Large Families – “I’ve never seen that before”, “But why?”, “I’m in PLS”: A culinary detail in the Romero family appeals to Internet users

TF1 live screen capture/Large Families life in XXL.  Souad Romero prepares chicken and fries for his family

TF1 live screen capture/Large Families life in XXL. Souad Romero prepares chicken and fries for his family (TF1 live screen capture/Large Families, life in XXL)

Who says Tuesday at 6 p.m. on TF1, says second new Large Families of the week. In the current episodes, the tribes of the program are in the middle of winter 2022. At the Baudrands, it is time to buy the Christmas tree. And in this matter, it is Céline, the mother, who has the last word! After spending 49 euros and then managing to get the tree into their car, the parents were left with only one apprehension: that the triplets would “try to pull on it or climb into it.” That same evening, the installation of the decoration went well and the whole family was able to participate.

The Cails decided to offer an activity to their six children: Marie-Caroline and Guillaume opted for a treetop adventure course. But while some of their children seemed like fish in water, others took the experience less well. Ernest, completely frozen, was urgently “rescued” by a center employee. A few minutes later, Edouard’s nerves gave way: in tears, the 11-year-old boy shouted “Daddy, I’m shaking” and almost threw in the towel… But thanks to the encouragement of his parents, he finally managed to finish the course. “I was still really scared, I’m going to stop tree climbing for the rest of my life!”, he revealed to the cameras once he returned home.

“Fries, fries, fries, fries!”

Rich in their experience from last year, the Romeros were in the middle of discussions about their next weekend in the snow. On the program: dog sledding, jet skiing, raclettes and of course skiing, even if not everyone has mastered the activity yet. Starting with the eldest Rachel, who confuses the butt lifter with the snow plow. With her usual humor, Souad recalled their inconclusive performances last winter: “There are the tanned ones skiing and the Romeros… who try to walk on the snow!”, he said. -she joked. The mother then amused the gallery by maintaining that the famous song from the film was performed by Gilbert Montagné.

But on X (formerly Twitter), it was not this little blunder that was commented on the most. Internet users were especially interested in the meal prepared by Souad at the time of this discussion. Mario’s partner has indeed undertaken to prepare fries for her husband and their five children. And after cutting the potatoes into sticks, she saw fit to cook them in the pan. Enough to question tweeters, who believe that there are much simpler and quicker solutions! Especially for such a big family…

Regardless, as is often the case, many other Internet users have for their part highlighted the joyful atmosphere that reigned within the Bouches-du-Rhône family. As parents and children tried on their new winter sports outfits, there was joy. And Souad once again delighted her family and viewers with her own expressions: “I have equipped you as if you were going to the North Pole”, “I don’t want to catch pneumonia”, “From head to toe we’re stylish”, or even “we’re bombs”! A decidedly infectious enthusiasm, which quickly made us forget the scene of pan fries.

Video. “Immense emotion”: Souad Romero shares a success of his daughter Kezia


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