Grilling, roasting and steaming: the Moulinex three-in-one really has it all

We knew the air fryer. The success of oil-free fryers is no longer in doubt. But the Moulinex Easy Fry, Grill and Steam is much more than just an air fryer. Easy? It really comes with its digital control panel which allows you to quickly select one of the 7 programs so you don’t miss any cooking. You program, it does the rest. Its timer and thermostat ranging from 80 to 200 degrees allow you to make countless recipes, whether grilled, fried or steamed. The capacity of its tank (1.6 kg/6.5 liters) allows you to cook delicious meals for the whole family and the technology of the device makes it a less energy-intensive alternative to the oven (up to 60% less). less energy) and more convenient to maintain. Replacing fryer, oven and steamer with a single device, a famous challenge that we wanted to test.

Air fryer: much healthier fries

We love fries, but like all good things, you shouldn’t overdo them. If we reserve ourselves the taste of real fries, cooked in beef fat, in good fry stalls and on fairgrounds, at home, the fryer is banned. Hard for us to love this very Belgian specialty. But with the invention of the air fryer, this little pleasure is once again possible without having the whole house smelling of fat. So, we test. First try with fries specially developed for cooking in this type of appliance. We program the cooking temperature and time and let the Moulinex Esay Fry, Grill and Steam do the rest. It’s ready, time for tasting. Verdict: crispy and golden fries, a little too dry for our taste. We’re getting closer to frozen fries.

Second test with fresh fries. 600 gr of potatoes and a drizzle of oil. We mix everything in a salad bowl to soak the fries as little as possible and head to the Air Fryer. Program mode does the rest. Result ? Fries the way we like them, golden, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. A real treat, with a tiny amount of fat.

And to accompany them, why not a roast chicken? The capacity of the tank allows you to place a good-sized poultry in it. Our chicken came out with crunchy skin and juicy flesh. No need to clean the oven once cooking is finished, the bowl is dishwasher safe.

The numerous automatic cooking programs allow you to create numerous recipes by letting yourself be guided by the appliance. Like this salmon with small vegetables that remained crunchy which delighted all our guests.

You will have understood, this device is much more than an Air Fryer because the functionalities it offers allow you to roast, braise, steam… Impossible to list all the functions of this little gem . The free and exclusive Moulinex application opens up an infinite world of possibilities and recipe ideas, from starter to dessert.

Price: €239.99. On sale in major household appliance brands.


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