How to Get Rid of Your Old Tires?

Did you change your car’s tires recently? Kudos of you did, because they’re essential for your safety on the road. Now, what should you do with your old tires?

Of course, if you think they are not too worn and can be used for one more season, you can try to sell them. With the current inflation, everyone is looking for ways to save a little bit of money. However, you should try to be as transparent and honest as possible in your description, so the potential buyers know exactly what to expect.

If your old tires have reached the end of their service life, there are two options: keeping them, or getting rid of them. But how about reusing them? Here are some ideas: you can turn them into swings, planters, obstacle courses, etc. Use your imagination!

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Otherwise, don’t even think about them throwing in the garbage. The recycling bin isn’t an option either because the recycling plant can’t process them.

To get rid of your worn-out tires, simply bring them to a garage, a tire retailer, a car dealership, or the ecocentre closest to you.

Since October 1st 1999, the Quebec government has started charging a $3 fee when you buy a new tire. This money goes toward Quebec Program for Integrated Management of Used Tires to finance the collection and recycling of old tires.

After they’ve been picked up, most tires are sent to a remoulding facility or specialized recycling plant, where their materials are recovered for reprocessing. They can be turned into rubber mats (including blasting mats), molded parts for civil engineering, waterproof membranes, synthetic gym or playground flooring, mudflaps, mulch, etc.

You might be using your old tires right now without even knowing it!


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