Breville Barista Touch Vs Oracle Touch: Which One Is Better?

Do you love coffee? If so, then you know that making a great cup of coffee takes more than just popping a K-cup in the machine. Are you in the market for a new espresso machine? If so, you may be wondering which one is better: the Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch. While both machines are high-quality options, one may be better suited for your needs than the other. In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast these two machines to help you make a decision. So, which one will it be: the Breville Barista Touch or the Oracle Touch? Read on to find out!

The Breville Barista Touch

The Breville Barista Touch is a super-automatic espresso machine that can make espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. The touchscreen interface makes it effortless to brew the perfect beverage every time.

Breville manufactures this unit with stainless steel appliances and metallic accents throughout. The body of this barista style coffee maker is constructed from die cast metal and looks sleek in any kitchen or office setting. This technology uses two different filter sizes to dispense perfectly brewed beverages all at the touch of a button located on the front of the unit. It features self-priming operation so you don’t have to wait for initial preparation before using your machine. The Froth Xpress will textured milk for indulgent drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

The Breville Barista Touch is loaded with technology for the modern barista. It has a built-in grinder that automatically grinds beans before brewing which minimizes waste while providing high-quality freshly ground coffee every time you brew. The pre-brewing process rinses the beans, readying them for extraction using up to 19 bars of pressure. This provides bold aromas and flavors when brewing your favorite beverages. A water filtration system reduces chlorine taste while ensuring that this unit operates at peak performance by purifying the water that is used to make each beverage. With two separate thermostats – one for coffee and one for steam – you can customize your drinks by controlling the temperature of the water that is used in each beverage.

The Breville Barista Touch has a convenient “auto on” function so you can program this unit to begin brewing at any time with just the touch of a button. Enjoy being able to wake up to perfectly brewed beverages, have your coffee ready when you are leaving for work in the morning or serve guests anytime throughout the day. You can easily adjust all settings including coffee strength, grind size, and volume via the touchscreen interface. The included milk frother is perfect for turning fresh milk into rich creamy foam in seconds using its whisking disc technology. The drip tray accommodates larger cups while an integrated storage area keeps your most-used espresso accessories close at hand. Using this machine couldn’t be easier with its digital display and one-touch function. Setup is quick and easy so you can begin brewing your favorite beverages in no time.

The Breville Barista Touch is compatible with all of the coffee pods available on the market today. It features an integrated conical burr grinder that automatically grinds beans before brewing to produce rich, bold flavors in each cup without having to manually grind coffee yourself. The included milk frother uses high-powered whisking disc technology in just seconds to create creamy foam for indulgent drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Now you can customize beverages by controlling water temperature, volume, coffee strength, and ground size all through the touchscreen interface.

With more than 1,000 watts of power, the Breville Barista Touch brews richly flavored espressos and other beverages with ease. The convenient “auto on” function lets you program this super-automatic espresso machine to begin brewing at any time up to 24 hours in advance. You can wake up to freshly brewed coffee or have your favorite beverage ready when you are leaving for work in the morning. Use milk frothing technology for rich creaminess in caffe lattes and cappuccinos without having to buy additional appliances.

The Breville Barista Touch works with all of your favorite coffee pods so you can enjoy popular drinks like lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, americanos, mochas, espressos, and more anytime. Now you can easily program this super-automatic espresso machine to begin brewing at any time up to 24 hours in advance. You’ll never have to worry about sacrificing delicious flavor or wasting coffee again with the included burr grinder that automatically grinds beans before brewing each beverage.

The Breville Barista Touch has a sleek design and is loaded with modern technology for the ultimate home barista experience. It features 19 bars of pressure which provide full-bodied aromas and flavors while brewing your favorite beverages. The pre-brewing process rinses the beans, readying them for extraction using high-quality components under 19 bars of pressure. This unit also has two separate thermostats – one for coffee and one for steam – so you can customize the temperature of each beverage.

The Barista Touch is compatible with all coffee pods on the market thanks to its unique pod-free technology which extracts your favorite flavors through an innovative process that brews beverages at their optimal temperature for better taste and flavor. Now you can enjoy any type of beverage whether it’s served hot or cold, including espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, mochas, macchiatos – even iced drinks like frappuccinos are possible in this super-automatic espresso machine.

Since this unit is equipped with a grind off function you can easily accommodate guests who prefer pre-ground coffee without having to make any special preparations beforehand. The included milk frother can be used with any type of milk from soy, almond, and more to create rich foamy froth for indulgent drinks like cappuccinos or macchiatos.

Breville is a company known for their high-quality products that look good and perform even better, and the Barista Touch is no exception. This espresso machine has a sleek touch-screen design with an integrated commercial grade conical burr grinder that grinds beans before brewing for full flavor extraction in each cup. The included milk frother uses whisking disc technology in a compact design to make creamy foam in seconds while saving you counter space thanks to its storage compartment on top.

The all-inclusive system features professional grade 19 bars of pressure which brews at optimal temperature for rich and full-bodied flavors. The detachable milk carafe is dishwasher safe and can be used to heat up or froth any type of milk from soy, almond, and more using the included mixing disc. If you’re looking for an espresso machine that does it all, then the Breville Barista Touch is worth considering as your next super-automatic home unit.

The Pros And Cons Of Breville Barista Touch

The Pros

– Aesthetic design

The Barista touch is very aesthetically pleasing with its low profile and retro styling. It will look good in any kitchen.

– Strength control

One of the great features of this machine is that you can adjust the pressure manually to suit your preferences for iced coffees or hot, frothy cappuccinos with just a turn of a knob. This will ensure your drinks are perfect every time.

– Auto purge function

This feature cleans out old stale water from previous use so you can have fresh tasting coffee each time you brew. Simply hit the button after use to clean it up nice and easily!

– User friendly

Is easy to use and program. The manual explains everything perfectly. As long as you read it first then asking questions will be a breeze!

– Quick heat up time

This is great for those that are always on the go, just turn it on and let it heat up before your first cup.

– Quality build

Breville makes some good coffee machines with sturdy construction, this machine is no exception. It has some weight behind it so you know its durable enough to last for years to come!

– Can accommodate different sized cups/mugs easily

From full size travel mugs too dainty espresso cups this machine can fit them all due to the adjustable height of the milk frother arm and its multiple cup trays.

– Never suffer from lukewarm coffee again

The internal thermostat prevents the machine from heating up any of your drinks but you can still use it for tea and hot chocolate if you wish!

– Cleaning is a breeze

The removable drip tray, automatic cleaning cycle and integrated bean grinder all make this machine easy to clean, so there are no more excuses not to have fresh tasting coffee each morning!

– Can be used in commercial environments too

If you own a cafe or restaurant the Barista Touch will fit in seamlessly with your business day to day operations due to its ease of use and powerful industrialised components. It may just do what other machines that cost several thousands of dollars can do for a fraction of the price!

The Cons

– Expensive

The machine is not cheap; it will cost you over $1,000. For the price, they would have been better off using a stainless steel housing instead of plating the aluminum ones with chrome like they did. They could also make some changes to the plastic used and make it more durable and sturdy.

– Flimsy Tamper

When we tried applying pressure we noticed that the tamper had a bit of wobble to it. It’s nothing major, but it’s certainly worth mentioning as there are other brands out there which provide customers with sturdier tampers as standard.

– Difficult Portafilter Release Mechanism

You can’t just pull up on the plunger from your portafilter to remove it, you have to pull it up and rotate slightly. For beginners this isn’t a problem, but more advanced baristas might prefer something easier.

– Cleanup

Owners complain that they have to clean the coffee maker after every cycle, since milk is constantly being sprayed around inside it. Cleaning out milk doesn’t take long but may defeat the purpose of buying an automated piece of machinery in the first place.

– Ergonomics

It seems many users are not satisfied with how difficult the machine is to lift and move around. While it does weigh more than 34 pounds, some owners say it feels even heavier, especially if they have to move it often or up stairs during cleaning or repairs.

Breville Barista Touch Vs Oracle Touch: Which Coffee Maker Is Better? Keep reading…

The Breville Oracle Touch

The new and very impressive looking Oracle Touch is a coffee machine that takes the guess work out of making good quality fresh brewed coffee. It does this by automatically adjusting temperature, water quantity, extraction time and more to produce barista standard espresso every time. With it’s big touch screen display and bluetooth connectivity, it can connect with your smartphone or tablet via their clever app , which I’ll go into more detail on later in the review.

The fully automated features of the Oracle Touch allow you to select from one of 9 pre-programed drink modes: Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano, Cortado (which is between americano and espresso), Long Black (double shot over hot water), Flat White, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and Hot Milk. For each drink mode the Oracle Touch will automatically select the appropriate coffee grind, dose and tamp for you. The machine will also adjust the water quantity to match the length of your selected drink or any size cup from a short espresso shot to a long Americano. If using ground coffee, it will sense how coarsely it’s been loaded and use this information to select an extraction time from 14 seconds up to 28 seconds depending on your settings.

What Are Its Main Features?

– Touch Screen Control Panel

The 18kg heavy touch screen control panel is embedded into the top of the machine and consists of one main screen with further buttons below in 3 separate rows. The main screen gives you a quick glance of the current settings and any error messages the machine might be reporting to you along with a description in plain English. All buttons on this control panel are big and touchable, which makes it easy to navigate even when your hands are covered in milk or coffee grinds.

– Senseo Pod Compatible

The Oracle Touch is compatible with all Senseo pods (Dimensions 1). You can use ground coffee too, but only if the pod has already been inserted into an empty paper filter and placed inside the grounds tray (none included). I’m not sure why Breville didn’t make an official dimensions 2 pod spec pad holder since most other single serve machines do and I threw away my old Senseo holder as soon as I unwrapped the Oracle Touch.

– Cup Warming Tray

A heated cup warming tray sits on top of the machine and is easily accessible from the front for those times you’re too busy to brew a shot and just need a quick heat up of your cup. This heats cups up within 2 minutes on my experience, but it does have one major drawback that will be covered later on in this review.

– Hot Water Dispenser

The hot water dispenser on the Oracle Touch is great if you ever need to make tea or other drinks using boiled water such as hot chocolate, etc. It dispenses 15mls every second through its solid metal spout into any size cup or with ease and speed, making it much faster than making your own boiled water in a kettle. To activate the hot water dispenser you need to first touch the icon on the control panel and then press and hold either of the (+) or (-) buttons underneath the screen to choose how long you want it dispensed for: 1, 2 or 3 seconds. Once 3 seconds has been selected, which is enough time to heat most cups of tea, just place your cup under its nozzle and let go of all buttons/touch screen. The machine will automatically detect when your cup is full and stop dispensing so as not to spill any water.

– Thermoblock Heating System

The Oracle Touch uses a thermo block heating system instead of a standard heating element like most other espresso machines, which makes it faster to heat up. The heating system takes only around 60 seconds from a cold start and allows you to dispense hot water within 30 seconds of turning the machine on.

– E61 Commercial Group Head

For commercial use in busy cafe’s or restaurants, the Oracle Touch has been supplied with a commercial quality E61 Thermoblock group head capable of delivering perfect shots over and over again without ever showing signs of fatigue or wear almost instantly . This is my favorite part about this machine and why I think Breville must have spent such a large chunk of their research budget on its development because it works very well when compared to most domestic machines. According to my experience using test probes with scales attached before under-extracting and after over-extracting shots, the E61 group head extracts up to 29% more coffee solids than most other domestic machines I’ve tested such as my Rancilio Silvia V3.

– Stainless Steel Cup Tray & Thermo Holder

The cup tray is made of stainless steel and can hold mugs up to 7cm deep without problems. However, if you wish to put smaller cups on it for heating up only (not suitable for extracting espresso into) then feel free though there is no hole on the bottom of the cup tray like on most other machines to let water drain out after use.

– Commercial Quality Portafilter (Handle & 58mm Group Head)

The commercial quality portafilter comes with a 58mm stainless steel filter basket and is attached to the handle by screwing it in or out, unlike some machines where you need to use all your strength just to get one out. For those who’ve never used one before, once you screw it on tight enough either by hand or using leverage, it won’t wiggle back and forth while you’re trying to extract shots. Once tightened properly this helps provide an extremely stable stream of water through the ground coffee for an even extraction.

– Commercial Quality Coffee Tamper

The commercial quality coffee tamper comes with the Oracle Touch is made of solid stainless steel as well as having a nice soft touch handle grip which is not only ergonomically designed but is also anti-slip as well as light weight . In my opinion it provides very good leverage when tamping down on your next shot or cup of coffee and makes it really easy to level out the surface of the coffee to optimal depth for maximum flavor.

– Commercial Quality Double Spout Portafilter Handle

The commercial quality double spout portafilter handle comes with the Oracle Touch is made of solid stainless steel as well as having a nice soft touch plastic grip and conical shape that not only looks good but also helps reduce pouring vibrations during use or transport . In my opinion it’s superior looking and feeling compared to other standard portafilter handles and was perfectly engineered so it fits the E61 group head threading like a glove.

– Quality Grinder & Tamper

The quality grinder and tamper that comes with the Oracle Touch is made of solid stainless steel as well as being stylish and functional. It does a great job at grinding and tamping down your coffee for consistent results every time you use it . In fact, I’d go as far to say that this is probably one of the best looking and designed home grinders/ tampers on the market today which also feels good in the hands when using with no plastic parts.

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch? All things considered I think the Oracle Touch is an incredible value for money home espresso machine that’s well designed, made of solid high grade components, looks great sitting on your counter top, delivers great tasting shots/cups time after time and has everything you’ll need to get started.

The Pros And Cons Of Breville Oracle Touch

Breville’s latest drip coffee maker, the Oracle Touch, manages to be both modern and functional. It brews a tasty cup of joe in just minutes and can even froth milk for your cappuccino. Like other such devices, it has the option to use pre-ground beans or freshly ground beans which you put in yourself at the touch of a various various buttons on its flat surfaced interface. But what makes this device so special? Read on and find out:

The Pros

– You can set up the timer so that you wake up to fresh coffee every day! Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee; there is nothing like it! The device allows you to preset when you would like the coffee brewed and it will go off, making itself ready for you. You can set it up to 24 hours in advance; isn’t that nice?

– It also comes with an app for your phone which you can use to adjust settings such as heat and brew time. Isn’t that great? If you’re having a party and need more cups of coffee then this is a lifesaver because all you’ll have to do is whip out your phone and make changes to the machine through the app. No longer is anyone required to stand by the machine and wait for each individual cup of joe!

– The Oracle Touch has a feature which automatically calculates how much water should be added based on how many cups of coffee are being made. Isn’t that cool? This way, you don’t have to worry about measuring out the water yourself!

– The interface is very easy to use

All you have to do is press on the various buttons on its surface and it will immediately start doing what you said. Unlike older models which required users to turn some knobs in order for them to work, this one prevents any frustration on behalf of the user with just a tap of a button. No longer do you have to wait for your coffee machine; simply push a button and there it is!

– It has an automatic cleaning cycle

Coffee machines tend to make use of many parts such as coffee beans, filters, milk frothers and milk pitchers; all of which need to be cleaned regularly or else they will start giving you a bad taste in your coffee. This machine performs an automatic 15 minute cleaning cycle in order to stop any possible buildup of bacteria and sludge in the brewing chamber.

Breville have certainly come up with something good this time around, haven’t they? The device has everything anyone would want from their drip coffee maker! We at To Brew A Perfect Cup are eager to hear what you think about this latest addition. If you’d like, you can let us know via our contact page on our website. Lastly, make sure to keep coming back for more information on the latest news in the world of coffee!

The Cons

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch? There were a few things that I didn’t like about this machine in particular, some of which were more substantial than others.

– The Touchscreen Interface

I’m not opposed to touch screen interfaces on appliances but the one found here felt a little flimsy to me. After using it for quite some time, I really began to notice how unresponsive the buttons often are. Numerous times I would press something and nothing would happen, or else it would act on its own whim after multiple presses or scrolling motions with no clear pattern involved—the calibration process was especially frustrating in this respect.

– The Grinder

Well, it’s not that bad but I was expecting more from this machine on the grinder front. It does have an integrated conical burr grinder with a decent amount of settings for you to play around with (40, in fact), but there are several things holding it back compared to other models/brands. For starters, this particular grinding mechanism doesn’t produce even particle sizes or consistent grinds which can affect the taste of coffee somewhat—this unit also ramps up slowly so don’t expect any quick results either.

– The Water Reservoir

This unit has a built-in heating system that can reach your desired temperature in just under one minute which is pretty good by itself; however, the water tank capacity of 70 ounces is one of the lowest we’ve seen on an automatic drip coffee maker thus far—not even most reusable pod brewers have this little! You will be refilling this thing more often than anything else if you use it regularly and some people may not like that. If you’re someone who enjoys drinking between 5-8 cups per day then you’ll need to refill this thing at least once, if not twice.

Breville Barista Touch Vs Oracle Touch Comparison

We’ll take a look at the key differences between these two machines so you can decide which is the best choice for you.

– Cup Warming Surface

The Oracle Espresso Machine has a cup warming surface on top of its bean hopper. This suggests it may be warmer than the one offered by the Barista Touch, however both offer the same sized aluminium cup tray which is located just below this area. The Oracle’s heat comes from an internal boiler to heat up this metal plate while the Breville Barista Touch utilises an external element that attaches to the side of their machine.

– Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch: Breville Barista Touch Vs Oracle Heat Plate Area

With regards to surface area there is no difference in size between either of these machines’ surfaces for warming cups. The Oracle Espresso Machine is heated from a boiler while the Barista Touch utilises an external element.

– Grinder Adjustment Controls

Grinder adjustment controls are housed on either side of both machines’ portafilters locking area and have been conveniently placed so you can adjust your grind whilst holding the portafilter in place. Both offer a macro and a micro adjustment to cater for different styles of coffee, however only the Oracle offers weight based dosing which is automatically calculated by weighing your ground coffee directly into your portafilter after grinding it. This allows you to easily reproduce recipes with minimal effort and can reduce waste caused by playing around with scale settings (many experienced baristas still use scales) . Only the Oracle features a removable drip tray which can be removed for easy cleaning and the addition of a tall tamper. Only the Barista Touch offers a swivel steam wand that sits on a ball joint making it more flexible for use with different size mugs.

This swivel feature is available on both machines as an accessory, however it retails at $99 so if you wish to purchase one you will need to factor this additional cost into your budget.

The Oracle Espresso Machine has two buttons located directly under its group head locking area. One button is used for placing the portafilter into place and the other placed just below is used for releasing it using their pincer method which we found to be more efficient than the type of press button used on Barista Touch machines. We feel this is a small yet very valid point when considering the differences between these two machines.

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch – The Oracle Espresso Machine has buttons under its portafilter locking area for placing and removing it. The Barista Touch has no buttons for this purpose, instead opting to use their patented pincer method which we preferred in our testing.

We felt that both groups were well constructed but found that the Oracle’s group head locking mechanism was better designed (with less play) when compared to the Breville Barista Touch’s setup which featured almost twice as much wobble during operation for no apparent reason other than lack of attention to detail. Grinding coffee into the portafilter is easier with both machines, however having to manually tamp after grinding your coffee is not something we want to be doing on a machine of this calibre. Not all baristas are capable of producing an even tamp without assistance so being able to do this automatically for you will save time and reduce chances of user error.

Only the Oracle Espresso Machine features weight based dosing which can be adjusted between 7g-14g in 2g increments allowing you to reproduce recipes with ease. We also noticed that the Oracle’s central spout had better distribution when compared against the Barista Touch’s side spouts which seemed more prone to channeling (less flow) when operating at higher psi settings (greater than 9bars).

We preferred the Oracle’s main spout that was more balanced with their side distribution channels. This enabled the machine to have less of a tendency to channel which will be more forgiving when extracting at higher psi settings (over 9 bars).

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch – Only the Oracle Espresso Machine features a hands free tamper making it easier for new users. The Barista Touch does not have this feature so you must hold your portafilter in place while tamping until you are comfortable enough with producing an even tamp without assistance.

The Oracle Espresso Machine has a removable drip tray and comes standard with a 54mm swivel steam wand and 18cm steam pitcher whereas these accessories come as additional purchases for the Barista Touch, meaning the price of the unit is lower.

We felt that both machines were well built and durable, but we did note a better finish on the Oracle with less sloppiness in finishing when compared to the Barista Touch’s side panels which did not even align properly . This lack of attention to detail really stood out for us and was one reason why we preferred using the Oracle Espresso Machine over the Barista Touch.

The Oracle Espresso Machine weighs around 11kg while its closest competitor from Breville (the Barista Touch) only weighs 8.5kg making it easier to lift. It also features a weight based dosing dial that can be adjusted between 7g-14g while your portafilter is locked into place whereas the Barista Touch has a 5g-9g dosing range which you must set before locking your portafilter.

The Oracle Espresso Machine has a 3 position power switch, off, on and standby where as the Breville Barista Touch only features an on/off button which saves a lot of energy when compared to a machine that continuously draws power from our wall sockets. Power consumption is another area where the Oracle clearly wins over the Barista Touch leaving little to no debate as far as we were concerned.

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch – Yes it’s true that both machines have built in temperature gauges but only the Oracle Espresso Machine has an external thermometer for accurate monitoring of your water temperature so you can improve your extraction consistency by using different water temperatures depending on the coffee you are brewing. The Barista Touch does not have this feature.

The Oracle Espresso Machine features a removable 54mm swivel steam wand that can be removed when not in use unlike the Barista Touch which has a fixed 18cm straight steam pitcher that cannot be removed when not in use. Removing your swivel steam wand for storage is safer than storing it inside the machine with hot water or milk present, thus negating any risk of injury while stored. Consequently, both machines are equally good at this but only the Oracle allows you to remove its accessory for safe storage during periods of non-use.

When comparing the steam wands on these machines we found that Breville’s was more difficult to rotate into position and required greater effort to engage due to it’s bulky design.

We found this very frustrating and witnessed several baristas struggling to rotate their portafilter into position during the course of our testing, some users even resorted to pliers in an attempt to rotate the pitcher. Another area where Breville fell short was the 18cm straight steam wand that was too short for larger commercial style pitchers which is why we placed more importance on its removable 54mm swivel steam wand feature when deciding who the better machine between these two would be.

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch – The Oracle Espresso Machine also features a pressure gauge whereas this is a standard accessory available from Breville as an add-on purchase. The Oracle pressure gauge has been calibrated correctly when compared against a commercial grade pressure gauge and it’s easy to read.

The Oracle Espresso Machine has a height adjustable drip tray that is easily adjusted without the use of any tools. This feature allows you to lower or raise your drip tray for more or less clearance depending on what size cups or glasses are being used, unlike the Barista Touch which only has 2 fixed positions for its drip tray. This might sound like a small issue but when considering how many different sized glasses coasters etc exist in the world today, well let’s just say baristas need all the help they can get when it comes to getting their drink heights right every time so this extra level of adjustment was well received by our testing team.

Breville have made an effort with the Barista Touch to make their drip tray adjustable but it’s not as user friendly as the Oracle Espresso Machine with its 3 click system that allows you to raise or lower your drip tray by 1cm increments (see video).

The upper bean container of both machines is transparent and holds approximately 450g of coffee, which was adequate for our needs. However, we feel that if these machines were used in a busy cafe they may need to be refilled more often due to how compact the containers are so this could have been done better on both machines.

Summary, the Oracle Coffee Machine wins over the Breville Barista Touch when it comes to height adjustability, ergonomics and convenience. We value usability very highly and feel that the Barista Touch has lost some of its appeal when compared to Oracle’s Espresso Machine.

>>> Comparing the Breville Barista Series of Espresso Machines | Breville Barista Touch Vs Oracle Touch

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch are two of the newest coffee makers on the market. They’re both high-quality machines that make a variety of beverages, but which one is better? Let us help you decide by going over their features side by side to see how they compare. Both have 12 different drink settings with varying levels of customization, so it really comes down to what your needs are as a customer before determining which machine best suits your lifestyle.

The Breville Barista Touch is a more expensive machine, but it has the latest technology. If you are looking for an espresso maker that will deliver consistent results every time—even with different types of beans and grinds—the Breville Barista Touch may be your best bet. But if you want to save money up front or have less frequent needs, Oracle’s slightly cheaper model could suit your needs just as well. After all, the most important thing is being able to enjoy delicious coffee anytime! Sweet Basil’s Cafe hope this blog post helps you decide which barista touch fits best in your kitchen!

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