9 ideas to enhance your homemade puree

Children love it as much as adults. Homemade puree requires little time to make and ingredients. All the more reason to cook it. We give you ideas to enhance it until you can no longer do without it. But above all, it is important to get it right because pureeing is an art. Sometimes we don’t cook it to perfection and end up with a grainy preparation. To obtain a thick and tender texture, you must first choose firm-fleshed potatoes of the Bintje, César, Agatha, Charlotte or Monalisa variety which must be cooked sufficiently after removing the skin. Boil the milk on the side and gradually mix in the mashed potatoes to loosen them and prevent them from becoming grainy or elastic. Take some butter from the refrigerator and whisk into your puree. The more you whip it, the smoother it will be. If you wish, you can add a tablespoon of crème fraîche to the mixture for more texture in the mouth. Now it’s time to spruce it up with 9 ideas to enhance it.


The first way to pimp it may surprise you, but vanilla is a very valuable secret ingredient in a puree. It doesn’t add sweetness as you might think, but a subtlety in the mouth to your preparation.


It’s almost obvious: the cheese and mash combination is to die for. Mozzarella, Comté, Parmesan, Emmental or even blue cheese or goat cheese if you want to give your mash a boost. On the other hand, children will love Kiri which will provide an even creamier texture.


It is not necessarily served only as a side dish and can be used as a main dish if you add a protein. If you have any puree left from the day before, make it into a meal the next day. It’s hard not to think of our beloved shepherd’s pie if you add ground meat to it.

The herbs

To add a little touch of freshness and color, herbs such as sorrel, chives, parsley and tarragon go very well with the recipe. You will get a delicious accompaniment for your baked meats such as roast pork or grilled chicken.

The sauces

Have you ever thought of putting a spoonful or two of sauces in your purees? They will become very creamy. Opt for 1 to 2 spoons of Amora mustard which will allow you to discover the taste of potatoes in a new light. If it is flavored with truffle or Espelette pepper it is even better. Do you have a stock of pesto in your fridge? Don’t hesitate to add it to the puree.

Seeds and beans

What if we made our puree even crunchier than it already is? Add a few sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or tonka beans to add more density to your puree. You will get a balanced and complete meal that will give you more comfort for the rest of the day.

The dried fruit

Are you worried about not being full? Add a handful of dried fruits, crushed or not, to the preparation. Don’t hesitate to mix flavors: almonds, walnuts, raisins, hazelnuts or pistachios.

The vegetables

To add color and taste, don’t hesitate to mix other ingredients with the potato. Make the most of the benefits of pureed vegetables. It is also with puree that you will be able to get children to eat vegetables. So, beetroot, spinach or butternut squash, you have the choice.

Matcha Tea

This mixture may seem even more surprising to you than the vanilla in the puree, but one thing is certain: it is delicious. Matcha brings a very vegetal side to the potato and blends in perfectly.


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