At what age does baby eat smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon, the taste of pleasure!

Its smoky taste, often more or less pronounced, is unique and identifiable from the first bite. As the star of cold meals, all it usually takes is a simple slice of smoked salmon to transform an ordinary dish into a feast! Preparing quality smoked salmon requires specific know-how. However, it is entirely possible to prepare smoked salmon at home. The traditional process involves salting, drying, and finally, smoke salmon in a smokehouse with slow-burning sawdust. To preserve it properly and prevent it from becoming too dry, oil must be applied to the flesh side. As for tasting, smoked salmon can be enjoyed both in thin slices (on toast, for example) and in thicker pieces, alone or with vegetables or starchy foods (like pasta or potatoes).

When can baby eat smoked salmon?

You can offer fish in mixed form to Baby (taking care to remove the bones), always well cooked, from the start of dietary diversification (i.e. between 4 and 6 months, with the advice of your pediatrician). At this age, you can give him a taste of cooked fish for lunch, for example, at a rate of one teaspoon (5 g/day), as part of a balanced and varied diet. Smoked salmon is nutritionally interesting: it is a source of protein rich in vitamin D and Omega-3. On the other hand, it can also contain a significant amount of sodium (salt), which is not recommended for toddlers. We tend to forget it, but smoked salmon is not cooked through. Therefore, before the age of 3, it is imperative that baby does not consume smoked salmon. The same applies to all raw fish, raw meats and all other raw animal products (beef tartare, raw milk cheeses, etc.). In fact, these foods can contain microbes (which are eliminated by heat, by cooking them well).

Can you cook smoked salmon?

There are dishes and recipes where smoked salmon is incorporated into cooked preparations, such as the famous smoked salmon pasta, smoked salmon quiches or even smoked salmon omelettes. Can we make Baby taste smoked salmon by offering him these hot dishes? In the majority of cases, smoked salmon is added after cooking the other ingredients so that it retains all its flavor, it is not cooked but only reheated and it is not suitable to give it to Baby before 3 years for as much.


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