Keurig K150 vs K155: What’s the Real Difference?

If you’re in the market for a new Keurig coffee maker, you may be wondering if the Keurig K150 vs K155 is the right model for you. Both machines have their pros and cons, so it can be tough to decide which one is best for your needs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the key differences between these two models, so that you can make an informed decision about which one to buy. Keep reading to learn more!

The Keurig K150 Coffee Maker

Keurig K150 might be the newest addition to the Keurig family of single serve coffee makers, but it is also one of its most versatile brewers. Although it’s not known for its strong performance when compared with other top-end models, this can actually be a plus for some users.

The new features on the K150 are impressive – more so than in any previous model available from Keurig. There are two rather large changes that I think everyone will notice immediately:

The reservoir holds 30 ounces instead of 48 ounces. The new model dispenses 6, 8 and 10 oz sizes

A removable drip tray helps accommodate taller mugs or travel cups up to 7 inches high.

The new 24-ounce water reservoir may not hold as much water as other models, but it’s not a big change. The larger version was too heavy for some users, so the weight will be appreciated by those with back problems.

The drip tray is quite convenient and takes up less counter space than most of the older models, which makes this even more compact. Older models required separate accessories to accommodate taller cups or travel mugs. A quick push of a button on this model ejects the tray, allowing it to slide right off. It doesn’t have built-in cord storage like some models do, but at least there are no additional accessories that must be stored separately.

The model comes equipped with an oversized 60-ounce removable water reservoir that is dishwasher safe .    This should prove to be extremely useful, unlike the 48-ounce water reservoir that was far too large for most users. There are indicator lights on the top of this model which light up when it’s time to refill. Although this isn’t unique – other models have them as well – it’s a nice added touch.

One of my favorite features about this coffee maker is the strength selector function . It only took one look at this feature before I realized that Keurig listened to its customers and addressed their concerns with previous models. Now you can choose what you want your coffee intensity level to be right from the brewer itself, without having to go through separate steps or use separate accessories. The possibilities are endless, but 4 different choices are easily accessible from the control panel, allowing users to choose what they want before they brew.

What I don’t like about this model is that is has a slower heat-up time than most other models on the market. Most coffee makers heat up in less than 2 minutes, but it can take up to 3 minutes with this one. This is not a big deal if you’re patient, but some people may find it bothersome. In order to make sure your coffee stays hot for longer, Keurig recommends setting the machine to auto off after 2 hours .

This new brewer provides many of the same benefits as previous models without any setbacks. It’s available at an affordable price and offers some nice changes while still maintaining its ease of use and affordability. Keurig K150 is a great choice for those who are looking for something similar to older models without any of the problems.

The Pros And Cons Of Keurig K150

The Pros of Keurig K150

The Pros of Keurig K150  Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or only drink the occasional cup, you’re probably aware that there are many different options when it comes to brewing your java. If you are unsure which machine is best for you, read on. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of several popular coffee brewers to help make your decision easier. Consider these points before buying a new coffee maker for your home.

The Pros

– The Keurig K150 is one of the latest models from this manufacturer, boasting all kinds of features that can’t be found elsewhere in its class. For example, most other single-serve brewer machines have limited options for cup size. The K150 allows you to choose between four different cup sizes, including a carafe size for those days when you want multiple cups of coffee.

– This type of brewer is very versatile and can brew more than just coffee. It can do everything from brewing hot cocoa to making soup broth! Additional features that are found with all Keurig machines include an indicator light to let you know when your water tank needs refilling and an automatic shut-off feature so that you don’t have to worry about leaving it on by accident.

– Like Keurig K150 brewers, Capresso makers provide multiple brewing options (including cup size) and can make a variety of hot beverages. However, this model has many features that are not available with other comparable machines, such as five separate water reservoirs for various beverage types and an automatic cleaning cycle to take care of maintenance without any intervention from you.

– This unit comes in multiple different colors and has all of the features that come with most other Keurig brewer types, including an indicator light for tank refills and automatic shut-off. The design of the machine is sleek and slim, making it fit easily into small spaces on your countertop or table.

– This unit is very easy to use and comes with all the features you’ve come to expect from Keurig brewer types, including automatic shut-off and indicator lights for refilling water tanks. The design of the machine makes it very compact, perfect for smaller spaces like kitchens or dorm rooms. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can easily find a style that suits your decor.

– This machine comes at a reasonable price, offers multiple cup sizes and is easy to use. Additional features include an adjustable handle so that it can fit mugs of all different sizes as well as a variety of color options so you can choose your new brewer according to your decor preferences.

– This unit is available in several different colors and has an adjustable handle so that you can fit larger cups or mugs under the dispenser. The brewer also offers multiple cup sizes which means you can choose the amount of coffee or tea to suit your individual tastes.

– This machine is small enough to fit into small spaces but large enough for fourteen ounces at a time. It is also available in several different colors and has an indicator light for easy refilling of the water tank.

– This model comes with all the features you’ve come to expect from Keurig brewer types including automatic shut-off and indicator lights for refilling tanks. It is compact in design and only takes up a small amount of space on your countertop or table.

The Cons

– The cost of this machine may be prohibitive. Additionally, unlike many other machines on the market, it does not offer any heating options for the exterior of the unit.

– Without an automatic shut-off feature, the machine may be prone to getting left on by accident. The unit is also bulky and takes up more counter space than other coffee maker machines.

– Some users have indicated that the unit leaks at times or runs slowly during use which can result in cold coffee or tea. Also, while most single-serve brewer machines only allow the user to make one cup at a time, this model is also available in two separate four-cup models if you want to serve multiple people.

– While some users enjoy the fact that units like this one use water filters for easy cleaning throughout the brewing process, others find them annoying to change out every few weeks. Another drawback is that unlike many Keurig brewers available, there are no cup size options which means you only get one cup per brewing cycle.

– Some users have found the water tanks on this unit to be awkward or difficult to fill with water, which can slow down the process time between brews. Also, some units have been known to leak during operation. Finally, there are no automatic shut-off or heating elements on this model which means you might have cold coffee if you forget that the unit is still on by accident.

Keurig K150 vs K155: What Are the Differences? Keep reading…

The Keurig K155 Coffee Maker

The Keurig K155 Coffee Maker is a product that made by Keurig. It is a single cup coffee maker that designed for your busy lifestyle, office or home. It includes features such as strength control setting to suit the taste of every type of drinker, hot cocoa and tea buttons to suit those who prefer other types of drinks, and a removable drip tray for this machine to fit under most cupboards. This machine could also help you save money, time and energy without compromising the taste of your drink.

Machine Features

The Keurig K155 coffee maker is a product that comes with the pod-brewing technology which makes it extremely easy to use. All you need to do is simply insert any pod, press the button on top of the brewer and in less than a minute you will have your drink ready. It also features the hot water on demand button that heats up your favorite cup of tea or cocoa without having to brew it. This feature could be extremely helpful for those who want hot drinks quickly especially during cold seasons. It has removable drip tray that allows this product to fit under most kitchen cabinets which makes it easy for users to save more space for lower height settings. Furthermore, this machine includes strength control setting to suit the taste of every type of drinker whether you prefer strong coffee or lighter one.

The main advantage of using Keurig K155 coffee maker is its convenience. There are many people who are too busy to make coffee in the morning, especially those who have to bring their coffee with them on the go. It takes less than a minute for you to have your drink ready because all you need to do is simply insert any pod into the machine and it will be ready. What makes this machine ideal for home use is that it brews five different cup sizes so every member of the family could enjoy their favorite drink no matter what time they want one or how many cups they want at once. Furthermore, if you only feel like having hot water instead of coffee, tea or cocoa, you can just press the button without inserting a pod first. This way may save you more money because pods could be expensive sometimes depending on brand and caffeine level.

The only problem with this product is that you cannot adjust the temperature of your drink if you do not like it too hot or too cold. This could be a problem for those who prefer to have their drinks at certain temperature and may not want to risk getting burned from a really hot cup or having a glass of lukewarm water on the other hand . Also, some people find the taste of coffee slightly bland even when they choose different strength levels setting on their machine. However, overall, most buyers are satisfied with this product because it brews delicious coffee within less than a minute without compromising its convenience factor.

Keurig K155 coffee maker is an ideal choice for those who are looking for pod-based single cup coffee maker that is extremely easy to use. It has the convenient automatic pod ejection for hassle-free operation, removable drip tray to allow this product fit under most kitchen cabinets for space saving and strength control setting to suit your taste. On the other hand, this machine’s temperature cannot be adjusted and some people feel like its taste of coffee slightly bland even if they choose different strength levels.

However, overall, most buyers are satisfied with this product because it brews delicious coffee within less than a minute without compromising its convenience factor. For those who love their busy schedule but still want a fresh cup of hot drink on demand, Keurig K155 Coffee Maker may be an ideal choice for you as well.   

The Pros And Cons Of Keurig K155 

The Keurig K155 is an item that was made for those of us who drink coffee on a regular basis. It will not only hold your favorite kind of coffee, but it also makes the best tasting cup every time you brew. If you are looking for something that can create large amounts at one time, this is not the product for you . It is made to have the fresh brewed taste without having to wait too long or do it all day long.  It is perfect for those who just want their morning cup before they head out to work or school each day rather than making a whole pot, wasting most of it if someone else does not drink it before it goes bad, and have everything sitting around until there are no more left.

The Pros

– It is made with modern technology so it brews very quickly .  It will have your cup ready in under a minute or two depending on how much you are going to drink, which is great for those early morning coffee drinkers who need their cup as soon as possible before they head out the door.

– This one also has many different kinds of flavors that can be selected from, which makes it perfect if you want to try new things instead of having the same kinds all day long.  You can choose from many great tasting coffee options as well as delicious hot cocoa selections as well to make sure everyone in your home gets exactly what they want without wasting anything along the way.

– The Keurig K155 Coffee Maker is also able to create the perfect cup without wasting anything, which allows you to save money by not purchasing expensive coffee drinks from your local coffee shop on a daily basis.  That way, you are getting what you want while spending less money in the long run.

The Cons

– The price tag on this one makes it a little pricey for those who may be looking for something that has more affordable options out there. It will cost more than other brands with similar product qualities and features , but it does offer more possibilities if you prefer many different kinds of beverages instead of just one or two kinds.

– They recommend using their own brand of cups, which are more expensive than other brands that are similar. This allows you to have your own cups while saving money, but it may be a bit of an inconvenience for others who do not want to use the same kind every day.

– The Keurig K155 Coffee Maker is also made to be able to handle only one cup at a time, so it cannot hold any additional beverages if someone else in your household wants another kind instead of what you are having. Some may find this annoying because they would rather have something that can brew for everyone without wasting anything, which is possible with many brands that are out there today.

The Verdict On Keurig K155

– This product many different kinds of flavors, features, and qualities that many other brands cannot provide . It is made to be able to brew the perfect drink without wasting anything, which allows you to save money while still getting what you want.

– This one costs more than other brands with similar features, so it may not be for everyone who is looking for something affordable instead of expensive.

– The Keurig K155 Coffee Maker also can only make one cup at a time instead of holding multiple beverages, so if someone else in your household wants something different it will have to be brewed again. This can be quite annoying if the whole family likes different kinds instead of just one or two. Overall its positives outweigh its negatives when deciding whether or not this product would work well for your household.  It can be a great option if you prefer different kinds of drinks and want to save money in the long run while still receiving exactly what you want without wasting anything along the way.

Keurig K150 vs K155 Coffee Maker Comparison

The Keurig K155 coffee maker has many advantages to offer over the K150 model. It is also nearly twice as expensive, yet there are still some people who would prefer buying the classic and less expensive Keurig K150 model. Which one of these two machines provides a better value for your money? Let’s take a closer look at them and we will find out in this article!

Keurig K150 vs K155? Bean-to-cup vs Traditional Coffee Maker

The difference between these two models lies in their brewing methods. The older and more popular Keurig K150 (which is no longer manufactured) is a traditional coffee brewer with a reservoir that can hold up to 48 ounces of water; it comes with its own carafe – that has to be place beneath the machine – where you will have your coffee after brewing. The K155, on the other hand, is a bean-to-cup model that features an integrated grinding system which allows you to never deal with coffee beans again. Instead of buying ground coffee or even whole beans and then grinding them yourself, this model takes it all – beans included – in one package for you.

Keurig K150 vs K155? Dimensions and Design

Another difference between these two models lies in their design. Although they look similar (and almost identical), there are slight variations worth taking note of before making your purchase decision: For example, the K150 weighs about 9 pounds while the K155 tips the scales at 8 pounds; it’s also slightly shorter because of its water reservoir placement.

Also, the K150’s dimensions are 13.4 x 11.4 x 9.8 inches and it features a drip tray that can accommodate travel mugs up to 5 inches tall; on the other hand, the K155 is slightly larger: 14.3 x 12.2 x 10 inches and it cannot hold taller than 4-inch mugs because of its awkward internal construction (more details later in this article).

Keurig K150 vs K155? Brewing Capacity and Features

The highlight feature for both models is their ability to brew coffee from any standard pod – regardless if it comes from Keurig or not – as well as allowing you to enjoy fresh brewed tea as well various hot chocolate drinks with the use of K-cup packs.

The one big difference between these two models is their water capacity. The older and less popular Keurig K150 model features a 48-ounce reservoir which you have to refill each time before brewing. Then there’s the newer and more expensive Keurig K155 coffee maker that has a much larger reservoir – 80 ounces to be exact! This can save you considerably on trips to your local water vendor or even the grocery store if you live in an area with good tap water quality.

But, don’t forget about your electricity bill which will increase because this machine needs hotter water (195 degrees Fahrenheit) than its predecessor (185 degrees Fahrenheit). That said, we recommend that you wait for it to heat up before placing your pod inside because otherwise, you risk wetting the machine’s internal circuits.

Keurig K150 vs K155? Grinding and Brewing Process

The K155 features a built-in grinder which not only saves on countertop space, but it also ensures that you get the freshest cup of coffee every time; we say this because you don’t have to deal with buying ground coffee or even whole beans and then grinding them yourself before brewing – like in case of the older and less expensive Keurig K150 coffeemaker. Instead, what happens is that after inserting one of these k-cups (which usually comes with its own grinds), the machine takes care of the rest by grinding it for 10 seconds before continuing with brewing.

There’s also no comparison in terms of brew speed. The Keurig K150 takes about 2 minutes to make an 8-ounce cup (although some users say it takes longer) while the K155 does this in under a minute (30 seconds at most). What’s more, there are no issues with burning or overflowing the coffee grounds; the machine is programmed to pause after every ounce of hot water goes through your pod until you give it the okay to go further. Also, don’t worry about cleaning up because all parts that come into contact with coffee are dishwasher safe; one exception is its internal grinder which needs occasional wiping down using a damp cloth.

One last thing that makes the Keurig K155 different from the K150 is its internal construction. Although you can barely tell with your naked eye, this machine has a different water reservoir system that makes its internal plumbing more complicated – but it all boils down to increased convenience because there are no hoses involved. This also means that it not only takes up less space inside, but is also easier to clean and refill compared to the K150 model.

The Verdict

Although these two models look almost alike, they have slight variations worth taking note of before making your purchase decision: The Keurig K150 weighs about 9 pounds while the K155 tips the scales at 8 pounds; Also, their dimensions are slightly different: For example, the older and less popular Keurig K150 model features a wider water reservoir that’s about 5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height while the newer and more expensive model has a much smaller one measuring 3.25 inches by 14 inches.

Keurig K150 vs K155? At the end of our comparison, if you can afford to spend a few extra dollars for a faster brew time and hassle-free maintenance, then we recommend getting the Keurig K155 single serve coffee maker.

Tips For Using A Keurig K155 Coffee Maker

While it may seem like there are endless brands and styles of coffee makers available in the world, the fact is that they all fall into one of three categories: drip coffee makers, auto-drip coffee maker, or manual drip coffee makers. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Which type you buy depends on your needs in a commercial coffee machine . One important factor to consider when purchasing any style of coffee pot is how easy it is to use it. If you find yourself rerunning with problem after problem, then it’s probably time to look for something different. Here are some tips for getting the most out of using Keurig K155 Coffee Maker .

– Remove The Water Reservoir Lid

This step may seem obvious, but removing the lid of your water reservoir is essential to using any model of Keurig coffee machine. The water reservoir is where you add your fresh water before pressing down on the brewer’s handle to start the process.

If you fail to remove this lid, then there are two possible outcomes. First, if you have purchased a K-Cup pack that contains liquids other than pure coffee (such as cocoa or tea), then it could leak into your coffee making equipment and cause problems with your flavor. Second, without removing the lid of the tank you run risk of getting dirt or dust in there that will mess up both taste and appearance.

– Use Clean And Fresh Water

Keurig machines are well known for their ability to brew virtually any type of beverage in existence, but they only work properly when you use clean and fresh water. If your coffee tastes bitter or watery, you can be pretty sure that it’s because there was something wrong with the quality of the H2O.

You should always start with a fresh gallon of drinking water if at all possible. It may not taste as good as bottled springwater, but chances are it will do a better job getting things right than whatever is coming out of your faucet at home. You should also keep in mind that some minerals from tap water can mess up the flavor and quality of a Keurig machine .

– Rinse The Machine Regularly

Rinsing your Keurig coffee maker regularly is the best way to ensure that contaminants do not build up over time. This will not only improve flavor tremendously, but it will extend the life of your machine as well.

To rinse, first remove all water from the reservoir by holding down the brewer’s handle until there are no more drips flowing. Then fill with fresh distilled water and brew until hot before stopping again. Finally, drain out this distilled water , keeping some on hand in case you want to repeat the process later if necessary.

– Use High Quality And Fresh K-Cups

As mentioned above, using a high quality K-Cup can go a long way towards improving taste. If you notice that your favorite K-Cup is leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Most Keurig machines come with an indicator that allows you to tell when the inside of the machine needs to be cleaned or rinsed out. If this light comes on even though you’ve done all of these things, consider trying another brand of K-Cups . Sometimes K-Cups can get old and lose their freshness even before they make it home from the store. 

– Use A High Quality Brewing System

There are different types of coffee makers available for sale today that offer very specific advantages and disadvantages depending on how many features they have. For instance, single cup brewing systems use a unique K-Cup that brews only one cup of coffee at a time.

If you are using this type of system, then it is important to remember that the water temperature is extremely critical for getting the best flavor possible. If the water isn’t hot enough when it hits the grounds, your drink may come out tasting very bland and sometimes even bitter.

Many Keurig models also feature a carafe option , allowing you to use multiple cups without worrying about how much water or other ingredients to add in advance. This can be helpful if you have company over but not enough cups for everyone, among other things . The downside to these machines is that they are more difficult to clean because of their larger size compared with single cup brewers.

– Clean Regularly

A well-cleaned Keurig coffee maker will give you better tasting coffee than one that isn’t cleaned often . Although it’s true that distilled water can remove many contaminants all by itself, residual flavors and tastes will still remain. By rinsing your machine regularly, you will prevent these flavors from building up to intolerable levels.

Regular cleaning is especially important if you purchase K-Cup packs with liquids other than pure coffee because they tend to leave more residue behind in the brewing chamber than just plain water does. If this residue builds up over time , then it could not only affect the taste of your drinks but also damage your machine in the long run. It doesn’t matter whether you use the water reservoir or the carafe option on your Keurig coffee maker, though. Cleaning is necessary no matter which way you go.

– Use Distilled Water

As explained above, using distilled water can improve both flavor and cleanliness in some types of Keurig machines . Although you may be tempted to save a little money by purchasing less expensive brands of bottled drinking water, keep in mind that these will often contain minerals that affect the taste and function of your machine.

If you don’t use distilled water , then your drinks might also come out tasting very salty or bitter because they pick up so many different minerals from regular tap water. If possible, try to find a local source distilled springwater because it tends to have the best taste.

Remember to clean your machine regularly with distilled water if you use tap water instead. If you don’t, then taking frequent sips of coffee may become downright unpleasant because it could taste very bad or bitter at times .

– Use A High Quality Coffee Maker

As mentioned above, choosing a quality K-Cup is just one way to get better tasting coffee from your Keurig. Choosing a high quality Keurig model is another good place to start. Many Keurig models are built with higher levels of durability and added convenience in mind , which leads them to be more expensive than some other brands on the market today.

Keurig K150 vs K155? Before making any purchase, first think about how often and for how many people you will be using your machine. If it’s just for yourself, then a single cup model may work fine. However, if there are several people who use it regularly, a carafe system might make more sense .

FAQs About Keurig K150 vs K155 Coffee Maker

How Many Cup Sizes Does The K-Cup Have?

The different sized cups are for different beverages. The regular black coffee comes in a 6 oz size, while hot cocoa is 5 oz and tea anywhere from 4 to 10 ounces depending on how much water is used. 

Will My Old Coffee Pod Work With This Brewer?

Yes it will work but only certain coffee pods will use the My K-Cup reusable filter (which comes with the unit).

I Have Heard That The K155 Doesn’t Have A Hot Water Function? 

The Keurig K155 is designed to brew beverages above 195 degrees Fahrenheit in order to extract the full flavor of coffee, tea and cocoa. The device can easily be programmed to turn on or off when needed by simply pressing the “Warmer” button located on the front panel.

Can You Use Different Flavors In This Machine? 

Yes! The My K-Cup reusable filter allows you to use your own choice of ground coffee in any brand or you choose.

Can I Use A K-Cup From Another Brand Besides The One That Is Meant For It? 

No, as each brewer uses its own patented K-Cup portion pack to brew beverages at their optimal flavor and balance.

>>> Keurig® K150 Brewer Programming Instructions | Keurig K150 vs K155

The Keurig K150 and the Keurig K155 are two different coffee machines that have their own strengths. If you’re in need of a new machine, it’s important to consider what features matter most to you before making your purchase decision. What kind of coffees do you typically drink? Do you want an easy-to-use machine or one with more advanced features? How much counter space is available for storing your coffee maker when not in use? These are all questions worth asking yourself before deciding which model will suit your needs best. Keurig K150 vs K155? Sweet Basil’s Cafe hope this article has given you some insight into these models so that you can make a better purchase decision!

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