We found a healthier alternative to jam for your toast

If you thought jam was a better choice than spread in the morning, it’s not the best option for your health.

Breakfast cereals, fruit nectar, sandwich bread… Not all breakfast products are equal from a nutritional point of view. So the jam doesn’t seem to be as healthy as it seems.

Jam: fruit, yes, but a lot of sugar

To obtain the candied texture of fruit and preserve it better, jam requires sugar. A large amount of sugar. At least 500 g of sugar for 1 kg of fruit, but this can go up to as much fruit as sugar for certain recipes.

In addition, cooking fruits causes them to lose some of their vitamins and minerals. In the end, we obtain a product that is both very sweet and almost 4 times less rich in fiber. If we also spread it on white bread, we get a bomb of carbohydrates which risks making our blood sugar levels skyrocket. As a result, a few hours after eating, we are hungry again and we feel more tired.

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If white bread or rusks can be replaced by wholemeal or cereal bread to moderate carbohydrate intake and benefit from their fiber, what about jam?
To help you make the best choices, we have found how to replace the jam with a much healthier ingredient.

What is the best alternative to jam?

To avoid the roller coaster ride on your blood sugar levels, turn to a product without added sugar: almond or peanut puree. Not to be confused with peanut butter, as it is not a raw product. Indeed, if we look at the composition of these products in stores, we notice that sugar, salt and fat are often added.

Oilseed puree, or peanut puree (which does not belong to the same family), simply involves grinding the nuts until they obtain a creamy texture. It therefore only contains one ingredient. Good news, you can make them at home, you just need to have a good mixer available.

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Nutrition-wise, everything will depend on the nuts. Be aware, however, that most contain proteins (26 g/100 of peanuts, 22.6 g/100 g of almonds), fiber and minerals. Of course they are also fatty, but they are essentially omega 3 and omega 6, i.e. “good fat”.

To choose, even choose a “complete” puree, that is to say with the skin of the nuts, or keep them during preparation, it’s even better. Indeed, like the skin of fruits, the skin of nuts is where all the nutrients are concentrated.

And if you’re missing a fruity touch, nothing stops you from eating jam from time to time, or adding fresh fruit to your toast.

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