15 inexpensive recipes for cooking squash

The cuisine evolves to the rhythm of the seasons, and from the return of autumn until the end of winter, the squash are in the spotlight. Long relegated to the preparation of simple soups, today they are taking their revenge and creating the most comforting recipes to face the drop in temperatures. Cucurbita maxima, cucurbita moschata or cucurbita pepo… The 3 main families of squash include many cucurbits of different colors and shapes. While some belong to sunny days like zucchini, most are autumn vegetables and winter, characterized by their rounded shape and orange colors.

Pumpkin, butternut Or pastry, no matter the squash, bring a good knife to cut it. Be careful with small squashes which often have much thicker skin than larger ones. If necessary, place it in a hot oven for 15 minutes to soften the skin: a technique that makes peeling a squash easier.

Already very fragrant, squash does not necessarily need to be combined with many other ingredients, which makes it the ideal vegetable for composing simple recipes and desserts. cheap dishes for fall and winter. They go well with many spices, from curry to saffron to sesame, especially if prepared as tahini. But above all, the squash are even more succulent if they are cooked with… fat! Coconut milk, hazelnuts, pecans, smoked bacon, cheese… Make way for comfort with these mini budget recipes For cooking fall squash.

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