Juan Arbelaez’s prime rib

To obtain an ultra-melty prime rib cooked to perfection, chef Juan Arbelaez literally coats it in…

There prime rib is one of the most sought after songs by meat lovers. But when it comes to cookingnot everyone is always the same opinion : to the stove and in the oven, barbecue or to the planchahard to to slice. Here, the leader Juan Arbelaez shows us a trick at least surprising to successfully cook the prime rib plancha. Spoilers alert : fat intolerant, ifabstain.

The ingredients of Juan Arbelaez’s matured prime rib recipe

There prime rib being the queen of this recipe, it is indeed the choose : opt for a piece between 4 and 8 cm thick minimum for it to remain tender After the cooking. The chef chooses a prime rib matured 15 days for more flavorsyou can absolutely order this to your butcher who will refine the meat himself cold room. For this recipe you will need a cutting boardof a plancha or a very large frying pan and a apron (be careful, this stain).

  • 1 rib of beef: count 1 kilo For about 2-3 people
  • 4-5 strips of semi-salted butter of 250 g

The steps of Juan Arbelaez’s matured prime rib recipe

You will have it Understoodthe leader covers his buttered prime rib to impregnate it andenrich before cooking, but also and above all for cook in it. THE Bretons just have to behave, one Argentinian chef is about to steal the show on the record consumption of butter in just one recipe!

  1. In the bowl of a pastry robotplace the butter previously taken out of the fridge and cut into cubes. Soften it using the drummerthe idea is to obtain a soft butterbut not liquid.
  2. Put on some plastic gloves disposable (and clean) after you thoroughly Wash the hands. On a plank to cut, model your meat in hand with butter so that she is fully covered and reserve it for fridge.
  3. Do heat your plancha or your stove, when it is hot enoughplace your prime rib coated with butter. Cook on each side until the entirety butter based and each face is nicely golden.

This recipe allows you to obtain meat that is still bleeding to the heart cutting with a golden crust and one fondant incomparable.


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