should you peel them before cooking?

Many recipes are available with button mushrooms: a soup, a pie or in sauces to accompany your dishes! But is it really essential to peel them? We give you the answer.

With the arrival of autumn, you certainly wanted to take advantage of a walk in the forest to collect some button mushrooms and make some delicious recipes ! But lack of luck… they are picked expressly in mushroom farms! For the record, button mushrooms do not absolutely not from Paris ! And they arrived in France under the reign of the Sun King in the 14th century in Versailles, before developing in our kitchens under Napoleon III. Why are they called that? Because they were cultivated in the catacombs Paris, where conditions were ideal for their production.

France is now represented as the 4th largest producer of button mushrooms in the world! They are also very easily found at your grocery store or in supermarkets. But, when it comes to cooking, a question about them comes up quite often… Some do it instinctively, others don’t… Do you really need to peel them? We’ll answer you.

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A choice that depends on the recipe

Do you want to prepare a recipe using button mushrooms? Before arriving at the final result, preparation of the latter is necessary. Have you cut off their stems and then run them under cold water, but you don’t know if peeling them is necessary?

It all depends on the recipe you are preparing.. It is absolutely not obligatory to peel your button mushrooms if you decide to cook them in a pan, or to stuff them. Retaining the skin will allow them to soften less during cooking.

On the contrary, if you eat them raw in a salad, gently peel their skin, for a better texture in the mouth. A little lemon zest will help your mushrooms avoid blackening. A little tip from the editor: to keep your button mushrooms as fresh as possible, do not prepare them in advance.

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Cleaning the mushrooms, the beginnings of good preparation

Above all, it is important to remove all dirt that button mushrooms can hold. Rinse them quickly under a stream of cold water then dry them using a clean cloth. Do not use your dish towel, you risk causing bacteria to migrate to your mushrooms. The drying step is important because if you let the mushrooms soak, they may absorb water due to their spongy nature, which would change their consistency. Better than washing them, you can remove impurities and soil residue from them with a small brush. This will prevent the mushrooms from becoming waterlogged.

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