Plowing 2023: Day 3 results

Day Three of this year’s National Plowing Championships (NPC) at Ratheniska, Co. Laois yesterday (Thursday, September 21) saw the sun come out and ground conditions improve significantly for all competitors.

62,500 people attended the final day of the three-day event yesterday, the National Plowing Association (NPA) confirmed.

This brought the total number of visitors to the event to 200,550 this year.

Plowing results

A summary of the results from all the classes held on the day follows:

Senior Conventional Test Match

1st: Eamonn Treacy, Carlow;

2n/a: Gary Simms, Donegal;

3rd: Sean Keating, Wexford.

Kverneland Reversible Test Match

1st: Jer Coakley, Cork West;

2n/a: John Whelan, Wexford;

3rd: Liam O’Driscoll, Cork West.

Junior A Conventional Plow Class

1st: Barry White, Dublin;

2n/a: John O’Brien, Tipperary South;

3rd: Michael P Donegan, Kerry;

4th: Jonathon Murray, Offaly;

4th: Ethan Harding, Tipperary North.

Junior B Conventional Plow Class

1st: Seamus McConnon, Monaghan;

2n/a: Michael J Donegan, Kerry;

3rd: Derek Kelly, Kildare;

4th: Sean Gilligan, Galway;

5th: Ciaran McConnon, Monaghan.

Standard 3-Furrow Reversible Plow Class

1st: Timothy Lawlor, Cork West;

2n/a: Frankie Gowing, Offaly;

3rd: Paul Doran, Wexford.

Macra 2-Furrow Conventional Plow Class

1st: Shane Caulfield, Wexford;

2n/a: Aoife Hennessy, Kilkenny;

3rd: William Mulcahy – Imokilly.

Special Horse Plow Class

1st: James Kilgarrif, Galway;

2n/a: Jeremiah Delaney, Cork East;

3rd: Moss Trant, Kerry;

4th: The Hanbidges, Wicklow.

Vintage Single Furrow Mounted Plow Class

1st: Eoin Buttle, Dublin;

2n/a: Gordon Jennings, Cork West;

3rd: Willie Hayden, Wexford;

4th: Trevor Fleming, Cork East.

Vintage Single Furrow Pedestrian Plow Class

1st: Gavin Duffy, Meath;

2n/a: Joe Kehoe, Wexford;

3rd: Benny Usher, Dublin.


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