“Green Chicken” without antibiotics arrives in Algeria / News

Initiated in 2020, this project between Biodevas and its partner in Algeria Plantaxion, first underwent two years of testing, in collaboration with ITELV (technical institute of livestock breeding in Algeria) then with the Khider group, owner of the largest slaughterhouse from Algeria.

Created in November 2022, the “Poulet Vert” brand has been on shelves since this summer, particularly in butchers and at certain distributors such as Carrefour. Two months later, eight tonnes are sold per day and growth prospects are for 12 tonnes by the end of the year, despite a price 10 to 15% higher than conventional chicken. Supported by APOCE (equivalent to UFC Que Choisir in France), the approach also includes a private laboratory certifying the absence of antibiotic residues.

A craze which responds to a double demand: that of a part of consumers, concerned about the health issues linked to antibiotic resistance and in search of more quality, particularly in terms of taste, and that of farmers, sensitive to new practices making it possible to combine respect for the environment, efficiency and profitability.

In addition, Biodevas is carrying out several poultry trials in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) and in South America (Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil).

In France, it is once again pushing the walls of its factory with an ongoing extension program of 850 m2bringing the total surface area of ​​the company to 4000 m2. Because every month, an entire container already leaves for Algeria!


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