Sweet and delicious: find our squash recipes

Butternut squash, pumpkin, butternut, spaghetti squash, squash, Berry squash, pumpkin, Hungarian blue squash… There are more than 800 varieties of squash and at least 500 are edible. This leaves the choice of weapons to cook the ones you prefer.

For Christelle Rambault-Bailly, from Café Louve in Bourges

, the chosen one of his heart, is the butternut. “Even though I am aware that it is not the most interesting nutritionally and in terms of fiber percentage,” she admits.

In addition to winter vegetables

What she appreciates about butternut is that it adds “a touch of sweetness and indulgence to the simplest dish. It’s a very good complement to winter vegetables.”

Because if there are a thousand ways to cook squash, the simplest is not the least tasty. One of Christelle Rambault-Bailly’s favorite recipes is butternut, carrot and cumin velouté. “We can add a little sweet potato for the binder,” she explains. Hot, with a touch of cream, it’s very good and popular with children. Cold, you can make tasty verrines. »

Diced squash, lightly browned and spiced, is also a good idea in a risotto.

Autumn comfort

Another recipe, baked butternut with spices. “I dice the squash in a salad bowl. I brush it with olive oil and sunflower oil. I add spices. My favorites: turmeric, smoked paprika, a little cumin. Salt, pepper, crushed garlic, and an herb of your choice. I choose the Herbes du Berry mixture, by Claire Schneider (**). These are my own Provençal herbs. We put it in the oven for thirty minutes, at 160 degrees. Served with rice and chicken cooked at low temperature. It is delicious. Autumn comfort. »

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Diced squash, lightly browned and spiced, is also a good idea in a risotto. Don’t forget that you can also enjoy it stuffed with mushrooms and cheese, all browned in the oven.

In jam, in Italy as in Berry

In Berry as in Italy, squash can also be made into jam. In Berry, it is the sucrine of the same name. In Italy, it can be the Mantua pumpkin, which is cooked with cinnamon, almonds and citrus zest.

Marie-Claire Raymond

47, rue Jean-Baffier. (**) With Herbs Etc.


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