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We are pleased whenever we hear from our guests who had a good experience. Here are just a few of the rave reviews we’ve received.

"Great evening all around."

Let's make sure you first understand what you are walking into... the space is small, there are few tables and the kitchen staff is small making every dish from the beginning so it will take awhile for you to get your food. That said, the atmosphere is fun and cute. The waitress was delightful and very friendly. The chef/owner was clearly proud of his restaurant and rightfully so. We visited on a Friday night and enjoyed the live music.

We started the meal with olive plate which came with plenty of olives. My husband had the Creole Shrimp, which at first glimpse of the menu was a little shocking to be $22, but it came with 20 shrimps in it and he didn't even finish the rice/sauce. Worth every penny. I had the crawfish ettouffe. It was delicious and more food than I could eat. Great evening all around.

Jen Y. Seattle, WA

"This cute cafe is perfect for any time of day."

My husband and I went here based on yelp reviews and were not disappointed. This cute cafe is perfect for any time of day.

It is tucked on the first main block at cannon beach. It is next to a dog store. There is parking off street, but there isn't much. The cafe itself is small and has two seating areas. The restaurant is decorated romantically with paintings and a display of wine.

The menu is diverse. They warn you that everything they cook takes time as they focus on quality, so if you are looking for a quick meal, I don't suggest this place. This is for relaxing and enjoying life and eating good food. The prices are above average but are worth it as you leave feeling like you had a hone cooked meal made by an expert chef.

I ordered the yellow cury salmon fillet served with rice and vegetables. It was a balance if spice and flavor. I love thai and the clash with a seasoned and grilled salmon fillet was epic. My husband had the jambalaya and devoured it.

I recommend this place for couples and anyone who loves good food and is over the cliche beach restaurants of seaside!

Kay D. Beaverton, OR

"It was so good!"

What a lovely find! I love this little, cozy cafe and all it's charm!

We went to watch the sunset on Cannon Beach and stayed until it got dark. By then it was nearly 9pm and we were now looking for dinner. We contemplating driving back to Portland and hitting up one of the restaurants but that would require us to wait even longer to eat. This was one of the few places that was opened late that Yelp steered us towards.

It was a Saturday night so they have a live jazz band performing - what an added treat. We were seated in the other room but can see the band from the wall openings.

The food is cajun-creole inspired. We browsed the menu and right away I found pork osso buco and it had me sold. My cousin decided on the seafood jambalaya. The food took a while to come but we were able to see the chef behind the counter cooking our food while we waited.

The pork osso bucco was so tender and flavorful. It was so good! I wanted to go ham on it but stopped myself because I can see the couple at the table next to us eyeing it from the corner of my eye and didn't want to embarrass myself. LOL. My cousin loved her jambalaya. It came packed with seafood!

The portion was huge - we asked for them to pack up our other half to go. We planned on eating more of it when we got back to our hotel but when we got back we were still full and couldn't stomach any more food. Unfortunately, our room did not have a fridge or microwave so we ended up having to toss it out. 🙁

Cheng L. Gilbert, AZ