Here are the tips you need to know to avoid burning your onions in the pan!

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Onions are undoubtedly one of the most used ingredients to add flavor to savory dishes. Yes, but no matter how vigilant we are, they are sometimes undercooked, sometimes completely charred. How can you cook them perfectly and above all avoid burning them? Here are our tips.

We all know it: a minute of inattention and the onions turn into a pile of completely burnt vegetables. To avoid getting to this point, there are several tips.

First tip: take the time to flour your onions. To do this, simply peel the onions as usual, then gently roll them in flour. You can then cook them in the pot or pan of your choice, with a little fat. The technique is simple but believe us, it has already proven itself!

If you don’t have flour on hand, you can also try the salting trick. Peel and peel the onions, then place them on a plate or grill, and salt them. Finally, let them cook in an oiled pan without worrying too much. You will see for yourself that the onions will never be burned! As with the previous technique, the salt will allow the water to escape from the vegetable, which will prevent the onions from sticking to the pan, and therefore burning.

You have all already thought about it, and so have we, but due to lack of time, it is tempting to argue a little about the intensity of the plate to brown your onions… well you will think twice about it now because it is precisely this change which causes the onions to burn. So we’ll be patient and let the onions come back to low heat for longer! As the expression goes, patience is the mother of all virtues, especially in cooking!


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