee with this apparatus, so if employees find a way that works for them, the sky’s the limit!

In essence, an AeroPress go coffee maker is ideal for those who want their drink quickly and still have options to choose from if they want a unique flavor or temperature. It might be pricier than other brewing systems out there, but there are plenty of businesses out there to testify about how much money they saved because of it.

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go Coffee Maker Comparison

AeroPress Go Coffee maker is a modern designed coffee press that makes the perfect cup of coffee every time. This sleek machine weighs just 1 pound and is ready to use in just 90 seconds. The product has been well received on Amazon where it has gotten thousands of positive reviews from customers across the world. It is easy to use, compact and affordable compared to other similar products in this market segment.

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go? The AeroPress Coffee Maker was first introduced by Aerobie back in 2005 as an alternative to traditional drip brewers or espresso machines. It comes at a much lower price than any standard espresso machine and hence appeals to those who love good quality coffee but don’t want to spend big money for it. There are many different types of AeroPress Coffee Makers available with different features like stainless steel handle, mesh filters and more.

Both Aeropress Go and the Original AeroPress are high quality products that produce rich coffee taste. However there is a significant difference in their size and weight. The Go model weighs just 1 pound while the original one weighs almost double at 2 pounds with a longer 8 inch height. This makes it inconvenient to carry around as compared to AeroPress Go which is extremely compact due to its ultra slim design making it easy for storing inside your backpack or travel bag. It also comes with a stylish hanging cord that you can attach on the sides of your car’s steering wheel keeping your hands free for driving while your favorite beverage during road trips.

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go? The Original AeroPress is the best choice for those who prefer their coffee with a bit of cream or milk as it comes equipped with a plastic plunger that allows you to control how much air goes into your coffee. The AeroPress Go model on the other hand does not include this feature and instead all its components are made from BPA free materials without any harmful chemicals which makes them safe to use. Both versions come with similar filters that work perfectly fine and do not require any pre-soaking like traditional drip brewers or French Press Coffee Makers. These reusable stainless steel filters make the brewing process easier by eliminating paper waste and they also double up as stirrers to ensure full flavor extraction during each.

Overall both Aeropress Coffee Makers are available at affordable price and produce great tasting coffee. However the Original AeroPress is better choice for those who like to customize their drink with cream or milk while AeroPress Go would be a perfect companion for your travels.

Tips To Use A AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is a manual coffee maker, which has some advantages over the typical automatic drip method of brewing. This article contains tips on how to use your AeroPress Coffee Maker for best result.

AeroPress uses total immersion of the ground coffee in hot water, similar to that used with plunger pots or French Presses. It is then pressed down through a micro-filter, resulting in an extremely smooth flavor without sediment or grit. The amount of time you steep will directly relate to how strong your cup will be. A longer steep will produce more caffeinated beverage whereas a shorter steep will produce less caffeine but more aromatic flavor. I personally prefer about 30 seconds of steeping time before pressing down. After pressing down and removing the plunger, you will have about a shot of coffee in your cup.

3 Basic Tips:

– Use High Quality Coffee Beans and Grind Them Fine

If you use freshly roasted beans and grind them fine enough for espresso, also known as super fine ground coffee (such as an espresso grind), this will provide excellent results with the AeroPress. The finer the grind, the more surface area there is to extract flavor from the coffee bean. This makes it easy to get good flavors from relatively weak all-purpose or regular grinds that may not perform well with other brewing methods such as drip and French press. Additionally, experiment with new roasts of existing coffees to find what provides your preferred cup profile and character when ground to an espresso grind.

– Use Water That Is Around 195°F – 205°F When Brewing With The AeroPress

This temperature range will provide excellent flavor and good extraction of coffee compounds so you can achieve the best balance between sweetness, acidity, bitterness, body, and aftertaste. I personally use about 200°F for this reason because it also makes it easier to keep water at that temperature in the kitchen without having to constantly reheat it with a tea kettle or microwave oven (which is tough if your tea kettle isn’t insulated). However, note that the lower end of this scale occasionally produces some bitterness during pressing; therefore if you like sweeter cups of coffee (a characteristic produced by slightly higher temperatures) then you may like the AeroPress brewed hotter. I typically heat water in a FAB Coffee & Tea Kettle , but you can also use an electric kettle, microwave oven, stovetop teapot, or any other method that heats water to around 195°-205°F.

– Use Good Quality Water Without Much Chlorine Or Contamination Because This Will Damage Tasting Qualities And May Add A Chalky Flavor To Your Coffee

Sometimes tap water is fine and sometimes it just doesn’t taste good no matter how much coffee beans you roast and grind. If your water tastes bad from the tap then get a filter for it such as a Brita filter pitcher . Alternatively some people have had success with using filtered bottled spring water or simply using a filter with their tap water. With good quality water, you will notice that the AeroPress extracts out an excellent balance of flavors and provides a clean and satisfying cup of coffee that is pretty close to espresso.

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go? People often ask if it’s possible use other liquids such as tea in your AeroPress Coffee Maker in place of water, and the answer is yes! If you want to try this simply add about half an ounce (15ml) or so of whatever liquid you’d like when steeping your grounds instead of plain hot water.

What Grind Is Best For Aeropress?

The Aeropress makes an excellent brew of coffee by forcing hot water through coffee grinds. The end product is somewhere between espresso and french press in terms of body, flavor, and convenience (but the Aeropress will never be as convenient as a drip brewer).

Aerobie recommends that you choose your own grinder for best results, but what’s the best way to use an Aeropress with a certain type of grind?

In general, lower particle sizes result from coarser grinding settings while finer grinding gives better uniformity. That said here are some specific examples:

– French Press

Coarsest setting on a blade grinder or roughly equivalent to table salt. Alternatively anything more coarse than a traditional drip brewer’s grind will work well.

– Drip Filter

Fine enough that coffee dribbles out when its tilted, but not fine enough to pass through a drip brewer. Grinding in a blade grinder is bad for Aeropress users because you’re going to get inconsistent results due to clumping. If you have a burr grinder try the grind setting between “drip” and “espresso”.

– Espresso

A truly fine powder. Similar to the traditional espresso fineness of 30-35mesh (note: there are different standards for mesh sizes depending on where it was manufactured). You can use your blade grinder if you want a cup that’s half french press half drip coffee or just buy an Italian-style espresso maker.

– Turkish

Not used in Aeropress recipes but it is actually not that far from the “espresso” grind setting on a burr grinder. If you want to try, use roughly 1 part coffee with 2 parts water and steep for 4 minutes. Then run through the press in a circular motion so the grounds are evenly distributed in the chamber before pressing. This will probably take some trial and error because of how fine this grind is.

FAQs About AeroPress vs AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

How Is The Aeropress Coffee Maker Different From A French Press?

A: A French press uses a plunger with fine mesh to separate the oils and solids from the brewed coffee, while an AeroPress uses high pressure (thus the name) to directly force water through ground beans. The plunger used in a French press must be manually pushed down, while an AeroPress can be easily operated by one hand. This also makes it easy for users of varying strength and dexterity to operate.

What Is The Difference Between The Various Models Of Aeropress?

There are currently three variations of this product available on their official website , and they vary only slightly in price due to additional accessories included with each unit sold. The cheapest model is the AeroPress, which does not include any accessories. Next up is the AeroPress with case , which comes packaged in a black nylon carrying case for safe storage of all included items. Lastly is the newest model – the AeroPress coffee and travel kit . This version includes all the previous accessories along with an insulated stainless steel travel mug suitable for hot or cold liquids!

How Does The Aeropress Coffee Maker Differ In Taste/Quality Compared To Other Brewers?

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go? The AeroPress coffee maker is known for its full flavored brews, and many consider it to be superior to any drip machine on the market. Fans of this brewer also swear that their cup contains lower levels of acidity than typical home brewed coffee. And lastly, because an Aeropress brews directly into your mug, there are no filters or waste needed!

What’s So Great About Strong Coffee?

A: This relates back to caffeine content. Assuming you’re not drinking decaf, all coffee contains caffeine – even if it’s just a trace amount. Since caffeine is soluble under pressure, the maximum amount of caffeine (and flavor) will be extracted when you brew with an Aeropress . Interestingly, this means that you can make significantly stronger coffee with this brewer than any other method on the market!

How Many Ounces/Shots Of Espresso Does An Aeropress Coffee Maker Produce?

Users report that their favorite setting for brewing produces six ounces of coffee in thirty seconds. This is because it takes approximately ten to thirty seconds to brew, and the shot size should be around two ounces. This brewer is designed for convenience, not speed. If you need faster results consider purchasing an inexpensive electric milk frother  for your other recipes!

How Often Should I Clean My Aeropress?

Cleaning your Aeropress every time after use is necessary if you want great tasting coffee. The aeration process will remove some flavor compounds from the oils contained in ground beans, which will result in duller flavors over time. If you don’t clean your Aeropress, your coffee will taste flat and dull.

What Do I Need To Clean My Aeropress?

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go? Cleaning an Aeropress is a quick and simple job if you have the right supplies. To clean your AeroPress you’ll need:

– A sink or basin with running water from the tap (warm water works best)

– Paper towels or a paper towel roll

– Coffee filter – This isn’t strictly necessary, but it helps catch any large particles in the components when you’re rinsing them out under hot water. For a natural way to remove odors from your hands, try rubbing a stainless steel spoon over your fingers.

What Should I Not Use To Clean My Aeropress?

You should never use soap and you should NEVER put your Aeropress in the dishwasher. The high temperature and harsh chemicals used in a dishwasher can damage your coffee maker, so just say “no” to the dishwasher!

How Do I Clean My Aeropress?

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go? Cleaning an Aeropress is easy, but there are a few different ways you can go about it. Pick one of these options:

– Option 1: Cleaning with paper towels and water

Rinse the plunger components under hot water while using paper towels or a paper towel roll to soak up any excess water. If needed, remove the filter cap and wipe out any ground coffee particles that might be stuck inside (this will help prevent mold). After you’ve rinsed all of the components, put the plunger back in and screw on the filter cap.

– Option 2: Cleaning with a cloth and hot water

If you plan to use your Aeropress right after cleaning it, follow these instructions instead: Rinse all of the components under hot running water while using a clean dishcloth or paper towel to soak up excess moisture. After everything has been rinsed, dump out any excess water from inside the chamber and then assemble your coffee maker by screwing on your filter cap and plunging lock. When you’re finished brewing, just rinse everything again before assembling for storage.

– Option 3: Using vinegar and cold water

If you plan to use your Aeropress again tomorrow, you can also use distilled white vinegar to remove odors and help prevent mold. First, rinse all of the components under hot water with a paper towel or dishcloth while keeping the filter cap aside. Once everything has been rinsed, put your plunger back in and screw on your filter cap. Fill up the chamber with half filtered water and half vinegar before plunging for about 10 seconds. This will flush out any bad tastes or smells from your coffee maker. Rinse out the vinegar solution by running it through the Aeropress just like you would coffee grounds before assembling it for storage.

What Are Some Common Problems When Cleaning My Aeropress?

If you run into problems while trying to clean your AeroPress, it’s probably because you’ve removed the filter cap. Make sure to keep this part on while you rinse out your Aeropress so any excess coffee grounds don’t fall into your sink or basin! If you’re still having problems, try using distilled white vinegar in place of water next time.

* Cleaning an AeroPress is easy if you have the right supplies! If you follow these instructions, your AeroPress will be ready to make delicious coffee again in no time.

>>> How To: AeroPress | AeroPress vs AeroPress Go

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: What Are the Differences? The biggest difference between these two devices is that the original AeroPress has a plunger, while the AeroPress Go does not. This means that with the original AeroPress, you can use more pressure to brew your coffee for a stronger flavor, while the AeroPress Go is limited by how hard you can push on the device. Additionally, because of its size and shape, the original Aeropress is better suited for making espresso-style drinks than the Aeropress Go. If you’re looking for an easy way to make great coffee on-the-go without having to compromise on taste or strength, then Sweet Basil’s Cafe recommend choosing the original Aeropress.

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