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The wild boar, from the Suidae family, is an animal hunted since prehistoric times and appreciated for millennia.

Contrary to what is constantly written here and there, the poet Horace, in his Satire, does not describe wild boar as a noble meat in itself, but as a meat consumed by aristocrats, with tasty and tasty flesh. So, if everything is good in the pig, this also applies to our dear suede! In this article, we tell you about the flavors of wild boar, the dishes it can be used to create and its benefits.

A meat with a local taste

The wild boar is a wild animal whose meat differs considerably from that of its domestic cousin, the pig. Omnivorous, the suidae feeds on plants, such as acorns, chestnuts, leaves and even roots, as well as small animals or insects. This gives him a unique and easily recognizable taste. Indeed, wild boar venison is described as strong and intense. It also gives off a blend of sweet and nutty flavors, with a slightly earthy note. Note that its taste varies depending on the age of the animal. The older it is, the stronger the meat. Converselythe younger the animal, the softer and more tender the meat.

Cooking wild boar therefore allows you to delight the taste buds of people with varied culinary tastes!

A variety of succulent dishes

Wild boar meat is a very good choice for preparing delicious dishes. Whether for a meal with family or friends, you can cook this meat in various ways.

Here are some examples of delicious dishes that you can prepare:

Wild boar stew : prepared with marinated vegetables, onions, red wine and spices, this meal is a classic dish of French gastronomy. Wild boar meat is firm meat. This is why it is best to marinate it to tenderize it. Its cooking time varies depending on the age of the animal.

The haunch or shoulder roast : these pieces can be cooked on a spit or in the oven or in a casserole dish, accompanied by aromatic herbs, garlic and rosemary. These are convivial dishes, ideal for a family meal by the fire on a long winter evening.

Wild boar sausages : ultimate summer barbecues with friends, wild boar sausages are always all the rage among grill lovers. Combine rusticity with originality! Discover our recipe for wild boar sausages in red wine.

And to know everything about stew, stew, stew or even carbonade, we explain everything to you here.

The benefits of wild boar meat

Eating wild boar is good for your health. Very appreciated for its taste qualities, it is also for its dietary qualities. In addition to providing you with essential nutrients, such as niacin, vitamin B12 or zincthis meat is low fat. However, be careful not to cancel out this nutritional benefit by accompanying it with a sauce that is too rich.

That’s not all. Wild boar contains other elements crucial for your health. Among them, we find:

  • protein and iron (essential for the proper functioning of the immune system),
  • phosphorus (necessary for the formation of teeth and bones),
  • potassium (important to limit muscle cramps and heart problems).

Wild boar meat is therefore a very good choice for health-conscious meat lovers!

Less popular with the general public than pork, wild boar venison is appreciated, and rightly so, by fans of French produce. As we have seen, it is both tasty and typical. It is used in the composition of many dishes that will please seasoned cooks and gourmets alike. So, don’t hesitate any longer, and get to your stove!


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