Miss France: Vaimalama Chaves will be physically transformed!

On the networks, Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France) announced to her fans that she would soon opt for a major physical transformation!

Several years ago, Vaimalama Chaves saw her life change thanks to the Miss France elections. She was lucky enough to win the competition. And the least we can say is that great opportunities ended up opening up to her.

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France) reveals her new challenge

Throughout her Miss France reign, Vaimalama Chaves did not hesitate to advocate body positivity. Highly criticized about her physique, she had to speak out more than once in front of the haters.

However, the beauty of Vaimalama Chaves clearly does not need to be proven. If some people don’t hesitate to put obstacles in her way, that never stopped the one who won. the Miss France beauty contest.

This Monday, October 9, the young woman made a big announcement to her fans. It was on her Instagram account that she spoke on the subject. She teased: ” That’s it ! I announce ! I have two big projects for 2024 and here is one of them! You knew ? ».

Subsequently, the former Miss France revealed: “It all starts with an interest that we share with my dad. Between 2015 and 2017, he introduced me to bodybuilding. I liked it so much that I decided to give it a go”.

Before also recalling: “In the story, I prepared for Miss Tahiti and I participated in Miss France by doing weight training and now I continue to do weight training to participate at the Miss Bikini Fitness competitions.

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France) will therefore participate in a competition where she will have to physically transform. And this, to join the women’s bodybuilding competition. She also revealed the objective she wanted to achieve.

A big change

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France) will therefore have to do a series of sports sessions to achieve the body she wants. This is not the first time that she mentions his desire to carry out this competition.

In an interview with Le Figaro last July, the young woman had already expressed her desire to transform herself. In fact, she explained that she wanted to participate in this brand new project.

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France) then explained: “Unlike Mr. Olympia where you have to have big musclesfor Miss Bikini Fitness, you must have well-defined muscles and for that, you must not carry heavy weights”.

Before also specifying: “You have to do a lot of training to dry out the muscles. You also have to have a very healthy diet so no more cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream, candy, chocolate”.

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France) then said: “Now it’s chicken breast, steamed vegetables. I follow the number of calories consumed to the letter, the nutrients I need to ingest.

She also explained about her diet: “I weigh all my food, even the oil to cook the chicken. I have to think about my sleeping hours, respect my meal times, watch my diet”.


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