What is pork tapeworm, this rare and potentially fatal parasite detected in a Belgian primary school?

You may have never heard of the pork tapeworm and that is quite normal, since it is normally never present in our regions. However, four cases were detected in a primary school, “Het Molentje”, which worries the authorities. Metro explains it all to you.

What is pork tapeworm?

The pork tapeworm is a flat parasite which infects the digestive systems of pigs, humans and other animals. It is one of the most common cestode parasites that can infect humans. Pork tapeworm infection in humans can cause a condition called cysticercosis, which can affect various organs of the body, including the brain, muscles and eyes. Cerebral cysticercosis, in particular, can lead to serious symptomsnotably headacheof the neurological disorders And crises.

Why are we talking about it in Belgium?

Because four cases were confirmed in a primary school in Bind, in Belgium. Normally, this tapeworm is not never present in our regions because it is usually caused by eating contaminated food abroad. Fortunately, none of the affected children developed symptoms of the disease which can be fatal.

At the time of writing these lines, a investigation is underway to find out how the infection could have occurred. The majority of school staff and people in contact with children were examined.

How to avoid being contaminated?

Prevention of pork tapeworm infection involves cook the pork well to kill the larvae of the parasite, maintain hygiene standards appropriate and avoid the consumption of raw pork or undercooked in areas where infection is endemic.


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