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Accompanied by its tender potatoes, roast pork is the dish that we love to prepare with friends or share on Sundays with family. To take full advantage of it and prevent the meat from being too dry, discover our tips for perfect cooking.

Roast pork delights young and old gourmands alike… but beware of cooking mistakes! Whether cooked in a casserole dish, in a pan or even baked in the oven, this Sunday dish can quickly become dry and tasteless. To maintain its softness and obtain perfect cooking, a few tips may be useful to you. Before starting, remember to provide a casserole dish or a dish adapted to the size of the roast, that is to say not too large so that the meat can be in contact with its juices in order to retain all its softness.

Once the traditional roast pork has been mastered, you can try it with all the sauces and enjoy delicious recipes such as roast pork with apples and honey, mustard, cider or even Orloff style. So grab your notebooks and pens:


Baking is by far the easiest and least restrictive. Start by placing the roast in a dish suitable for cooking. Make sure it is not too big. Drizzle the meat with a little olive oil and season it to your liking (salt, pepper, spices). Don’t hesitate to accompany the roast with a few herbs, a bouquet garni or even cloves of garlic to give your dish more flavor. Then all that remains is to put it in the oven at 180°C. As for the cooking time, it all depends on the size of the roast. For a 500g piece, allow around 30 minutes. Halfway through cooking, add a small glass of water so that the meat retains its softness. You can also baste the roast regularly with its juices.

The tip that makes the difference: For even more flavor, you can sear the meat in an oiled pan for a few minutes before putting the roast in the oven.

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Casserole cooking

Use a casserole dish that is not too large and brown the roast on all sides with a little butter or oil. Once the sides are nicely browned, season the meat with salt, pepper, possibly spices and the aromatics of your choice. Cover and continue cooking for 30 to 35 minutes. The meat must be cooked through and therefore no longer be rare or pink. If in doubt, you can use a cooking thermometer to check that the core is at 70°C.

Cooking in a pan

You don’t have an oven or casserole dish at home? No problem, roast pork can also be prepared and cooked in a pan. In this case, avoid choosing a non-stick pan. Opt for a cast iron or ceramic container if possible. Place the roast in the pan with a little oil at the bottom and brown it on all sides. Once the meat is colored, cook over low heat and covered for 30 minutes for a 500g piece and 1 hour for a 1kg roast. Baste the meat with the juice throughout the cooking process to keep it soft.

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