VIDEO. The famous culinary YouTuber Florian is on air behind the stoves of Arlette, 81, of the restaurant Les Planques

After a visit to Aveyron, the radio host and famous culinary YouTuber, shows in a video the cuisine of this dynamic octogenarian, behind the stoves of the restaurant Les Planques in Druelle-Balsac.

Arlette’s video is a hit. I gradually put it on social networks. Today it is approaching a million views on Tik Tok and on Facebook”, immediately launches Florian on air, famous culinary YouTuber.

Try gastronomy in all its forms

His credo is to try gastronomy in all its forms throughout France, and to make videos broadcast on its YouTube channel and social networks. His culinary tour of France led him to stopover in Aveyron to introduce its subscribers to new gems.

Sixty years she has been working in the kitchen

Arletteit’s this sparkling cook, who 81 years oldstill holds the stoves of the restaurant Les Planques, in Druelle-Balsac. “I’ve been working in the kitchen for sixty years,” she says to her guest of the day. She who delights, in a family atmosphere, the taste buds with “her trout, her sautéed chicken, her frog legs, her cheese soup, her lamb sweetbreads…”

“If we don’t like the work, we don’t do it”

And always driven by the same passion. His leitmotif: “If you don’t like your work, you don’t do it!” You have been warned. It was another Aveyron chef who made it possible for Florian and Arlette to meet. “I also love letting myself be guided and when it’s local people who introduce me to authentic things. We go out on the tourist side, it’s really regional word of mouth“.

“Arlette is a character”

At the start of 2023, Florian on air had already carried his camera around the department for the first time to meet Sébastien Gachesafter his participation in the 2020 French Burger Cup. “I liked the character. He has an atypical journey between his burger restaurant and his traditional restaurant. He made me taste his Black Flambadou created on occasion, this burger flambé using a capuchin, a method used in rural areas during hunting meals to sprinkle melted bacon and finish cooking a hare.

He launched into the vlog format in 2015

And to continue: “I like these traditional burgers made from local products as much as the specialties of its restaurant: breaded veal head, snail lasagna, lamb sweetbreads, Norwegian omelette”. At Les Planques, Florian discovered the talents of an exceptional chef. “Arlette is a character, she doesn’t want to give up. Making people happy is what motivates her every day. She never comes backwards. She is always in a good mood when ‘she’s in her kitchen and the customers are grateful for it.’

A culinary tour of France

With his simplicity, his good nature, always a smile, Florian on air has imposed his vlogs on all foodies. “At the end of 2015, I discovered this vlog format, that is to say that you take an on-board camera, you go everywhere and you film yourself. I said to myself that it would be nice to use this format to good use to share my discoveries”, he summarizes, to go back to the genesis of the creation of his YouTube channel.

“At the beginning, I tackled a lot of subjects. I started with zero subscribers. My motivation was simply to share. And I noticed that the little quiver took place on the videos around food, as soon as I I tried restaurants, I wandered through culinary discovery. He, who is not a cook, has always liked to eat well nourished by a gourmet side. “When I was little, I discovered croque-monsieur sandwiches in the market downstairs and I became a fan of them. It started with simple pleasures.”

The Latina Radio Voice

At 45 years old, the radio host who is the voice of Latina, stands out in the culinary landscape since he makes no distinction between small snacks and ultra-trendy addresses. “Traditional, regional products are arriving in Street Food, which used to be considered junk food.” His vein is discovering new flavors and taking people on a journey through cuisine in all its forms.

“I’m very open, so I go everywhere”

“I’m very open. So I go everywhere. I like to break the codes and draw parallels between worlds that wouldn’t necessarily have come together. There are even star chefs who watch my videos while what I eat does not necessarily correspond to their cuisine. But precisely, it is not because they are starred that they will eat gastro every day. For example, I have the great pastry chef Philippe Conticini who asked me if I could take him to eat in a Parisian kebab shop with a lot of sympathy”.

If the host has a good taste fork, the recipe for success for him remains discovery and conviviality.

To follow Florian: FlorianOnAir YouTube channel; Facebook Florian OnAir; but also on Tik Tok. ; Watch the video meeting between Arlette and Florian on


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