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Batch cooking: what is it?

For several yearsTHE batch cooking has the wind in its sails! And for good reason: it allows prepare all meals for the week in one cooking session, generally 2 to 4 hours. Which is a godsend when time is short and the days are already busy.

The principle is simple: we cook in batches (hence the term “batch” in English). The ingredients are more or less the same for all the menus of the week. We count two methods of batch cooking:

  • The first consists of preparing each food separately (cutting and cooking) and assembling them when preparing the meal.
  • In the second method, you prepare the recipe from A to Z: all you have to do is reheat (or freeze for later). Which can be very practical for gratins and soups for example. These two methods are completely complementary.

The advantages of batch cooking

If the batch cooking requires a little organization, it has many significant advantages when you have children and a busy schedule!

  • Saving time in the kitchen: cooking meals day to day quickly becomes time-consuming. By preparing meals for the week in one session or in large quantities, we go faster. A 2 to 4 hour session on the weekend is more than enough. When you get home from work, simply reheat the dish. On top of that, you don’t have to wash the kitchen utensils every night.
  • A lighter mental load: finished the pressure of “what are we eating tonight?” looking desperately at the back of the cupboard and the fridge. The menus are all ready!
  • Healthy meals: all meals are ready to reheat. This allows you to avoid the temptations of frozen meals or ordering food. Because we know, after a long day of work, the desire to cook a balanced meal is often at half mast.
  • Savings on the food budget: food expenses are controlled much more easily. After establishing the menu for the week, simply make the shopping list based on the necessary ingredients.
  • Less waste: THE batch cooking allows you to avoid buying according to your desires without any real idea of ​​the associated dish. So every food purchased is safe to be cooked.
  • Family cooking moments: with the batch cooking, it’s so fun to cook with the kids! Everyone is assigned a task: washing, cutting, cooking… depending on their age. During this time, you can chat as much as you want. And, the icing on the cake, the youngest learn naturally to prepare balanced meals.

The weak points of batch cooking

Like any method, there are negative sides that can make adopting the batch cooking delicate. Books dedicated to batch cooking promise to prepare all your meals for the week in 2 hours. In reality, you often need one more time, when you would have liked to have time to walk or read.

If your weekends are busy; that you often go out and about; that we must send the eldest to judo, the second to swimming and the youngest to musical awakening; you will have little time to spare. Unless plan your session batch cooking one night.

This method offers less flexibility on meals. Not only will you have to scrupulously follow the recipes in a book and the established menus, but you may also want spaghetti Bolognese more on Tuesday evening instead of the carrot soup initially planned. The alternative: always allow one or two free evenings in your weekly menu to improvise (or go out to a restaurant).

In any case, it is enough to adapt the batch cooking to his way of life and remain flexible. Having three meals ready to reheat for the week and one dish in the freezer isn’t bad!

Batch cooking: the equipment to have in your kitchen

To be efficient behind your stove, a little material is needed (but not obligatory). To make your life easier, you will surely need:

  • From recipe books batch cooking easy to follow.
  • A kitchen robot like the Cookéo, the Companion, the Thermonix or even Monsieur Cuisine: ideal for saving a little more time and cooking while doing something else.
  • A vacuum sealing machine Food like meat, for example.
  • Airtight boxes of different sizes.
  • A menu planner.
  • Utensils for cutting and cooking obviously!


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