Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus: Which Machine Better?

There are a lot of great coffee machines on the market these days, but if you’re looking for one that will make specialty coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, then you’ll want to take a look at the Lattissima Touch vs Lattissima Plus. Both machines are made by Nespresso, so they both offer great quality and performance. But which one is right for you?  In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast these two machines to help you make an informed decision. Both machines have their pros and cons, so read on to find out which one is right for you.

Nespresso Lattissima Touch

The Lattissima touch is a new kind of coffee maker that uses Nespresso pods to produce four different varieties of exceptionally tasty and well-blended milk froth. It allows you to create lattes, cappuccinos or flat whites in an easy way without any complicated procedures. It doesn’t require you to use traditional espresso machines because the machine comes with a built in automatic milk frother. If you have previous experience using Nespresso capsules then this will be very simple for you. You just need to pop out the included pod storage container, place your desired capsule into it, push down on it until it clicks, open the cover door and press one of the buttons to start the process.

The Lattissima Touch Coffee Maker allows you to create your favorite coffee drinks, customizing it to suit your preferences. The machine is very easy and convenient to use and has a milk frother which steams milk up in just a few minutes and it can hold up to 10 used capsules at once. With its sleek design the machine will look good on any kitchen countertop because of its brushed metal finish that matches most other appliances. This pod based coffee maker was made with the latest technologies in mind, making sure that each blend tastes fresh, smooth, silky , creamy- perfect for baking or hot chocolate.

Brewing Method Of The Lattissima Touch Coffee Maker

This particular model comes with an automatic milk frother which is perfect for making iced coffee drinks, cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and hot chocolate. It comes with 25 Nespresso capsules so you can get started right away, but if you prefer different flavors then you can choose from the different varieties that are available on the market.

This model has an aesthetically pleasing design which makes it stand out in any kitchen. It will save time in your morning routine because it’s very easy to use- just pop in a pod , press one of the buttons, wait for about 30 seconds and enjoy your freshly blended drink! The pods are all recyclable so there’s no need to worry about throwing them away after using them up. You also have the option of using your favorite brand of coffee. For example, if you have a favorite ground coffee which you enjoy drinking then all you need to do is fill up the capsule with it and use the machine as instructed.

There are four different buttons that can be pressed including espresso, milk froth , hot water and ice that allow you to customize your drink according to your taste preferences. There’s also an adjustable drip tray at the bottom which can be used for larger cups or travel mugs. The Lattissima Touch Coffee Maker is a great choice because it has a big 54 ounce removable water tank capacity so there’s no need to keep filling it up every time you want a cup of coffee or hot chocolate . It’s equipped with a thermos that will keep your drink warm for up to two hours after it’s made.

The Benefits Of Lattissima Touch Coffee Maker

Are you after a coffee machine that can create espresso shots, cappuccino and latte? This is the product that will suit your purposes. The introduction of this machine to the market has brought about changes in how people do their morning routines. It saves time by doing three things at once. For those who are rushing on their way to work or school this is an ideal machine. With just one touch you will be able to release great cups of coffee within seconds. Here are some benefits of using this coffee maker:

– Can Make Various Drinks

This device not only provides various types of drinks but also gives the user total control over the process; it comes with an integrated milk jug that allows the user to foam his/her own milk. It has a small icon that when activated will show you how to froth or heat your milk in just the right temperature for your drinks.

– Can Be Used Anywhere

This machine can be used anywhere. For example, when one travels they can carry it along and make their drinks anytime they feel like it. When you are camping within the camp grounds, this coffee maker is very useful because of its portability; it comes with handles making it easy to hold during transportation, no need to worry about spills while carrying it around. The product also saves on power consumption by coming with an auto shut off function once brewing is completed; this helps save on electricity bills.

– Sense Touch Technology

The product’s touch screen makes it very easy to use and clean. You can regulate the amount of coffee or milk you put in so that there is no wastage. When you do not feel like using the device simply switch it off and when you want to continue it will be ready for use, thanks to its standby mode. The machine comes with a cup warmer within; this keeps your cup warm during the whole process. People who have used this machine argue that they enjoy better tasting coffee than other similar products. For those looking for that unique taste of their drinks, this is the best option one should consider because of its Sense Touch technology which allows for total control over how your drink is made.

Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus: Which Coffee Maker Is Better? Keep reading…

Nespresso Lattissima Plus

A lot of people are hesitant about buying an espresso machine because they feel like it’ll be hard to use. Fortunately, the Nespresso Lattissima Plus Espresso Machine is really simple and easy to use. This product has several different features that make getting your caffeine fix on the go easy, convenient, and fun!

Lattisima Plus Features

The first feature that you’re probably most familiar with is the milk frother. The milk frother turns cold or warm milk into smooth, airy foam for creating cappuccinos and lattes. It’s super-easy to operate too; just press one of the two settings (cold or warm), pick up your jug of milk, press the button, and move the jug back and forth.

The Lattissima Plus comes with 19 different Nespresso capsules, so you have plenty of variety to choose from! The pods are also really easy to insert because they’re designed to fit perfectly into the machine. Simply put one in the top slot, close up the device, push a button, wait 30 seconds or so for your drink to brew…and voilà! You have yourself a tasty cup of Joe that’ll really get you going in the morning or perk you up during a mid-day slump.

There’s even a manual function on this machine – just in case your hands aren’t free when you want your coffee! With this feature, you can manually press the button to dispense hot water into your mug for making Americanos, tea, or whatever else you want.

What You Need to Know about Lattissima Plus?

This product is pretty compact at 13 by 10 inches, so it’s great for saving space in your kitchen. It would be perfect near your stove because of its sleek silver look. Lattissima Plus doesn’t have a lot of different bells and whistles, but that just makes it easier to clean! The Nespresso capsules are pre-measured too, so they’re super easy to throw away when they’re empty. These pods are also recyclable once you’ve finished with them. There aren’t many steps between inserting the pod and getting your cup of coffee, so it’s really quick and easy to brew a tasty cup.

The Benefits Of Lattissima Plus Coffee Maker

Nespresso is a very popular brand of coffee which it produces both capsules and machines. One those machines is the Nespresso Lattissima Plus, so what are the pros of this machine?

In this article we will be going through some of the benefits that you will receive by purchasing a Nespresso Lattissima Plus. We have found that this machine has a lot to offer any individual looking for a good quality coffee maker.  We have also sorted our table below to let you pick out your favorite features from each product page before deciding on whether to purchase or not.


– If you love having warm milk with your drink, then you can put it either in the main body of this product, or simply use your favourite jug and place it into the water tank

– For those individuals who like to make a quick drink before heading out, then you can put some milk inside and heat up both the milk and coffee at the same time within 60 seconds

– The Nespresso Lattissima Plus has an automatic power off feature which kicks in after 9 minutes if no drink is being brewed

– You are able to program this machine with different languages including English, French, Italian & Spanish making it great for any individual that may be new to the country or prefer speaking one of these languages.

– This product now includes a reduced noise capsule transportation system which is a great addition!

– You also have the ability to store up to 10 used capsules within the machine which is a great space saver.

– A great way of serving coffee once finished brewing is by using hot milk foam through your preferred spout, this will allow you to make different types of coffee such as cafe lattes etc.

Overall we believe that Nespresso Lattissima Plus has some great features & benefits which should not be ignored when looking for a quality coffee maker. It may even surprise you just how much easier it actually makes your life!

Nespresso Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus Comparison

The Nespresso Lattissima Touch And The Lattissima Plus are two of the company’s latest coffee machines. They both produce single shots of espresso, but they do have some differences which this article will highlight.

– Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus – Design/Aesthetics:

There is very little difference between the look of the two machines; they are both designed to be minimalist and blend in with modern kitchen appliances. However, there are some changes made to the older model (the Lattissima Plus) to accommodate new technology. On the front panel you’ll find all of the buttons grouped together on one side so that it can easily fit into an arrangement with other home appliances without needing too much space around it—and if you’re using pods, you won’t need to use any of the buttons.

The key difference between the look of the two machines is that the Lattissima Plus has a rotary knob on it where you can choose which espresso shot size or milk froth quantity you want. The reason for this is because there are more features on top of just being able to make an espresso with these machines. A disadvantage of having all of these buttons grouped together on one side might be that if you have limited counter space, it’s difficult to access them when compared to other coffee machines with their controls arranged in different places on the machine itself. Thus, taking up some room on your kitchen counter.

There are few differences in exterior appearance otherwise. A new feature on the Lattissima Plus is that you can open it up to be cleaned without having to take out any parts—the older model (Lattissima Touch) requires taking out some components before you can clean it. The drip tray on the Lattissima Plus has an anti-spill design so that it collects less liquid, which then makes cleaning up easier after use.

– Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus – Features:

The main difference between these two models is that the Lattissima Plus comes with more features than just making different types of espresso shots. It has a milk frother built into its exterior, allowing you to make cappuccinos and lattes by simply pushing a button instead of having to steam the milk yourself. The steam nozzle for the frother is adjustable, which means that you can make different-sized drinks with it.

Another new feature introduced on the Lattissima Plus is its ability to make hot water by holding down a button instead of having to press another button over and over again, like on the older model. The addition of this feature means that you don’t have to worry about wasting any leftover milk after making some cappuccinos or lattes—you can use some of it for some hot chocolate or instant soups! There are no specific buttons associated with this though; simply hold down the power button until it’s done heating up and then proceed as normal after letting go.

As mentioned before, the Lattissima Plus has a rotary knob on it that allows you to control all of your drink-making options as opposed to just pressing buttons. You can choose from five different espresso shot sizes, from ristretto to lungo, and from hot milk foam to cool froth for cappuccinos.

In addition, there is a coffee capsule container so that you don’t have to keep taking them out every time you want a new one—this keeps things tidy and gives more room on your kitchen counter so you can simply refill this container whenever it gets low instead of having to take everything apart first. It does have an airtight lid that prevents any coffee grounds from spilling into the machine itself when moving the container around with it.

Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus – When it comes to noise level, these are fairly quiet appliances that won’t wake up anyone in the morning when you’re waking up for work. On average, they produce about the same volume of noise while making your drink; some people consider this to be noisy while others don’t think of it as loud at all. There is no off switch that you can access on either model like there is on other more modern coffee machines (with digital displays) so if you want to save energy and turn these off after use, you’ll have to unplug them or take out the power cord. The Lattissima Touch takes up less space than the Plus, but both models will need more room than just setting a single coffee maker on your counter.

The biggest pros to owning one of these machines is that they’re quick at making coffee and cleaning them up afterwards is also very easy—there aren’t many components to take apart or put back together after each use. You can always purchase spare parts for both models just in case anything breaks down over the years, which will save you money in the long run compared to other modern appliances where you have less access to its internal components if something goes wrong with it. The Lattissima Plus also has a warranty included upon purchase, so any mistakes made during production are covered by this generous company!

Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus – Lastly, these appliances are typically designed to fit in any modern kitchen with their sleek silver touch display exteriors. They’re definitely more attractive than other coffee machines that have large digital displays or cheap plastic designs, so if you’re looking for a new coffee maker without all of the bells and whistles included with them, these are some good choices!

Tips To Use Nespresso Lattissima Touch

With its new Lattissima Touch machine Nespresso opens the door to the luxurious world of Automatic Milk Frothers.

With many exciting features, this machine will be available in stores across Canada starting Feb. 2, 2016.

Here are some tips to use it:

– Make sure you remove all protective materials from your Lattissima Touch machine before using for the first time (battery box / protective film on water reservoir). The message “Your appliance is ready” appears when all parts are correctly installed and fully charged (2 hr initial charge).

– Fill the water reservoir up to MAX with fresh cold tap water. DO NOT fill above Max line or place in dishwasher. NEVER immerse in water or other liquids.

– Remove your Nespresso Coffee Capsule (R) gently from mouth of the capsule container and discard capsule in front of machine, pressing the button located on top of the machine to dispense used capsule.

– Open Lid A to place a clean empty Frother Container under spout B. Insert Milk Frother Pipe into Milk Frother Container until “click” sound is heard. Close Lid A firmly with latches engaged correctly. Ensure that no part of the unit is blocked by an obstacle which can lead to overheating or malfunctioning of appliance during operational phase.

– Press ON/OFF button for 1 sec, then release it when red light blinks ONCE (this also activates preheating, do not wait for red light to turn off). Red light at top of machine will remain ON.

– Use the Milk Frother Pipe supplied to dispense milk by pressing it down gently on your favorite glass or cup. To obtain hot or cold milk foam use short pulses of pressure.

– When finished dispensing, remove the Milk Frother Pipe from Milk Frother Container by pulling forward without turning.

– Repeat steps 4 through 7 until desired amount of Hot or Cold Milk Foam is obtained.

– After each use always return Lid A firmly onto container with latches engaged correctly to avoid heat loss and maximize beverage quality.

– Never clean appliance in dishwasher as this may damage components.

– Only Dry Clean Lid A, Water Reservoir and Frother Container.

– Use Cleaning Brush supplied to clean Milk Frother Pipe after each use.

– Make sure to empty the Water Reservoir if storing appliance without using for an extended period of time.

– For optimal results make sure to wipe water reservoir with a damp cloth before adding fresh milk and cold tap water for next use.

– Nespresso Coffee Capsules (R) must be purchased separately in a 3 pack format from your local retailer or online store that sells Nespresso products in Canada.

How To Clean Nespresso Lattissima Plus?

Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus? The Nespresso Lattissima Plus is a capsule coffee machine that can be used to brew espresso and other creamy drinks like cappuccino. It’s pretty much like the Original Nespresso Machine but with the addition of milk frothing ability, hence its name. Let’s find out how to clean your Nespresso Lattissima Plus!

– Unplug It First

It doesn’t matter if it’s empty or not. Always unplug first before cleaning any appliance to avoid electrical shock and/or damage (and water damage ).

– Remove The Capsule Holder & Drawer And Rinse

The capsules should pop right out when you press the button at the side of the holder. Just rinse the capsule holder and the drawer under running tap water.

– Remove The Milk Carafe & Rinse

Remove the milk carafe by gripping it with both hands securely to avoid spilling the contents, turn upside down and shake once or twice (or three times) really hard. You can even rinse this under running tap water as well.

– Run It Through The Dishwasher Or Use Some Warm Soapy Water In A Bucket Now you can run your Nespresso Lattissima Plus through a dishwasher cycle since most of its parts are safe from high temperatures or clean it manually with some warm soapy water in a bucket first. Just make sure that all residue has been removed before trying to use it for coffee .

– Let Dry Completely After Rinsing

You may place your Nespresso Lattissima Plus parts on a towel to dry, or if you have a dish drying rack – use it. You can also leave your machine out in the sun to let nature finish the job. At least 24 hours of letting it completely air dry is best before returning any part to its slot.

How Does Nespresso  Lattissima Plus Work?

Nespresso is a company with many years of experience in the coffee industry. It was founded in 1986 in Switzerland by Nestle. A lot of customers trust Nespresso to bring them high-quality beverages that are produced with artisanal expertise. One of the products that are specifically highlighted by this brand is its Nespresso Lattissima Plus, which looks great on any kitchen countertop when you see it for the first time.

Nespresso Lattissima works just like how other capsule machines work: by transferring water through a pod and producing your perfect cup of espresso, straight into your cup. This powerful machine can pump out nine bars of water pressure that will help you get the best shots every single time. If you are new to using Nespresso machines, you can easily learn how to make the perfect beverage as there are helpful animated tutorials available on its website.

But what makes Nespresso Lattissima different from other capsule machines is that it comes with a milk frother. If you like drinking cappuccinos or lattes, then this product has got you covered as it will help your coffee shop experience come right at home.

Nespresso Lattissima also does not require too much clean-up: thanks to an auto-cleaning and descaling program that will work whenever the machine requires it, cleaning this machine is a breeze. You can even choose how long should one cycle last so you can cut down your total cleaning time.

Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus? The Nespresso Lattissima also comes with a 24-hour programmable clock and its elegant LED display will make this programmable machine look great in your kitchen. You can even set alarms to let you know when the water tank is empty or when it’s time for descaling.

How Do You Descale A Nespresso Lattissima Touch?

If you have ever wondered how to descale the Nespresso Lattissima Touch, it’s actually pretty simple.

Once a month or so, remove the water tank and drip tray, along with its aluminum foil top cover (if your model has one). Also remove the end-cap that holds the catridge holder in place. All of these parts can be washed by hand using warm water and dish soap like Dawn (yeah I know, but i’m jus’ sayin’).

The key to cleaning your machine is to clean out any hard minerals left over from your hard tap water; this can be accomplished by pouring white vinegar into the water tank up to about 1/3 full. Then pour some more vinegar directly onto the drip tray and aluminum foil cap. Place a large cup under the steam wand to catch any excess vinegar that will drip out.

Place the unit upside down on a towel, allowing it to soak in the vinegar for 15 minutes or so. When you take it back up right, place the drip tray directly into your sink and give it a good rinse with warm water from both sides as well as underneath. It’s important to get all of this off as much as possible so don’t be shy about giving it a nice scrubbing – but gently! You don’t want scold yourself or damage anything else near by.

Next apply some dish soap onto the aluminum foil top and work that around too (you’ll need to let that sit for 10 minutes or so to loosen up any grime). Finish by giving the water tank, aluminum foil top cover and end-cap a good scrubbing too.

Once everything is completely dry, it’s time for reassembly. First pour some fresh white vinegar into the water tank about 3/4 of the way – this will be your descaling solution in just a moment that will prevent further hard water scale build-up in your machine. Once you have done that, place the drip tray back onto its hinges with one side under the unit and the other facing upward so you can rest it on top of an upside down cup or mug (or whatever else you have lying around) to catch the vinegar that drips out as you move things around behind the unit.

Next place the aluminum foil cap back onto the water tank, making sure to line up the tabs so it fits correctly. Then place the end-cap back where it goes and secure it by tightening down its nut with a small flathead screwdriver or wrench if you have one handy. If your machine has a foil top cover on the drip tray, replace that as well making sure to align any tabs before pressing the other half of the tray back into place.

Now comes time for descaling: reach around behind your Lattissima Touch and turn on the front power switch (check your manual as there may be more than one). Once powered up, press either button 1 or 2 then quickly – but carefully – push in the center of the round black button on top of your machine to get into descaling mode.

Once you hear a little beep, place your large cup back under the steam nozzle and press the 1 shot or 2 shot button depending on how much water you want to use (diluted vinegar is safer than full strength). Once again, watch for it to finish its cycle . You’ll know this has happened when all four lights are lit up solid.

After that, quickly push in the center of the black power button once more (no need to re-press either one of the buttons at this point). This will suck down any vinegar that might remain in your system into an internal reservoir where it can’t hurt anything; then unit will beep and turn itself off.

After waiting 5 minutes or so, the fun part! Turn your machine upside down over your sink (careful of where you place it in relation to anything you might knock off the counter onto the floor) and open up the water tank’s handle like the hood of a car. This will reveal two holes in which you can insert two straightened out paperclips into; push them both in until they stop against some sort of internal barrier – this is what creates that famous ‘vacuum’ action inside your machine allowing for pressure-free extraction of all coffee goodness!

Now press one of the 1 shot or 2 shot buttons again while keeping an eye on your cup below. If any amount of vinegar begins to drip out of the bottom of your machine, turn it over again and slide an index card (or piece of cardboard) between the two holes on top – this will block off the bottom hole while still leaving the other open for vinegar to pass through.

Once you can’t get anymore liquid out from underneath your machine, shut off the power switch and set it upright again. Now take a q-tip or paper towel with some 99% isopropyl alcohol or any similar glass & surface cleaner and lightly wipe around inside where all that vinegar dripped just a moment ago. This will remove anything that might be tasty to hard water scale in order to help prevent further build-up in your machine.

Finally, plug your unit back in and turn it upside down again. This time use a toothpick or straightened out paperclip to press each of the round black ‘ejector’ buttons in turn – this will release any residual liquid that might be stuck inside and cause problems later – and set your machine upright once more!

Congratulations: you’ve just performed your first clean cycle using distilled white vinegar instead of descaler liquid made for coffee machines! Now you can take comfort in knowing there’s no need to brew an entire potful of coffee every time you want a single cup; simply add water and pour in however much vinegar is needed to get rid of nasty stuff before brewing another shot!

How Do You Use Nespresso Lattissima Touch Milk Frother?

Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus? So you just got your Nespresso Lattissima Touch and you’re wondering what to do next. Well here is a quick overview of how to use your new milk frother.

Now that we have the box out of the way we can start looking at this beautiful machine. To start off with, let’s go over some of the specifications:

– Capacity for up to 130ml milk – automatic flow stop system – removable drip tray with anti-splash insert – double-wall conical cup (17/18 oz) – dishwasher safe – detachable base – magnetic coupling – 100-240V 50/60Hz power supply

Needless to say, this thing looks awesome! The first thing you need to do is slide the drip tray out and then push down on it to remove it.

Now that you’ve removed the drip tray, you should be able to see five different symbols just above the removable cup. These symbols are there to help you use your milk frother quickly and easily. Here they are:

These symbols tell us how much milk you need for each of the five cups sizes – two ounces, four ounces, six ounces, eight ounces or ten ounces. To start off with, we’ll take a look at how to use your milk frother for an eight ounce cup size. Take off the magnetic coupling located at the top of your Lattissima Touch (shown in red) by gently pulling it towards yourself. Next, select the eight ounce symbol on your machine (shown in blue) by rotating it until you reach the desired cup size.

Now that this is done, let’s take a look at your removable cup. To make sure that your first brew comes out perfect, you should first remove the anti-splash insert located at the bottom of your cup on both sides. This insert helps keep foam from sputtering on to the countertop. After removing this piece, place an empty cup underneath it and reattach it to ensure no messes are made after you prime your espresso maker for its first use.

Now we can start preparing our milk frother for use! First off, fill up the two white lines located inside the removable cup with cold whole milk. You can use 2%, but whole milk is recommended because it tends to produce better foam.

When filling your cup, be careful not to get any water in the area where the removable cup goes to ensure that no mold grows there over time. Now you’re ready to prime your machine! To do this, gently insert and twist the removable cup into the round opening located at the top of your Lattissima Touch (blue arrow). Once inserted, fill up both sides of your magnetic coupling with hot (but not boiling) water until they are full, then immediately remove them from underneath the machine. This is done so we can place them on top of our machine and start frothing away!

After you’ve removed the pieces from the top of your machine, place them back under your Lattissima Touch and gently push down on them to remove any excess air bubbles. The reason we push these pieces down is because when you turn your milk frother on, it will draw this hot water through the magnetic coupling and into the removable cup, creating a vacuum effect which forces air out from inside of your milk. Once you’ve removed all of the air bubbles, we can start using our machine!

Turning Your Machine On/Off

To power on your milk frother, simply slide the circular button located at the top of your Lattissima Touch towards yourself until ‘I’ is displayed on screen (as pictured above). To power off press this same button until the red ‘O’ is displayed on screen.

Coffee Frothing

To begin frothing your milk, simply press and hold down the circular button until a green light appears at the center of your machine as seen in this picture:

The first time you do this, it will take about 30 seconds for your light to turn green. This is because we have yet to create a vacuum within our device that keeps both pieces under pressure when being used. After 10 – 15 uses however, this time should drop significantly as your machine becomes more primed from use. Once the green light comes on around the center of your Lattissima Touch, you can now start moving your removable cup up and down very quickly (but not too quickly) to create your foam.

After about 20 – 30 seconds of doing this, the light will turn off and you have now created a nice amount of espresso-infused milk. To keep it warm for later, simply press the circular button again until ‘W’ is displayed on screen (as pictured above). This symbol will stay lit while your machine keeps your frothed milk heated up at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for whenever you’re ready to drink it!

Milk Frothing For Latte Art

To froth your milk into something that can be used for latte art , simply follow all of the steps mentioned above except when it comes time to stop moving your cup up and down. Instead, once you’ve removed all air bubbles from your cup, move the cup up and down in short bursts of about 2 inches or so until your milk becomes foamy with larger bubbles. Once you’ve reached this point, it’s time to start practicing your latte art!

>>> Nespresso Lattissima Touch- Rapid Cappuccino System | Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus

Lattissima Touch Vs Lattissima Plus: which one should you buy? There are many things to consider when purchasing your next coffee maker. For those of you who want a stylish and functional coffee maker that is easy to use, the Lattissima Touch might be your best bet. It does not offer as many features as the Plus model, but it is more affordable and has earned some rave reviews from users. If you would like something with more bells and whistles such as an automated milk frother or a grinder for spices, then we recommend going with the Lattissima Plus. The choice between these two models ultimately comes down to what kind of coffee experience you are looking for at home. Thanks so much for reading!

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