Électro Dépôt panics the web with an unexpected new price on the Ninja Foodi oil-free fryer

To fry food for the whole family, and for friendly meals that respect your health, you can find the Ninja Foodi Max DualZone AF400EU oil-free fryer on ElectroDepot, on sale. This fryer uses hot air technology, circulating 360° of ultra-hot air in the drawers of the appliance: you can thus find the crunchiness on the outside, characteristic of cooking by frying, and the softness is kept inside. Note that the Ninja Air Fryer has two drawers, and each can hold a 2kg chicken or up to 1.4kg of fries, to cook enough for the whole family. Don’t pass up the Ninja Foodi Max DualZone oil-free fryer: it costs 248.98 euros on ElectroDepot.

Électro Dépôt: the Ninja Foodi Max DualZone oil-free fryer at an unprecedented price

The particularity of the Ninja Foodi Max DualZone oil-free fryer at a reduced price on Électro Dépôt is the presence of two drawers in the device. You can thus adapt the quantities to your needs, by using only one drawer for example, but you can also cook different foods at the same time, but separately. The SYNC function allows you to synchronize the cooking of the different foods placed in the drawers, the fryer adapting the start and cooking duration to each drawer so that your food is ready at the same time. The fryer offers you a wide range of temperatures, and it can go up to 240°C, allowing you to fry without oil, roast, dehydrate, reheat, cook like in an oven or even crisp up the food.

Click here to take advantage of the Electro Dépôt offer on the Ninja Foodi Max DualZone oil-free fryer

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