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With inflation and soaring prices, cooking is becoming a real headache. Nathalie Helal and her guests give us many tips and ideas to stock up on easy recipes, tasty and above all inexpensive dishes.

In a context where prices continue to rise, simple and inexpensive cooking takes on the appearance of the Holy Grail for thrifty gourmets. The point of good cooking is not necessarily opulence or luxury, but the ability to transform modest ingredients into tasty and satisfying dishes.

Faced with inflation, it is essential to revisit our habits. It’s necessary favor seasonal products, exploit local markets, reduce food waste And learn conservation techniques. By being creative, you discover that the simplest dishes are often the most delicious. There are many tips, such as those that allow you to make two meals from the same dishshopping stocks and the list of well-managed menus, without forgetting the rediscovery of legumes, economical and nutritious ingredients at the same time. An essential culinary adventure at the Etape Gourmande table today!

To help us cook with simple and inexpensive ingredients, Nathalie Helal receives:

  • Luana Belmondo East author from the book My simple and inexpensive cuisine published by Editions du Cherche-Midi and director the documentary on gourmet Italy for Canal +, which will be broadcast next January;
  • Rocco Seminara East corporate manager of Triflea group of high-end restaurants located in France in Saint-Tropez, London and Dubai.
Nathalie Helal and her guests, from left to right: Rocco Seminara, Luana Belmondo, Guillaume Goupil
Nathalie Helal and her guests, from left to right: Rocco Seminara, Luana Belmondo, Guillaume Goupil © Radio France


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