Jura Z6 Vs Z8: Which’s Better for YOUR Countertop?

Are you in the market for a new high-end coffee machine? If so, you may be wondering if the Jura Z6 or Z8 is the right choice for you. The Jura Z6 vs Z8 are two of the most popular coffee machines on the market. They both have a lot to offer, but there are some key differences between them that you should know about before making your purchase. In this article, we’ll take a look at those differences and help you decide which machine is right for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Jura Z6 Coffee Maker

The Jura Z6 is a coffee machine that is manufactured by Swiss company, Jura. This company specializes in manufacturing high end fully automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines. They have been in business since 1986 and can certainly be considered an industry leader in the coffee machine market segment. The Z6 is a burr grinder combined with a steam nozzle milk frother located on the front of the unit which is usually used for heating and frothing milk to make lattes and cappuccinos. It has built in conical burrs just like its older sibling, the ENA Micro 9 making it capable of grinding coffee directly into any suitable container such as a portafilter or filter baskets found on similar types of commercial grade espresso machines. The Z6 burrs are conical in shape, just like ENA Micro 9 burrs and can generate a variety of grind sizes from fine to coarse depending on the desired outcome.

In addition to the typical coffee brewing functions typical of a drip machine, this unit is capable of making specialty coffees such as cappuccinos and lattes. It has a steam nozzle which is used for frothing milk while also heating it at the same time. You can use cold or skim milk with this machine for great tasting specialty drinks without spending too much money at your favorite café. In addition to the usual espresso based beverages, you can make regular coffee using ground beans/coffee from any suitable container including-cups using its universal portafilter or paper filter baskets. Not only can you make conventional beverages with this machine, you can also use it to steam milk for hot chocolate and other warm milk drinks with frothed cream on top. The unit is fully automated meaning that it operates using pre-sets once you load the portafilter/filter baskets with your coffee beans of choice. It features a low water level indicator which tells you when to refill the reservoir tank in addition to an automatic cleaning cycle which takes place daily during periods of non usage.

The Jura Z6 has many advanced functions compared to typical drip machines including; adjustable settings for various sizes of cups (shot pulling), cup warming plate, programmable volume cup (for both espresso shots and frothed milk), adjustable steam pressure, adjustable water hardness for different types of coffee varieties, removable drip tray which is easy to remove and clean after use. It has a built in hot water dispenser with separate valve which you can use for steaming milk without the use of the steam nozzle if desired. The Jura Z6 also comes with its own TFT color touch screen display to make programming easier than ever before no matter your barista experience level. This unit is only compatible with ground coffee but has an internal tank capable of holding up to 210 grams of coffee beans (7 ounces).

The Jura Z6 comes backed by a one year warranty covering parts and service directly through the manufacturer’s service agents or retail outlets that sell the machine. The unit is UL listed which means that it meets safety regulations in the United States and Canada while also being manufactured under strict guidelines to ensure high quality products are made available to customers.

The Pros and Cons of the Jura Z6 Coffee Maker

The Jura Z6 kitchen machine, as the name implies, is a coffee machine that specializes in one thing – brewing espresso. If you’re searching for an appliance that can do it all, this probably isn’t the one for you. However, if what you’re looking for is a quality high-end espresso machine with built-in grinder and milk frother for those days when you want to make yourself a real gourmet cup of coffee, then this writer recommends taking a look at the Jura Z6.

The Pros

There are multiple reasons why people choose to buy machines such as these over other types like pod brewers or drip machines, but the primary reason appears to be because of the taste. Jura machines are famous for their crema, which is created when you brew. The froth that forms atop your espresso greatly increases the flavor and texture, creating a rich deep flavor in your coffee like nothing else can.

This machine was built to last too. It’s made with high quality materials that ensure that it will continue to function properly even after regular use for many years. At eight pounds, this appliance is sturdy enough to stay put on your countertop but light enough to move around when necessary. On top of everything else, it’s aesthetically pleasing, so much so that you’ll want to leave it out rather than hide it away in a cabinet where you can’t see it every day when you walk through your kitchen.

The Cons

If you have other family members or roommates who drink coffee, this appliance may not be the best choice. Unlike other types of makers which can brew a pot full of different varieties, this unit is designed to do one thing and one thing only – make espresso. For some people that’s a good enough reason to buy it while others prefer having options available to them at all times. This machine also requires a bit more effort on behalf of the user than pod machines or drip machines. Be prepared for an increase in both time and effort when building each cup of espresso if you choose this appliance over others out there. It also isn’t as practical for those who like to use their coffee maker throughout the day either. It’s designed to be set up once and then left alone while it works its magic for a few minutes. If you have a busy schedule or you just prefer using it multiple times throughout the day, this may not be the machine for you.


This appliance really is meant to make one thing – espresso – but if that’s what you’re going for in an appliance, this Jura Z6 kitchen machine comes highly recommended by experts and customers alike who love their coffee rich and unique. In order to truly get everything out of your cup of coffee when using this machine, experts suggest buying only high end beans from trusted brands that produce high quality oils that will allow the crema to form properly on top of your espresso.

Raw coffee beans are better for making espresso than already ground beans, so remember to invest in a grinder as well. These appliances are made to work together seamlessly to give you the best tasting cup of java that your taste buds have ever experienced. Once you try it, you’ll never go back!

The Jura Z8 Coffee Maker

Jura Z8 is an excellent java machine which can make not only coffee, but all kinds of beverages. The jura Z8 has a lot of great features like the automatic cappuccino system and automatic hot water function. The touch screen technology incorporated in this machine makes it look very modern and stylish. The Jura Z8 is also available for different colors. Black is most common color used by Jura equipment manufacturers to give their product elegant look. Other available colors are red, silver etc. 

The Jura Z8 has many amazing features that will leave you surprised at first glance itself. According to latest survey 75% people who bought the machine were totally satisfied with the overall performance of this model and rating it with 5 stars on an average. Jura z8 is associated with some great features like elegant design, coffee and hot water dispenser and many more.

The Jura Z8 has a glass carafe of maximum one liter capacity which means the machine can make coffee for one person at a time. It takes 15 minutes to brew a cup of java in the machine which is not bad as compared to other machines available in market nowadays. If you are someone who rarely drink coffee then this machine might not be suitable for you as it will cause wastage of money as well as increase your electricity bills too due to its high power requirements.

All kinds of beverages can be made by this jura z8 such as Americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso etc. The machine has a high quality built in pump to make sure the beverages made inside it are of great taste and flavor.

Jura Z6 Vs Z8? Jura Z8 uses capsules exclusively to make coffee and other hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate. There is only one button available on the touch screen which helps you get your beverage fast without any problem.

The Pros And Cons Of Jura Z8 Coffee Maker

The Jura Z8 is a popular choice for many coffee addicts because of its sleek exterior, automated features and fresh-water system. However, some people are not sure if they can get their money’s worth out of this product.

If you’re wondering if the Jura Z8 is right for you, here are some pros and cons to consider before making your purchase decision:

The Pros

– Appearance : The Jura Z8 has an elegant design that will look great in any kitchen. It comes in either silver or black depending on your preference, so it should blend in nicely with most décor schemes.

– Programmability : If you want your morning coffee to be ready by the time you wake up, this machine can do just that. The Jura Z8 has a built-in timer so you can program when your pot will be finished brewing.

– Automatic Cleaning System : For optimal performance, the Jura Z8 automatically cleans itself at regular intervals. Many people appreciate this feature because they don’t have to clean it out in between uses.

– Affordable Pricing : Most people think that the Jura Z8 is expensive, but in reality it’s very affordable for how many features you get with the machine. If you’re just starting to invest in a home coffee system, this would be a great place to start!

– High-tech touch screen technology , which is one of the main reasons this product is loved by many across Europe (and why it will soon be loved in America).

– Makes both espressos and regular cups of coffee quickly, so you’ll always have your caffeine fix in no time.

– Comes with an automatic cleaning system, making it easy to maintain and keep looking great.

The Cons

Delay Start Feature : If you tend to forget about your coffee pot until it’s already done brewing, then this one might not be the right choice for you. The Jura Z8 does not have an automatic pause and serve feature, so your coffee will keep brewing until it’s done – even if you’re distracted by something else.

Water Reservoir : While we think this machine has a fantastic appearance and design, the water reservoir is one of its drawbacks. It’s hard to see into and can be difficult to refill because of its odd shape.

Complicated Controls : If you consider yourself computer illiterate or just want a simple way to operate your coffee maker, then the Jura Z8 might be too much for you to handle. The controls are very complicated and require some technical know-how in order for them work properly.

Whether you’ve been using a coffee maker for years or are just starting to experiment with different models, the Jura Z8 is a great choice if you’re willing to put in some time and effort. With its advanced features and sleek design, we think this product will help you achieve the perfect cup of Joe every morning!

Comparison Jura Z6 Vs Z8 Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Millions of people love to drink coffee every day, so there are many different types of coffee makers available on the market nowadays. Although they all have similar functions, not all of them can satisfy your needs and expectations 100%. Today we will talk about two great models made by one manufacturer: Jura Z6 and Jura Z8. When choosing between these two models, you should definitely read our comparison below.

Jura Z6 vs Z8 – Comparison Of Their Main Features

As we already mentioned before, both models are very similar because almost everything is identical when it comes to their design and dimensions (width 15 cm; length 24 cm; height 32 cm). The greatest difference between them is their color: Z6 has black colored design, while Z8 has white one.

Both models come with the same touch display (3.5 inches), rotary dials and electronic controls. The water tank has the same capacity (1.2 l) too, so you can prepare up to 10 cups of delicious coffee before refilling it again. Another great feature worth mentioning here is the direct plumb inlet for cold water connection that makes your life much easier than before by making the maintenance process much easier than ever before.

The load-bearing capacity also remains identical, which means that both Jura Z6 and Z8 are able to carry 25 kg – heavy enough for any kitchen countertop out there!

When it comes to the automated functions, these two models are equipped with everything you may need. As an example, cleaning and rinsing program is available in both cases, which means that fresh taste of coffee will be always there for you.

There are also many pre-programmed settings included (hot water only, cappuccino only etc.). The duration of the pre-heating time remains same – 15 seconds. Same can be said about the drying fan too. Also, both models have an energy saving mode included as well as a descaling mode.

Speaking about their technical specifications , we must say that they are very similar too: Z6 has 50 Hz frequency power while Z8 has 60 Hz one; the maximum power is 1400W and the maximum bar pressure is 15. Both models have a tank capacity of 1.2 l and their steam producing capacity is about 50 g/min.

There are some differences between them when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance process, but we will talk more about that later on in this article – just keep reading!

Jura Z6 vs Z8 – Their Differences In The Details

The first major difference worth mentioning can be found on the exterior side: as we already mentioned before, design is completely different here because color scheme is different too (white for Jura Z8 and black for Jura Z6). Also, there are some slight differences between display screens and rotary dials (read more details below).

The second difference is worth mentioning as well: Z6 comes with a swivel jet frother , while Z8 doesn’t. As a result, the design of both models remains different because there are some changes needed to be made inside the water tank too. The third major difference also concerns the control panel – these two models have different control panels installed on them.

In terms of dimensions, they remain identical (see above), but the weight differs by about 400 grams (3 kg for Jura Z8 and 2.6 kg for Jura Z6). This is not a huge difference obviously, but still somewhat makes a difference in overall impressions when it comes to handling and transportation purposes. The fourth major difference can be found on the exterior side once again: Z8 has two tank lids for water and milk (two tanks) while Z6 has only one tank with a single lid.

Last but not least, we need to mention that there are some differences between the available colors of both models too: Jura Z8 is available in black and silver variations, while Jura Z6 comes in just one color – black.

TheDifferences When It Comes To Functions And Cleaning & Maintenance

As you already know, both models share almost everything when it comes to design and dimensions. However, they have some major differences when it comes to functions because the pre-programmed settings are different here as well as the number of rotary dials available on the control panel.

Also, there are many differences when it comes to maintenance and cleaning processes because these two models are equipped with different water tanks which have different lids installed on them as well as glass containers for catching coffee grounds. First thing you need to know about Jura Z6 is that this model comes with 1 rotary dial only (for programming drinks) while Z8 has 2 of those installed – might be a tiny difference but still makes a major impact!

When it comes to pre-programmed settings , we should mention that they are not identical although most of them can be found in both cases: Jura Z8 also has hot water only, cappuccino only etc. modes included. Also, both models have a milk-based hot drinks program and separate one for making classic coffee.

Even though the differences between programs might be not that huge in general, we still need to mention them: Jura Z6 has an iced coffee program included while you will find a hot milk drink setting in Jura Z8. The same can be said about their steam functions – Z6 comes with only 1 preset (for cappuccinos) while Z8 has 2 of those (cappuccino and latte macciato).

When it comes to tank capacities, there are some major differences between these two models – mainly because pump systems installed on them are different too. Jura Z6 comes with 1.2 L water tank while Z8 is equipped with 1.5 L tank. In other words, Z6 can make up to 12 cups of coffee, while Jura Z8 can make up to 14 cups.

In terms of weight , it’s worth mentioning that Jura Z6 weighs 3 kg and this is the only model which has such a slim weight (compare it with 2.9 kg for Jura Impressa F50 and even 3.2 kg for ENA 9). As we already mentioned before, you will find many similarities between these two models: both come with automatic cleaning programs and both have one-touch functionality included too. The last thing we need to mention in this part is about their dimensions – they remain identical (see above).

Their Differences When It Comes To Milk Frothing

When it comes to milk frothing, both models are equipped with the same system which is called Thermoblock . This is a precise heating technology and in general, all heat-exchangers used by Jura are made from stainless steel. The main difference between these two models can be found when it comes to steam nozzle design because this part differs from one model to another. In terms of the final result , we should also mention that you get more foam if you use larger quantities of milk (in general, ¾ L for both models should be enough). On the other hand, you will need a fine touch while operating a frothing wand to avoid any spills and messes. Jura Z6 vs Z8 is a tough question because their differences are numerous but those two come with some significant benefits as well. Even though both models have a nice price tag, the major advantage of Jura Z6 goes without saying – this is a more affordable model. However, if you want an extra coffee program or an iced drinks preset included in your machine – choose Jura Z8 plus its bigger water tank might be another benefit for you. In general, these are the only differences between these two models but we still need to mention that there are many similarities too!

Tips To Use A Jura Z6 Coffee Maker

People love coffee, and people will go to great lengths to get their hands on the perfect beans for their daily cup of Joe. Here are some tips that can help you make your coffee drinking experience even more exquisite, using a Jura Z6 Espresso machine.

– Grind your own beans

If you’re serious about freshness, grind only as many beans as you need for each cup—no more, no less (this goes for pre-ground too). For drip coffee makers, use finely ground coffee; for espresso machines, finely ground espresso roast is best. Keep your whole beans in an airtight container at room temperature; don’t freeze or refrigerate your stash.

– Treat your machine like royalty

Your espresso machine is an investment that deserves special treatment—this means no coffee grounds in the water tank and no messy spills (even if you’re in a hurry). Make sure to clean it thoroughly after each use.

– Make piccolo lattes instead of regular ones

One shot of espresso makes a small cup of brewed coffee; add steamed milk, and you have a “piccolo latte.” While it’s not quite the same as drinking one from an Italian bar, it’s much healthier!

– Create delicious cappuccinos with ease

A true test for any espresso drinker is making a perfect cappuccino without the help of a barista. Here’s a quick and easy way to make the drink: warm up your espresso machine (no need to grind, froth or steam milk first) and brew an espresso shot into a cup; pour steamed milk over the top; dust with cocoa powder—delizioso!

– Add flavor to your coffee

If you love flavored coffees, then use this tip: Make one of your favorite flavors of syrup and keep it on hand for lattes and other coffee drinks (not just at home, but also when you’re out). Vanilla makes a great addition to dark roasts, while mint syrup tastes great in chocolatey blends.

– Take advantage of creamers and sweeteners

It’s okay to add cream and sugar to your coffee—as long as you do it without guilt. It only adds a few calories, so don’t skimp! If you’re one of those people who can’t live without milk, try switching to nonfat and save even more calories.

– Make cold coffee drinks at home

Everyone knows that if you want an iced latte, the best place to get one is from a barista or café. You can recreate that taste with ease by brewing strong coffee (double the amount) and adding it to cold water (with ice cubes). Add sweetener and milk (or creamer) while the mixture is still hot; when it cools down, transfer it to a jar in the fridge and drink it up!

– Know how to make good coffee and stop wasting money

This is a problem that plagues the stereotypical bachelor: the tendency to go out for coffee rather than risk making an inferior pot at home. Making delicious coffee at home takes practice—so keep trying until you get it right, and save yourself some time and money in the process!

– Make sure your next cup of coffee tastes as good as possible

Jura Z6 Vs Z8? Once you start using these tips, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be proud of your own Jura Z6 espresso machine or experience—and everyone who drinks coffee from your kitchen will too! And if you just can’t wait for your machine to arrive and want something fancy now , then shop for a Jura Z6 machine from our website.

How Do You Store Jura Coffee Maker?

Jura coffee machines are one of the most popular on the market at present, with many different models to choose from. As their popularity continues to increase you might be considering purchasing a new espresso machine for your home or office. If this is the case then it would be best to read an article about how to store a Jura coffee machine! Here we will explore all the options and discuss which ones are the best in order to maintain this fantastic product for as long as possible.

First, lets talk about where not too put your new machine. A number of people tend to leave their appliances out when they have finished using them. This means that they take up space and cannot be stored easily. Save room by lifting your coffee machine up and putting it in a cupboard or on a shelf. This way you can make sure that you will always have enough space for when you need to use it again. Also, this prevents cracks from appearing in the casing by protecting it from knocks and bumps!

Next, lets think about which type of storage case is most suitable for your needs. You have four main types to choose from:

The Styrofoam Case (Jura Z6 Vs Z8?)

This case is probably the most common, being made entirely of Styrofoam with a plastic base where you can store all your accessories. It is quite spongy so does not protect well against drops but due to its slim design it takes up very little space when stored.

The Wooden Case

A wooden case is not very common, but it gives extra protection against knocks. The machine sits inside the box with nothing surrounding it so that if you knock against it then it will not crack or break open. You can store your cups and small accessories inside this box along with the machine to take up even less space! The disadvantage of this type of storage is that it can be quite bulky due to its thickness and heaviness. However, if you only have room for one or two appliances then this may be an option worth considering.

The Fireproof Case

Unfortunately there are a lot of cheap faulty coffee machines available on the market which is why we recommend using a fireproof case when storing your appliance at home. A lot of the cheaper models are made of plastic and therefore can create a fire hazard if not stored correctly.

The Plastic Case

Rather than using an expensive wooden case or a fireproof box you could simply use a hard plastic case to store your machine in when it is not being used. This type of storage allows you to keep all your accessories inside with the machine, ideal for taking on holiday or business trips! As well as offering more protection than Styrofoam this kind of box will also protect against dust and water damage. Just make sure that you do not crack the casing by standing it up incorrectly!

Finally, lets discuss how often should I clean my Jura coffee machine? Jura suggest cleaning their machines after 40 cycles approximately. This means after every use if it is for commercial purposes or once a week if you are using it at home. When cleaning your machine try to use just water with no chemicals which might be harmful to the casing! If there are any stubborn stains then you can always buy special cleaners from Jura which can help get rid of them.

So, now that you know where and how to store your Jura coffee machine what more could you need? Simply lift up your appliance off of the work surface, put it in its box and pop into a cupboard! That′s all there is to knowing how to keep this great product stored neatly so it will last for many years of daily use!

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Both the Jura Z6 and Z8 are great coffee machines. However, there are some key differences between them that you should be aware of before making your purchase decision that Sweet Basil’s Cafe showed. The main difference is that the Z6 is a semi-automatic machine while the Z8 is a fully automatic machine. This means that with the Z6, you have more control over the brewing process, whereas with the Z8, all you need to do is press a button and it will take care of everything for you. Additionally, the price point for these two machines differs by about $200, so if budget is a concern, the Z6 may be a better option for you. Jura Z6 Vs Z8? Ultimately though, it’s important to choose a coffee machine that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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