Natural. Organic. Wild.

Our Menus

We are dedicated to the principles of ‘farm to table’. We source local-organic ingredients as much as possible!

We offer fresh, tasty sandwiches, wraps, salads, and specialties for lunch.

And for dinner, our menu is inspired by traditional tapas dishes….but we add our own original ideas. We have tried to offer as many vegetarian dishes as possible on our menu and will also have vegetarian specials. Our focus is on quality ingredients and a cuisine that is pure, simple and playful. In the evening, the same menu is served in The Wine Bar as well as Sweet Basil’s Café. Enjoy our Menu de la noche!

Beverages & Fine Wine

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A Note from the Chef

It’s time we asked…..”What’s in my food?” 

As a trained Cajun/Creole chef I’ve been well aware of the need for moderation in eating. With recent food scares and laxed FDA restrictions eating organic and all natural food just makes sense. It’s way past due that we look at what we eat. Eleven years ago we opened the only restaurant in the area that addressed vegetarian and Gluten Free needs. Since then a few others have at least made an effort to also satisfy these dietary needs.

With over 35 years experience the decision to offer choices to dining guests has been the right move. Some people will remember “The Lil Bayou” that I opened when I first arrived here on the coast in 1999. The change here is that at dinner guests who are vegetarian can actually sample Cajun cooking. The effort at lunch is to offer a choice to our guests, go light or vegetarian or go with a great melt or our great selection pork choices.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your lunch with us and invite you to return for a great dinner experience.

John Sowa