A 3-Star Michelin Restaurant’s Bizarre Chicken Dish Is Worthy Of Roasting

“Thanks, but I think I’ll just stick with KFC,” one TikTok user commented. “But where’s the seasoning?” another user asked. “I wear you can get rich people to eat anything over £1000 with a French name,” joked another.


Bresse chicken in a bladder or “Poularde de Bresse en bladder†; a prepared chicken is stuffed with foie gras, truffles, and other flavorings, then enclosed in the bladder and poached in chicken broth. ???? @kwokchoiwong ???? France ???????? ???? French Cafe Accordion ????

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Chicken in a bladder might not be the most appetizing dish you’ve laid your eyes on, but it’s actually a celebrated recipe in France and is served by high-end restaurants. Epicure’s version is called Poularde de Bresse cooked in a bladder, which essentially means Bresse chicken cooked in a bladder. It might look bland and unappetizing, but it’s actually quite flavorful. “It’s a delicate and signature dish served at Epicure, definitely one of which I am most proud of! There is no cooking without the finest products. I carefully choose all my products from the best French producers and farmers to provide guests with the highest gastronomic experience,” chef Eric Frechon said, per Forbes.

Bresse is considered the absolute best type of chicken and the most delicious breed in the world. To make Poularde de Bresse cooked in a bladder, the chicken is stuffed into an inside-out pig’s bladder and poached in chicken broth. The fillets are served with liver and truffle stuffing, stuffed mushrooms, green asparagus, and crayfish. The legs are sauteed and served in a soup made with leek, chicken, and potato. The dish serves two and comes with a hefty price tag of around 360 euros when ordered à la carte at Epicure.


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