5 recipe books that will help you cook healthy and balanced meals for your dog

It’s a brand new trend that is appearing on bookstore shelves. Alongside classic recipe books, there are more and more collections intended for dog food. This trend, directly inspired by a growing distrust among owners of industrial kibble, is growing little by little, pushing pet owners to get behind the stove to concoct homemade meals for animals.

These books offer a whole host of mouth-watering recipes specially designed for animals and should – in theory – meet all the needs of our four-legged companions. Vegetarian recipes, cakes to celebrate your dog’s birthday or recipes inspired by human nutrition, nothing is too good to pamper our furry companions.

What is the ideal meal for a dog?

Far from being ridiculous, this new trend in dog recipe books answers a real question about the type of diet most suitable for our canine companions. While it is obvious that industrial kibble can do the trick, they are not always suitable and do not necessarily provide the nutrients necessary for your dog to stay healthy. If certain brands of kibble today stand out from the industrial offer, the most purist owners will always prefer to offer their dog a homemade meal, cooked with love, composed of a whole bunch of fresh foods. But be careful, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the dog’s needs (which vary depending on the breed and the age of the canine) and to know which foods can or cannot be included in the diet. his diet.

This is why a recipe book is sometimes necessary, to avoid overfeeding your pet.

How to feed your dog with homemade food?

As for the rest of the family, it is entirely possible (and even recommended) to feed your dog with homemade recipes, however it is necessary to respect a few small rules, such as keeping a regular meal schedule adapted to the dog. age of the animal. Where a puppy will eat several times a day, an adult dog will only need one or two meals. You also need to know the foods that can be included in your dog’s diet. Apart from meat, it is entirely possible to give fresh vegetables, cereals (like rice), fish, brewer’s yeast… The list is quite extensive. On the other hand, leek, chocolate, raw garlic, onion or even chives should be avoided because they are particularly toxic for dogs.

The last essential rule concerns the portions you give to your dog. Overfeeding should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise the animal will end up gaining weight and health complications will soon appear. Food portions must be adapted to the dog’s physical activity; if your dog spends more time on the couch than exercising, it is necessary to reduce the rations so as not to give him too high a caloric intake. Where possible, it is also important to avoid processed foods and fats, these are unnecessary calories for dogs. It is possible to cook with a little vegetable oil, but in small quantities.

Once you have all these rules in mind, the most complicated thing is finding recipe ideas. This is where cookbooks come in. Rich in ideas and tips, they allow you to never run out of inspiration while offering your favorite companion a good and balanced pasha meal every day. , which will keep him in good health for a long time.

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