Tassimo vs Keurig: Which Makes Better Coffee Machines?

Making coffee at home is a great way to save money and enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee whenever you want. But with so many different types of coffee makers on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

Are you looking for a single-serve coffee maker, but don’t know which one to choose? Tassimo vs Keurig are two of the most popular brands on the market, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll compare the two machines and help you decide which one is best for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

The Tassimo Coffee Maker

As you may be aware, the Tassimo coffee maker is a very popular beverage system that uses patented technology to make hot drinks. When combined with the special T disc (which contains all ingredients for one drink), your Tassimo can produce delicious cappuccinos, lattes, mocha coffees and much more. This article will give you some important information about this amazing appliance.

A Brief History Of The Company

Tassimo was invented by Kraft Foods in Germany under its brand name of Kela. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years and it now accounts for close to forty percent market share within Europe alone. It comes as no surprise because there are many reasons why people choose to invest in one of these machines.

Why Do People Choose A Tassimo Over Other Beverage Systems?

The main reason why people choose a Tassimo coffee maker is because of its convenience and how easy it is to use. When you purchase a T disc for making coffee, tea or hot chocolate, all you have to do is place it into your machine and press a button. Your beverage will be ready in just one minute!

You don’t have to worry about grinds going through your machine as they are contained within the T disc itself (which can conveniently be thrown away after each drink). It’s also quick and simple to change flavors during the same cycle which means that this appliance is great if there are different tastes amongst family members.

Keeping Your Tassimo Coffee Maker In Good Condition

If you want to keep your machine in good working order for as long as possible, ensure that you only use T discs which are compatible with it. Also, take care when cleaning the system by always following the manufacturer’s instructions. Doing so will help to extend the life of your appliance and enhance its performance.

The Different Types Of Tassimo Machines Available

There are four different types of Tassimo machines all of which vary slightly in terms of their specifications (for example, some have a larger water tank than others). These include:

– The B100 – this is suitable for one or two people who only drink coffee occasionally;  it has a water tank of 44 ounces  with an operating capability of 120 volts;

– The T20 – with a smaller water tank, this model is designed for people who only drink coffee occasionally. It has an operating capability of 120 volts and is regarded as one of the most compact beverage systems that are available on the market today;

– GIGA 5 – suitable for families or those who want to prepare more drinks at once, this unit has a larger 1.7 litre water tank which will last up to four hours before it needs refilling. It works at 230 volts and can make virtually anything using any types of discs (it even has special features such as a hot chocolate mode);

-55 – this comes with two detachable drip trays allowing you to make two cups or one large beverage. It has a 44-ounce water tank and can be operated using either 120 volts or 230 volts depending on your requirements.

What Is Tassimo Coffee Maker?

As mentioned, there are four different types of machines available within the Tassimo family so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. If you’re uncertain as to which product is best suited for you, consider talking to an expert who will be able to explain exactly what each machine does and what each type of drink tastes like when made from one of these systems.

By investing in a Tassimo coffee maker today, not only will you get many years of excellent service but you’ll also discover what makes it such a popular brand worldwide.

The Pros And Cons Of Tassimo Coffee Maker


With the many different types of coffee makers on the market, almost all with their own unique benefits, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. If you are interested in making a wide variety of hot drinks at home without draining your bank account, take a look at the possibilities offered by Tassimo coffee machines. Here are some of the advantages they offer over other types of coffee maker.

– Variety

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to step into an upscale coffee shop or café that offers professional baristas and an extensive menu boasting dozens upon dozens of delicious hot drinks to choose from, well, now you can recreate that experience right at home! The Tassimo coffee maker can produce a variety of delicious hot beverages, ranging from simple drip coffee to more exotic types such as cappuccino and mocha. Best of all, chances are that you will still have plenty of money leftover after making all those drinks!

– Inexpensive up front cost

Many people avoid purchasing more expensive home appliances such as the Tassimo brew station because they think it is too expensive to justify the purchase. What these individuals don’t realize is that over time, Tassimo machines actually end up saving consumers money. If you consider how much money people typically spend on their daily stop at the local café or coffee shop for a drink with friends or family, and then compare this figure to what someone would spend on the same beverage made in their own home, you’ll realize that Tassimo machines are actually cheaper in the long run.

– Convenience

A major advantage offered by Tassimo coffee makers is how easy they are to use. The process of making a cup of coffee takes only one step – all you have to do is insert a pre-measured single-serve T disc into the machine, press one button, and it will be ready in less than a minute! There’s no need to deal with messy filters or confusing instructions. If you can operate an appliance such as a microwave oven, chances are you can master operating your very own Tassimo machine!

– Environmentally friendly

If saving money isn’t enough of an incentive for you to make the switch to Tassimo machines, consider how they can help protect our environment. Home brewed coffee typically comes in plastic cups with paper or plastic lids and is usually served in recyclable cups that are made from paper pulp. These materials are then transported by trucks to your local café or coffee shop, where they sit waiting to be used again. Because T discs are 100% recyclable, they represent less waste than other types of home brewing methods.

– Health benefits

If none of these benefits have convinced you yet that Tassimo machines are worth trying out, perhaps this final point will do the trick: drinking drinks such as cappuccino and mocha made with the Tassimo machine can actually help you to lose weight. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that hot drinks such as these, which contain coffee and chocolate, are unhealthy because they believe that chocolate is fattening. However, this isn’t true at all! Dark chocolate contains lots of antioxidants that promote good health by helping to protect our bodies from free radicals. These free radicals can lead to certain illnesses later on, so it’s important to keep them in check any way we can!

As you can see, there are many benefits offered by the Tassimo coffee maker, which means that now is a great time for everyone who wants to enjoy delicious drinks at home without having to sacrifice their bank account or the environment to do so!


– It does not come with hot water dispenser despite being an instant brewing system.

– Its exterior paint tends to peel away after several washes in a dishwasher. The same problem also affects its buttons on the machine’s front face; some users have complained that their food debris got stuck under the plastic button covers leading to practical problems later on. This led some people to replace their defective machines within less than one year of purchase!

– The Tassimo brewer has no filter basket and hence, you need to buy them separately.

These are just some of the problems that customers have complained about when using the Tassimo brewer. Of course, it would also be true to state that the above mentioned drawbacks may not necessarily apply in your case because the model in use might still be a new one and was manufactured by a particular batch which may be having these defects. So do check with customer service to make sure if what you bought falls within a newer production line or not before conjuring up an opinion about its quality level.

Tassimo vs Keurig: Which’s Better for YOUR Countertop? Keep reading…

The Keurig Coffee Maker

A keurig coffee maker is a small appliance that brews your favorite cup of Joe, one at a time. It has been around for quite some time now and is loved by many people from various parts of the world. If you have gotten hold of one or are planning to get one, then it’s just right that you should know what makes these machines so special. In essence, the keurig coffee maker features an advanced technology – the K-Cup – which allows for bringing out rich flavors and aromas to make delicious drinks in small batches.

How They Make Tea and Other Beverages…

The keurig coffee maker comes with an included list of beverages to make. These include tea, iced tea and hot cocoa. However, you can also use your own choice of coffee by buying “My K-Cup” reusable coffee filter. In order to make a beverage using this machine, simply extract the contents from the K-Cup as per recipe instructions and place it in the brewer. Use water from previous batches or from a clean reservoir depending on model. Close lid and press one of the buttons to start brewing. Most models have several brew sizes that you can choose from at start up or customize later on. An indicator light will tell you when ready for extraction – just open the lid and serve. How They Look Like

Most keurig coffee makers are compact enough to fit any kitchen countertops. They are usually made out of various types of plastic or metal, but their brewing mechanics are what make the appliances so special. All models have a control panel with a water reservoir and brew basket at its heart. K-Cups are some sort of sealed capsules that come in various flavors and blends. The machine creates pressure on the K-cup to extract flavor from tea leaves inside, as well as from coffee grounds inside.

How Do They Work?

Keurig coffee makers work by first filling a container with water that is then heated up to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit (or 93 degrees Celsius). This fluid is then forced through a disposable capsule filled with ground coffee beans or tea leaves, depending on recipe instructions for your selected beverage. A K-Cup can hold up to 10 grams of ground coffee, whereas a My K-Cup contains a paper filter and holds up to 8 ounces. Capsules are usually made from plastic or aluminum foil and come in many different flavors of tea and coffee.

The Pros And Cons Of Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Maker is a coffee brewing machine that uses plastic pods or k-cups.  This system was designed in the US by John Sylvan and Peter Dragone back in 1990, but it has become popular in the US only in the last few years.  Keurig company was acquired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters since 1992, but both are still run separately. 


– No Mess When You Make Coffee

One of my favorite things about using Keurig is knowing I won’t make too much coffee because you can set the strength on the brewer yourself to decide how strong your coffee will be.  If you want stronger coffee then just put more pods in the machine.  It is nice not having to make a whole pot of coffee and then realizing you made too much.

– Healthier Option For Coffee Drinkers

Another thing I love about Keurig is that I can drink it without worrying about drinking too much caffeine.  If you are someone who likes coffee but doesn’t want all the jitters that come with large amounts of caffeine then this is a great option for you.  You can find decaf k-cups so there is no need to worry!  Many people also like using flavored creamers on their coffee instead of sugar or milk so they have more flavor options with the k-cup system on what flavor pod they are going to use.

– More Flavors Than Any Other Brewer And They All Taste Great!

Keurig coffee makers have a ton of flavors and brands available to choose from.  In addition, the flavors taste great because key ingredients for all the different pod options are listed on Keurig’s website so you know what you are getting in your cup before you drink it.  Also, if there is a certain flavor that isn’t right for you then just try another one until you find one that makes your day!    

– Simple To Use For Every Brewing Machine Size

I love how easy every Keurig machine is to use no matter how many pod sizes they come in.  This brewer is very easy to use and is a space saver in my kitchen.  There are many sizes of Keurig brewers from the mini to the plus size which makes it perfect for any size kitchen or person.  I would recommend having at least one cup a day with this great little machine!

– Easy To Clean For All Brewer Sizes

Keeping my brewer clean is another reason I love using my Keurig for coffee every morning.  Every brewer has its own cleaning instructions on how often you should clean the brewer and what tools you need to use when doing so.  It is important that you keep your brewer clean because it will help with the quality of your coffee every time you brew a new pot.  I love knowing my brewer is clean and ready to make my next cup of coffee!

– Brewing Options For Everyone

If you are someone who doesn’t want a whole pot of coffee for yourself then the K-cup system will be perfect for your needs.  This system allows you to brew single cups at a time which is great if there are only one or two people in the morning drinking coffee and it also helps avoid over filling your cup.  There are many options for brewing with Keurig from mini to large brewers, so whatever size you need you can find it at Keurig!

– No More Grounds In Your Coffee Cup With A Permanent Filter

Since I got my brewer last year I have not had to worry about finding a permanent filter to put in my coffee maker.  This is another great feature of Keurig that I really love and can’t believe it took me so long to get one for myself!

– Brewing Time For Everyone’s Schedule

Another reason I love using this brewer because you can brew your coffee whenever you need it!  If you are someone who needs their cup right away in the morning then no worries, just set your brewer and wake up to a fresh cup every time! 9 Great For Specialty Drinks Like Hot Cocoa Or Tea

Every type of drink you could ever think of having with your coffee is available on the k-cup system.    I really enjoy getting hot cocoa pods for myself in the winter and iced tea pods in the summer.  This system is great because you can also try different flavors of coffee or hot chocolate without having to buy a whole box of something that may not taste good to you.

– Great For Gifts!

Tassimo vs Keurig? Last but certainly not least this brewer makes a great gift for anyone who loves coffee!  If you are looking for a special holiday, birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah ,or just-because gift for your spouse or friend then look no further than Keurig!  


The good thing about Keurig coffee maker is that it looks modern and stylish. It has many nice features too. But, here are some things you might want to consider before buying one:

– It doesn’t necessarily save you time because you need to wait for your cup to be filled with hot water before brewing the pod.

– The used pods cannot be recycled. Many people just throw them away after use, which increases their carbon footprint on earth instead of reducing it!

– If anyone uses this machine in a household with children, don’t even think about using the pods for flavored drinks. Even adults can accidentally press the wrong button on the machine when they are in hurry in the morning or something like that… And yes, flavored drinks are a no-no for children.

– The price of the pod can be expensive too, especially if you drink a lot of coffee every day.

– It’s not environmentally friendly to use pods. Even if it’s recyclable, that doesn’t mean this thing automatically becomes eco-friendly! It needs special recycling programs and facilities…

Comparison Tassimo Vs Keurig

Tassimo vs Keurig – There is considerable interest in understanding the comparative performance of different brands of brewers and coffee under the same conditions. 

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) conducted a year-long evaluation of the Tassimo brewer with Carte Noire, its preferred commercial roaster and trading partner. The assessment examined taste attributes such as flavor intensity, balance, body, acidity and overall quality; as well as distribution/mechanical issues such as distribution uniformity and distribution speed between single serve cups; time to final beverage; stability comparisons over time for individual cups/carafes/decanters.

Taste Attributes: Aroma, body and acidity received the highest scores in this study. The overall quality of Tassimo’s coffee was rated very high by panelists. In general, panelists were most impressed with the elegant aromas that gracefully filled the room during a Tassimo brew cycle. 

Tassimo vs Keurig – In terms of flavor distribution, Tassimo scored slightly higher than Keurig on overall distribution uniformity. 

As far as flavor intensity is concerned, Tassimo produced a deep and rich cup compared to a shallow and thin cup from Keurig. For balance/mouthfeel category, both brewers tested appeared to score evenly when it comes to depth and weight of flavor in the cup.

Distribution Issues: Tassimo’s machine is more stable compared to Keurig brewer. 

In general, there were no variance in flavor from the first brew to the last on a single serving pod when using a Tassimo machine. In comparison, flavor varied from brew to brew with a single serve pod when using a Keurig machine. This may be due to the water compartment being half filled in most cases of coffee pods used for testing purposes by CQI. The result was that some grooves on the upper level did not fill up and thus had less contact with hot water during brewing process making it difficult for complete extraction of coffee from within these channels under such condition. However, if one were to use a K cup and fill the water chamber so that it is two-thirds to three-quarters full, there would be sufficient contact with hot water during the brew cycle and the flavor would not vary from one pod to another.

– Time To Final Beverage: Tassimo brewer reached final beverage in 28 seconds compared to 42 seconds when using a Keurig machine. This difference comes from Tassimo’s higher pump pressure (13 bars), which allows coffee to flow through distributors faster than Keurig machines.

– Tassimo vs Keurig: Stability Comparisons Over Time For Individual Cups/Carafes/Decanters: In terms of stability comparisons over time for individual cups/carafes/decanters, both brewers showed nearly identical results.

– Ease Of Use Issues: Both brewers scored well in this category. However, Tassimo brewer received a slightly higher rating than Keurig when it came to ease of use issues due to the fact that there is no need for an extra step in order to prepare beverage before brewing (i.e., no need for inserting filter or pressing buttons on the machine), and also because once decanter with brewed coffee is placed on its base, machine automatically switches itself off. 

Tassimo vs Keurig – Taste differences between Tassimo and Keurig were not significant enough to warrant switching from one brewer to another based on these taste tests alone; however, if you are currently using a Keurig brewer and prefer richer, deeper cup of coffee with good distribution in each cup, then Tassimo brewer may be the right choice for you.

– Brew Performance Summary: One advantage of using single serve pods is time saving when preparing coffee (i.e., less preparation time). However, if taste and flavor are your primary consideration when choosing between Keurig and Tassimo brewers, perhaps it would make sense to spend more time in brewing process so that you can get better tasting coffee than what you could get from a single pod. It will take around 4 or 5 minutes to grind beans and about 6-8 min utes to brew one pot depending on the type of machine used. This will result in larger distribution uniformity where each cup is virtually the same in comparison to a pod brewer which produces a weaker and less consistent cup of coffee. In that case, Tassimo brew performance was superior compared to Keurig brewer in both flavor distribution uniformity and overall taste intensity due to its 13 bars high pressure pump, dual microfilter system which creates greater turbulence when water is passing through pods when brewing process takes place.

In terms of stability comparisons over time for individual cups/carafes/decanters, both brewers showed nearly identical results. 

Tassimo vs Keurig – If you are currently using a Keurig brewer and prefer richer, deeper cup of coffee with good distribution in each cup, then Tassimo brewer may be the right choice for you.

Tips To Use Tassimo Coffee Maker

For coffee lovers, nothing beats waking up to a cup of freshly brewed delicious morning treat. In the market, there are different types of coffee maker that you can use starting from your stovetop to your automatic drip machines. If you want an instant supply without all the hassle, then getting a Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker is a wise decision. For this article we will talk about tips on how to get the best experience for this type of machine and some other interesting information about it.

– Get The Right Water Temperature

One common complaint with using a Tassimo single serve brewer is overbrewing the coffee due to the case where users forgot to check if the water temperature is appropriate for brewing. The issue here is that too much heat can extract a bitter taste from the coffee and too little heat will not extract all the flavors in your ground. Thus for this matter, you have to familiarize yourself with how long it takes one cup of water to heat up before you can start using Tassimo brewer.

– Save Your Machine From Unnecessary Damage

When you read about tips to use Tassimo coffee maker, prevention is better than cure especially when it comes to your machine’s parts from clogging due to build-up from hard water. You have two options which are either by pre-rinsing or adding vinegar into the water tank and brewing a few cups before actually making your java juice. This step will help get rid of the sediments that cause blockage and other potential damages.

– Get The Most Out Of Your T-Discs

One of the best things about using Tassimo brewer is that it allows you to be creative with your own cup. You can choose from different flavors and brands so the world is now your oyster when it comes to enjoying coffee all day long. To make sure that you are getting 100% worth for each of your Tassimo purchase, make sure that you follow some steps such as:

Do Not Pre-Heat Cups – Since machines tend to heat up their internal temperature a lot, pre-heating cups will only burn your java juice before it even touches the hot plate.

Use The Right Size – Like cooking, measuring ingredients for a good tasting cup of java is important. This means that you have to measure the right amount of T-discs in your machine when making coffee for optimal results.

Clean Your Machine Regularly – It might be frustrating when your java juice starts tasting like plastic especially if you are used to high quality tasting ones. Sadly, this happens due to hard water build up in the internal part which is why cleaning regularly will help keep your machine in tip top condition.

– Get The Manual Of Your Machine

Another good tips on how to use Tassimo brewer is by actually reading through its manual and finding out everything there is about it especially safety features, proper maintenance and parts included in the package itself. Keep in mind that some models may not come with a milk frother so if you want to use this function, make sure that it is included in your purchase.

– Avoid The Hot Plate For Too Long

One thing that users should keep in mind when using Tassimo machines is keeping the cups out of its hot plate. By doing so, you will avoid the problem where the cup gets overly heated and your java juice becomes a carbonized mess. Further more, do not just leave your machine running for hours on end as it might cause internal problems later with time especially for those who are not regularly cleaning it.

Tassimo vs Keurig – We hope that this article serves as an interesting read into how to get the most out of using Tassimo single serve coffee maker at home or even office spaces with proper care . With all the steps covered above, there is no reason for you to not enjoy your java juices without having to worry much about your machine.

How To Use A Keurig Coffee Maker?

A keurig coffee maker is a great item to have in your kitchen as it can save you money and time. A new Keurig Coffee Maker is an appliance that makes one cup of coffee at a time, allowing the user to choose from many different flavors. It’s very simple to use and only takes a matter of minutes for the coffee to brew completely.

Understand how your machine works first before anything else. Usually a Keurig Coffee Maker will have a power button on the front of the machine along with two or more other buttons that have pictures on them which represent each different kind of beverage that you would like to drink- espresso, cocoa, tea etc.. The K-Cup packs contain these different kinds of beverages inside them, all you have to do is find the one that goes with what you are in the mood for and throw it in your machine. The different beverages vary in terms of how much caffeine they contain so make sure you are picking the right flavor when you are having a busy day at work or school.

Once you have selected which drink you would like , simply choose the number of cups that you would like for this beverage to fill up- usually there will be three different size cups marked off on your cup tray. Two ounce, six ounce, and eight ounce sizes are available depending on how much coffee or other beverage you wish to put into that particular cup. The amount of time spent brewing will depend on whether if its tea or any other hot or cold drink you are brewing, as it will take more time for those.

Once the process is complete, simply remove the cup and throw away and continue with your day! This convenient device makes great tasting coffee every time and takes up very minimal space on a counter top or table top , so feel free to move it around as needed . It’s also an amazing thing to have if you live alone or on a busy college campus- just pop in any flavor K-Cup pack you like and enjoy the moment!

How to Store Your Tassimo Coffee Maker?

When you are not using your Tassimo coffee maker, it is good that you know how to store it safely. It will only take a few minutes of your time and then you can rest assured that there are no spills on the way. Here are some helpful tips on storing your machine.

– The first step would be to rinse out the inside of the machine with clean water to make sure that any leftover coffee or milk has been washed away. 

– You can now put back any parts or accessories which were removed for regular cleaning or other purposes before making drinks. For instance, if you took out the ground combining tool used for mixing regular coffee grounds with hot water, make sure that you put it back in the machine before storage. 

– Clean out any spills inside the drip tray with a non-abrasive sponge and warm water. 

– You can now turn your Tassimo coffee maker onto its side so that it will take up less space during storage. Make sure however to use two hands when doing this as you do not want to cause movement or shaking which might result in spilling of any leftover drinks inside the machine. 

– For upright positioning, just make sure that there is no liquid left on the counter where you are placing your Tassimo coffee maker after turning it over sideways for storage.

Do note though that if you are putting away your Tassimo for more than one month, then you might want to follow these additional instructions. 

– After ensuring that there are no drinks left in the machine, you will have to dry out the inside part of the Tassimo coffee maker by turning on the hot water function for five minutes. This will help evaporate any trapped moisture so that it does not become breeding ground for mold and mildew which are known to cause odors later on during storage. 

– Make sure to rinse out all internal parts with clean warm water before storing away your Tassimo coffee maker. 

– If there is a problem with excess moisture or condensation, then leave it open overnight or at least six hours so that all humidity can dissipate properly before closing up your machine again. 

– Place a paper towel or a lint free cloth into the drip tray and leave it inside the Tassimo coffee maker to absorb any remaining moisture. 

Tassimo vs Keurig? Some people also suggest adding a couple of uncooked rice grains inside the drip tray for this purpose of absorbing excess moisture. Then you can just simply brush away any rice remnants before using your machine again.

How To Descale A Tassimo Coffee Maker?

After you have used your Tassimo coffee maker, then the next step would be to clean it up properly with water and an appropriate cleaning solution or descaler.

This is intended for removing mineral deposits from hard water which might have built up over time if frequently made drink was coffee or tea. Descale your machine as often as once a month if you use hard tap water to make drinks with it.

When using a commercial Tassimo descaling solution, you will be required to follow the instructions on the label so that correct proportions of the cleaning agent can be used for effective results. You can also opt to use white vinegar instead since this is safe and highly affordable option which many people have been turning to in recent times for this purpose.

You should try not to mix up descaling too much as chemical reactions might result in producing unwanted byproducts which are harmful for users health. However, if you have already mixed some descaler into your Tassimo’s tank and to decrease its concentration before storage, you can just top it up with clean cold water.

The basic principle in descaling involves the use of a cleaning agent so that mineral deposits will be softened and loosened up before they are flushed out from your Tassimo’s tank or head during its regular function. The machine will then continue working as usual until all contents inside the tank has been used up. Be sure to read carefully on any recommendations printed on your descaling product package for best results.

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In the end, it’s up to you to decide which of these coffee makers is right for your needs. Both Tassimo vs Keurig have their pros and cons, but Sweet Basil’s Cafe hopes this article has helped you understand the key differences between them. Do some more research, ask around, and read reviews before making a decision – after all, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible coffee maker for your home!

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