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With the start of the school year in September, many French people will join the gym or start a diet. Yes, but here it is: the more the weeks go by, the more difficult it will become to stick to your slimming program. Indeed, sugar deprivation, for example, can quickly turn into frustration. The prohibitions will want to be transgressed and unfortunately, sometimes we break down. But why can’t we stick to our diet over time? Jimmy Mohammed returns to this phenomenon in his work Zero constraints to lose weight: Above all, don’t go on a diet! published by Flammarion editions.

The famous doctor thus returns to the number 1 reason why diets do not last. “The number one cause of diet failure: no one has time to cook.” So, he advises preparing your dishes in advance. “This strategy allows you to avoid having lunch on the go.” Your freezer thus becomes your best ally. You should always have “a home cooked meal” inside that you can reheat. “This will save you from snacking on anything or having the first meal available on your favorite app delivered,” explains the doctor.

Cooking allows you to control what you eat, and to check the quantities of sugar and salt

Because for Jimmy Mohammed, one of the ways to stay in shape is to make your own food: it’s necessary “get cooking”, he chants. Indeed, according to this expert, cooking yourself allows you to avoid eating processed products which are full of sugar, salt and fat. By preparing your own meals, you control what you put in them. An essential condition if you want to lose weight and above all continue your diet over time. Just put in a little effort, and you’ll definitely get there.


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