this terrible drama which inspired the film with Lino Ventura and Patrick Dewaere

Lino Ventura and a young Patrick Dewaere play an explosive duo in Goodbye Chicken, a film by Pierre Granier-Deferre, broadcast Friday October 20, 2023 at 9:05 p.m., on France 5. The first plays the main commissioner Verjeat, and the second inspector Lefèvre. Together, they investigate the death of a poster paster in Rouen. We are in the middle of the electoral campaign and suspicion quickly falls on Antoine Portor, henchman of Pierre Lardatte, candidate for the election. Released in 1975, the feature film is directly inspired by a book published a year earlier and written by a journalist.

The true story that inspired the screenplay of Adieu Poulet

In 1974, Jean Laborde published Goodbye chicken!, published by Gallimard, in the Super noire collection. Under the pseudonym Raf Vallet, he relates the adventures of “Germain Verjeat, hothead commissioner but also supercop accused of corruption” Who “allies with a former supposedly organized gangster to orchestrate his revenge and bring down those who sought to betray him”. But to write this story, the journalist also drew his inspiration elsewhere than in his imagination: in reality. In 1971, a news item shook the Île de France. “Election poster pasters are attacked by armed men: one dead, six injured”, title of the newspaper The worldMarch 1, 1971. “A locksmith worker, Mr. Kafed Sala (or Salah Kaced, the spelling varies depending on the sources, editor’s note), thirty years old, was fatally injured by a gunshot this Saturday morning, February 27 in Puteaux (Hauts-de- Seine) during a fight between electoral poster pasters and a group of strangers. Six other people were injured, including one very seriously.we can read later.

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Two mayors fight for the city of Puteaux, a poster paster dies in a fight

The entourage of Georges Dardel, “former socialist mayor of Puteaux and candidate for municipal elections” then spoke in the press to recount the details of the attack. “A team of gluers was busy, at Place Bergère, putting up our electoral posters which announced the candidacy for mayor of Puteaux of Mr. Georges Dardel, at the head of a list made up of socialists and radicals. At that moment (he was around 4 o’clock), a commando of young people, one of whom was armed with a rifle, appeared. A first fight broke out. Our gluers were roughly handled. One of them was seriously injured in the arm.”. A second fight followed, this time on rue de la République, when “several cars occupied by members of this commando arrived. They fired bursts of pistol and rifle shots”. Rumors quickly grew and pointed to Charles Ceccaldi-Raynaud, the current mayor, as the sponsor of this attack. Despite several denials and the victory of Ceccaldi-Raynaud with 64.84% of the votes, “seventeen people are charged after the investigation led by divisional commissioner Roger Poiblanc. Most of those charged are municipal employees, friends or even relatives of Charles Ceccaldi-Raynaud”writing The Obs on October 31, 2001. The mayor, for his part, is declared “civilly responsible for those of his supporters who are ordered to compensate the civil parties. It is he in particular who will have to pay 20,443 francs to the widow of Mr. Kaced”writing The worldMay 6, 1975.

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