Former Macra president announced as latest Agriland columnist

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Former Macra president announced as latest Agriland columnist

Agriland Media Group is delighted to announce that former president of Macra, Thomas Duffy, who is also a former vice-president of the European Council of Young Farmers, CEJA, is the latest columnist to write for the media organization.

Duffy who hails from Virginia in Co. Cavan, manages the family’s 60ha farm, along with his parents and sister, milking 80 dairy cows in a robotic grass-based system.

Thomas Duffy

He returned to farming after studying agriculture for four years in the ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ degree program before returning to education to complete a masters in ‘Environmental Resource Management’ with a focus on climate change and the livestock sector.

The Cavan man served on the Board of Macra na Feirme (now rebranded as Macra) for seven years including serving as president from 2019 to 2021.

He was also vice-president of CEJA, the Council of European Young Farmers between 2021 and 2023.

Agriland columnist

Duffy joins the prestigious list of columnists who have been afforded the opportunity to voice their opinion and expertise on the Agriland platform.

Ciarán Fitzgerald, Richard Halloren and Prof. Gerry Boyle are among those who write and have written columns and opinion articles for the digital platform.

Thomas Duffy has significant knowledge and expertise particularly in terms of environmental matters and the workings of the EU.

Editor of AgrilandStella Meehan said: “We are very happy to have Thomas Duffy write informed, engaging and thought-provoking articles for Agriland.

“His voice will complement the outstanding written, audio and visual content Agriland has been providing to its audience for the past ten years.

“We will continue to engage our audience and will not shy away from topics or issues which may be challenging or controversial and are delighted Thomas has chosen to be part of the future of what Agriland can deliver.”


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