Should the merguez be pierced? We decided

A true star of summer, merguez are back and so are their spicy flavors. But do you have to prick the merguez to cook them? We explain to you how to avoid making mistakes again!

In the summer, our desire for grilled meats takes off again! Among the must-have dishes are, of course, merguez sausages. But do you know how to cook merguez properly? Should the merguez be pierced? Sébastien Leboeuf, Best Worker of France 2023 in the Butchery-stall category, gives us some professional advice to avoid making false notes and succeed in all our grilling.

What is a good quality merguez?

Merguez is a red-colored sausage whose preparation is a little spicy with spices. “Artisans must respect precise specifications”, indicates Sébastien Leboeuf. “They always consist of 60% beef and 40% lamb. There is never pork in a merguez. This osmosis ensures a reasonable percentage of fat, between approximately 5 to 10%..

Should the merguez be pierced?

The answer is simple: “no, you should not prick the merguez if they were purchased from a craftsman. If they are pierced, they will lose their juiciness and will tend to dry out.” On the other hand, there is a situation in which you can prick your sausages.If the merguez are made with lower quality meat, it is better to pierce them to drain the bad fat“. advises Sébastien Leboeuf.

What is the preferred cooking method?

“Always on the barbecue or on the plancha!” indicates this Meilleur Ouvrier de France.“Avoid cooking in a pan because the temperature is not sufficient to grill a merguez and sear it well.”

When it comes to barbecue cooking“vsstart by placing your merguez in the center of the grill, where the embers are hottest. Grab all the faces then move them to the side. The merguez will thus continue to cook slowly. You shouldn’t be too rough with cooking“. And to know if your merguez is cooked, just check their texture. “They need to be soft, not dry.”

If you opt for cooking in a pan, “cstart by grabbing the merguez on each side. Allow 5 to 6 minutes over high heat then continue cooking by lowering the heat. Reserve them and collect the meat juices which you can mix with your rice or pasta preparation. explains the craftsman. This is a good anti-waste tip which allows you to give a unique taste to your dish.

Can you freeze merguez?

If you bought too much merguez, don’t panic! Please note that they can be frozen perfectly. “You will need to be careful when defrosting. Place them in the refrigerator for 24 hours to ensure slow defrosting and not damage the sausages”; concludes Sébastien Leboeuf.

Sébastien Leboeuf’s recipe of the day

“Another way to consume merguez is to offer them as an aperitif. Once cooked, you can cut them into pieces and put them in puff pastry. It’s original and it’s a bit of a change.”

We take note of all these good tips for cooking merguez like a chef and we declare the grilling season officially open!

*Sébastien Leboeuf is the only certified craftsman to officiate in the open air markets in France.


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