Chicken Time launches a new radio campaign in Lyon

The network of 100% halal street food and snacking Chicken Timetakes advantage of the Rugby World Cup event to strengthen its regional notoriety by launching a radio campaign on the airwaves of Lyon 1ère.


Passionate about Street food and snacking, open your fast food restaurant and become the reference for fried chicken

Open your Chicken Time fast food restaurant and get into snacking with a concept in the Street Art universe, dedicated to fried chicken in all its forms.

Chicken Time supporter of the XV of France

With the arrival of the Rugby World Cup, Chicken Time is in the spotlight on the airwaves of Lyon 1ère to celebrate the spirit of competition. By offering boxes of its famous every day 100% halal fried chicken, the brand invites listeners to stay tuned for the chance to win prizes. This event, which brings together rugby enthusiasts and fans, constitutes a new opportunity for the brand to increase the visibility of its point of sale in Lyon.

Why join Chicken Time?

Created in 1986 and launched as a network in 2019, the concept of Chicken Time fast food is based on a wide range of quality and halal fried chicken, served in a warm, street art style environment.

Adapting to new consumption habitsall points of sale are equipped with order terminals and dynamic screens, allowing customers to discover the brand’s menu on site, to take away, by click & collect or for delivery.

Each franchise candidate can join the network with a personal contribution of 60,000€ and entrance fees 10,000€. After two years of activity, the economic model makes it possible to generate up to €500,000 turnover.

Passionate about fast food? Embark on an entrepreneurial adventure by joining a successful and expanding network: Chicken Time.

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