‘I visited France’s ‘ugliest village’ but it wouldn’t look out of place in England’

Coustellet in Luberon, France, does not have the same positive reputation as nearby Saignon, Lacoste or Rousillon, which exhibit some of the historical charm the region is known for

Coustellet’s reputation precedes it(Milo Boyd)

“Bored of beauty? Had enough of hills? Come to Coustellet! Not only is it the ugliest village in the Luberon, it is also the flattest, and all the architecture is new and uninspiring.”

Reading such brutal criticism, you would be forgiven for thinking this was written by the mayor of a nearby village in the south of France, looking to bring down the reputation of rival tourist spot, or an American travel influencer unimpressed by its small roads and the way its supermarket smell.

Instead, it is Coustellet’s own tourist board that is digging into the poor town.

“You don’t come to Cousetellet with a camera, for this is a crossroads of trade: Coustellet is where all the necessary but unattractive things are kept: supermarkets, banks, laundromat, realtors, petrol stations, traffic lights, traffic… ” the savage summary on the Luberon region website continues.

What, I wondered as I touched down at Marseilles Airport an hour’s drive to the south, had Coustellet ever done to deserve such ferocious treatment from its own people?

The weather broke on the day I visited(Milo Boyd)

Perhaps part of the answer lies in what surrounds the small town. The Luberon and Provence more generally is a place known for its great beauty. Just a few short miles away you find the breath-taking village of Lacoste, which is now an international commune for artists and is home to the Marquis de Sade’s sordid castle.

A little further along the winding country roads takes you to Saignon, where a tiny bakery serving great bowls of frothy cappuccino is the only place in the town to purchase any sustenance and acts as a buzzing hub beneath the enchanting towers.


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