This very simple secret allows you to obtain a tender and juicy roast chicken every time!

Roast chicken, a typically French dish that everyone agrees on! However, there’s nothing worse than a browned roast chicken in the oven that has dried out during cooking. So, how do you get a perfectly tender and juicy roast chicken?

To keep your roast chicken all its fondant and very tender texture, there is an unstoppable technique to put in place while cooking your chicken. Discover our tip that will definitely work!

How do you keep all the tenderness from a roast chicken when cooking?

When you decide to make a delicious roast chicken in the oven, accompanied by good, golden brown potatoes and soft and crispy onions and shallots, cooking the chicken becomes the central element of your recipe.

Because unfortunately, it is very sad to offer a good roast chicken to your guests that has dried out during cooking. Yet, a simple technique exists to preserve all the tenderness of your meat.

To do this, you just need tobaste your chicken regularly during cooking. You can use the juice that the chicken will release when it is heated to high temperature.

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If that’s not enough, you can add water. This will help the chicken to recreate juices and you can baste it again with it.

Turn the chicken when cooking

To go further and ensure that your chicken will remain tender and juicy, you can also alternate position during cooking in the oven.

Let it cook for several minutes, then turn it over from time to time. To ensure ideal cooking, it is also important to use the mode convection of your oven.

No more reason to miss your roast chicken! It will be perfectly tender using these techniques. To treat yourself, find all our roast chicken recipes here.

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