Follow these 5 tips to make the perfect soup

The days are getting shorter, the mercury is dropping… and the desire for comfort food is rearing its ugly head. Squash, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes… Soups, which warm the body and the heart, are part of this and invite themselves to our autumn menus thanks to seasonal vegetables. While making soup is within everyone’s reach, we sometimes make certain mistakes that spoil the final result a little. To transform your soup into a soup worthy of a Michelin-starred table, here are the good gestures shared by Deborah Dupont-Daguet, author of “The little manual for knowing how to cook”.

Choose vegetables that go well together

Cooking soup with leftovers means you don’t waste anything, it’s practical and economical. But to avoid a “brown” result which is not very appetizing, pay attention to the “jifoutou” effect: choosing vegetables by color combination is the guarantee of a pretty dish. Autumn is rich in proposals, treat yourself. “Squash, carrots, sweet potatoes or even coral lentils will go very well together, zucchini and watercress too, but on their own,” advises Déborah Dupont-Daguet. On the other hand, zucchini and carrots should be separated to avoid an unsavory soup, especially since their cooking time has nothing to do with it.

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Brown the vegetables first

To make a good vegetable soup, do not immerse them directly in boiling water as you risk obtaining a tasteless dish. Take the time to first brown them in a little oil and butter, with some onions and spices. This caramelization stage will add flavor to your recipe and make a difference. Then add water or broth to the amount, without drowning your vegetables. Depending on the recipe, for a red lentil soup for example, the water can be replaced with coconut milk.

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Be careful of soup that is too liquid

Are you used to mixing all the ingredients directly in the broth when your soup is cooked? It risks being too liquid and it is complicated to catch. To avoid this inconvenience, do not mix the container of your saucepan at once, do it gradually: it is easier to add broth to a thick soup than making a liquid soup thick. So that your soup is well combined at the end of cooking, also make sure you have an ingredient that will have this role in your recipe: potatoes, zucchini, legumes, egg yolk, cream, etc.

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Serve your soup in pretty dishes

If you serve cauliflower soup in a white breakfast bowl, it might look a little sad. To highlight the contents, no matter how simple, take care of the container, especially if you are serving your soup to guests. Offer a beautiful setting to your velouté by serving it in a contrasting colored bowl. Run your bowl under hot water first to keep the soup hot. Attention worthy of a great table.

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