a fillet of beef in a candied tomato crust

Tell us about your recipe for beef fillet with candied tomato and almond crust

“At home, in Naples, there is a typical recipe called “carne alla pizzaïola”, it is beef in sauce, with meat cooked slowly in a tomato sauce. This recipe is a reinterpretation! We use very tender meat, Charolais, so we don’t need to cut it finely and cook it for a long time. We just snack it, and for the sauce, we make a tomato paste and an almond paste for a little more crunch. In terms of taste, on the other hand, we immediately find the codes of the Italian recipe! »

What wine would you suggest with this dish that takes you to the south?

Alban Perez, sommelier: “I would go for a Burgundy, a Nuits Saint-Georges. In the restaurant, we serve bottles of Domaine Matthieu Gille 2016 which we really like. Made from Pinot Noir, it will be both delicious and silky, with fruit. It goes well with beef and tomatoes, without fading but with elegance. »

Is this the style of recipes that you offer in your restaurant Le Bœuf d’Argent in Lyon?

” Exactly. We work as a family, we are two sisters, a brother and a brother-in-law, and we come from Italy, from Naples more precisely. So we offer Italian-inspired menus, but we rework the recipes to reinterpret them in our own way and adapt them to local products. »

Beef fillet with candied tomato and almond crust

For 4 people


Meat : 600 g of Charolais beef fillet • 120 g of butter • 120 g of dried tomatoes (preserved in oil) • 80 g of almonds • 200 g of sunflower oil • Salt

Cauliflower cream : 100 g of cauliflower • 100 g of crème fraîche • 30 g of butter • Salt

Shallots : 30 g of butter • 100 ml of vegetable stock • 4 shallots of 30 g



Prepare the dried tomato paste by mixing the tomatoes and half the oil. Mixer.

Do the same with the almond paste.

Cut the meat into thick pieces. Brown it for 3 minutes on each side with the butter.

Cover the meat with the two doughs and place in the oven for 7 minutes at 160°C.


Cook the cauliflower and cream. Add the butter. Mixer.


Gently cook the shallots in butter. Add the vegetable stock. Cut the shallots in half and caramelize them with oil.

By Viviana and Antonio Pisacane, the Silver Ox, Lyon 5th


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