According to KFC, the world is changing, but good things don’t change – La Réclame

This is at least one certainty for our uncertain future.

Iconic fried chicken brand, KFC, unveils its brand new brand film titled “Forever Crispy”, a celebration of the authenticity of KFC’s secret recipe, produced in collaboration with Havas Paris. For several campaigns, KFC has been communicating the origins of its brand. This time, the brand is projecting itself into the future, a way of showing that its crispy chicken is and will remain a symbol of authenticity, even in a world in which reality is becoming increasingly rare.

The film takes place in a less and less distant future, in a retrofuturistic Paris, where two young people travel aboard a flying car. In this world invaded by holograms and virtuality, one thing remains authentic: the secret recipe of Colonel Sanders. Times change, but the crunch remains unchanged: the Colonel continues to work wonders in the kitchen.

This film offers a spectacle halfway between Blade Runner and Ready Player One: enough to appeal to our minds fans of science fiction… and fried foods. For all these carnivores, the campaign is currently broadcast on television, on video-on-demand platforms, on billboards and on social media. A second part is expected in the coming weeks.


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